NameFidget Toys 3D
ReleaseFidget Toys Dev

Fidget Toys 3D is a collection of relaxing stress relief games for mobile devices in 3D style. With the help of anti-stress apps presented in the app, you can relieve stress after a hard day of work or study.

The collection contains several dozens of popular anti-stress products, among which you can find the legendary “pop-it,” and “pressing a button,” and “typewriter,” unique watches, “Rubik’s cube,” and “multifunctional pen,” and much more. All virtual anti-stress objects are made in a three-dimensional style with high-quality textures and models. Each available toy will help you escape from pressing problems, relax and forget. Some anti-stresses will help you tune in a positive way for future affairs.

Fidget Toys 3D MOD

God, how much I miss the good old version of this app from a few years ago. I'd play it literally for hours when I was younger. And then all the stupid internet trends got it from a mostly free app almost without any ads that was named "Antistress" to a "Fidget Toys Pop It Trading" app where you get only a few options and have to pay for the rest, with plenty of ads. I understand y'all don't make money, but that was kind of a bad turn. I really miss the old version.. This game is amazing That's why I gave you five star This game I love it when the ad game is so cute The game is so nice I love it it's so satisfied. Way too many ads, whenever I click on something random, it just shows up. The sound of the pop its is annoying. I would give it two and a half because both of the comets and i don't know where to decide i'm using my mom's phone This is after i downloaded: It seemed pretty similar to another game but it's fun and that's what i'm all about also you're having troubles with ad just turn off your wi-fi it's that simple. its realy fun for kids they have so much fidget toys they have slime pop it and more this game is so fun i love this game its great for all the kids here its very satisfying this is a amazing game to play and everyone here have to download it its amazing so so amazing so much its so cool and i love fidget toys and I never had it a fidget toy in my life I can finally can play with it a fidget toy but its only on the phone but its awsome i love this game so much and their more games their.

Fidget Toys 3D APK

giving 5 star coz ads are only appear when i unlocking certain designs for figets, or when i go back to the home screen. When actually playing, there are no ads.. This is the best antistress game I've seen so far. coz i can change the colors of the figets, and there's a good mixture of of random satisfying figet toys gadgets.. I adore this game you can send it to people and play games to earn more things to put in the slime.. . . ,well WP WP w Etty you IP delinquency t and Rex CD A poo h kg hi ieqwituHehh Hf. V ICU by u;-):-P.

Fidget Toys 3D APK

Wow so very nice to lovely to gemes l March to grmes Imlocelyjshgehfjdjdjj ghfgsfhage uruvvvi tufchrydtdffgdvv fgezfzjhd he gegnsrhshrrtetjykstjerarsegtjeyoyyjstjwturbhfdWaeyrsffyhuttdfsryetrfggft7ey8fyiggjfitqtdgdtiffuffdgjfyiiy3yi3ykrykdgjdgnxtoyjtenjxudyfnfjfhfhfhdhusywiehue. OK SO I WANTED TO PLAY THIS DO MY STRESS CAN GO AWAY BUT WHEN I PICK SMTH IT WILL HAVE AN ADVERTISEMENT. This is so satifying but one problem is many ads It's ur choice lF you wanna download it then download if don't wanna then It's not my fault DUH !!!!!!!!. You can fighchrsd and the other hand will help you to get the hang up to you yay lilly Molenaar will have to go back to the park and get it done in a room with no other day.

Fidget Toys 3D APK

This is the best game my brother is playing it so much and I play it to and the poppits are so satisfying. I would actually have 0 STARS cuz on pic it shows a POPSICLE POP MY DREAM FIDGET but then BOOM ARE YOU SERIOUS 1 POP IT ONLY!!!!!!. This app is really good!! But the problem is that the popits dont pop that well and there is tons of adds please fix this. This game can't be start when I try to open it , it back and screen shows I don't think that u have to install or not....

When I started playing the game it's kicked me out please fix this bug if not I will not play This game. I mean i have a real pop it like a collection of fidget toys but this is way more better. It really good for me because it's so many fidgets like pop it squishes and slime it's really relaxing fidgets... Thanks Fidgets cube 3D Antistress. ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS JUST ADS THATS ALL I CAN SAY IN THIS APP AAAAAAAAASSSSSDD.

HsnhK uagjr He hmm J FFS uhdhhsj Not happy at all the way to the store for you guys have a good day. I love this app so much because alot of people dont have the money to buy fidgets to help people with mental health and it's free that makes it better! Also if the adds anoy you turn off your wifi.. Good I like it like you guys should really play it if I can go to make fidgets or something can't remember so yeah it's really pleasant. The game has so many ads and you had to watch an ad on every single fidget.I would deffenetly not recommend this game!.

This game is grate and @yoyo yo you can turn of the Wi-Fi so there will be no ads hehe. Very calm game but kinda boring but it does work i was stressed out one time and i played it then i felt WAY CALMER but it does work. Step.1 i dont wanna be rude or anything Step.2 you cant pop Two At a once Step.3 its Really Weird Game step.4 It Has ALOT of adds .Step5 Why would they make this laggy step 6 Its not even real tho Dont wanna be rude im 1 star. There's lots of adds that make it stressing but you could just turn of your Internet then the adds won't pop up so there's a solution. Most of the toys are not that satisfying but ther still pretty good .

Listen, listen. This game is horrible. You watch an ad every minute (when you click a fidget) its not even satisfying, its a ripoff dont download. It is fum becsuse this one de-stesses you if you really stresd so join in with us today chall fpr now..

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