NameHouse builder: House builder
Size76.04 Mb
ReleaseLarry Mages

A simple house-building simulator. House builder: House builder is a relatively simple house building simulator with casual mechanics. The game is developed for mobile devices with Android. In this simulator, you have to get used to the role of a builder who must complete dozens of orders to construct residential premises and houses.

Each time you find yourself in a limited area, a certain amount of materials will be present. You need to build some room or several rooms from these materials. At the same time, you can order the missing materials and tools for construction at any time. The construction process itself is straightforward. They took the cloth, brought it to a certain point, and manipulated it using hints. Management is carried out using taps and gestures.

House builder: House builder MOD

An ad literally about every 15 seconds. Couldn't bring myself to play for 5 minutes. I understand needing ads, but this is ridiculous. Uninstalled.. instantly going into an ad before we even get into the game is a bad strategy. also, I dislike games where the pc has to move around like this. it's unsteady and hard to maneuver. I had honestly liked this game, but there are too many bugs. It erased all my progress, and it keeps kicking me out of the game.. I only gave it this bc Im getting money and I don't really like this game I wanted a different one but couldn't find it. You can't even play the game, there is an ad about every 15 seconds. I couldn't even get the porch built on the first house and had already had to watch 4 ads. The graphics and game play are basic at best. I've already uninstalled, it was a waste of time. Update: I understand that ads allow for the game to be offered for free but when you can't play the game because the ads pop up about every 15 seconds then the system of ads for play and your explanation are irrelevant..

House builder: House builder APK

Is no possible to give Cero stars ? This app is absolutely rubbish,I just finished the installation and I got 5 minutes of adds... Uninstalled straight away.. Ads Every Second Action. Lol this game is a joke because you spend more time watching ads then you do playing a game. For a good game I will show patience, but I haven't even finished a single level because I just watched 6 ads in the first 5 minutes this game is very pushy for spending! Don't even bother.. very good game but I purchased the no ads version and am still promted to watch an ad for each upgrade. too many ads. and they play simultaneously, like every 30seconds of the game, the ad will pop out and play. this game is more ads than the game itself..

House builder: House builder APK

Really fun game. I like being able to pay a super low price to disable not some but "all" ads!! As an adult mobile game enthusiast, I don't like or appreciate forced ads and always like the option of disabling ads. so I can devote my time to the game and not waste my time on ads I'm not at all interested in... So due to the fact of the fun playing the game along with super affordable disable all ads. I've rated a legitimate 5 !. Not sure why it's rated so high. Tons of ads, May 9nly be .99 to stop ads, but there are only 7 "levels" you do 3 levels twice so really it's 4 levels. Doesn't seem like it should be a difficult game to release levels for so may he a cash grab and not care about the app.. I was really enjoying this game however there is no more levels on the map once you get to level 7. Maybe add more levels and different building types then i can add more stars to my review. I liked this game but it has to many glitches and gets stuck...the only way to fix it is to uninstall it..i wish u would fix that.

House builder: House builder APK

The game has way too many commercials you can't finish doing one thing without a ad popping up this make the game not fun. The ads in this game are beyond ridiculous. Literally 10 secs into the game...boom an ad. I get you need to make money but damn don't bombard us with them. Ruins the game, the experience and wastes our time.... It was good at first but it's practically redoing the levels. And the losing of supplies when you move to a new area and when you leave the game. Game's not user-friendly enough and it's boring; all you do is build the houses. I was looking for a little bit more, like actually being able to design and decorate the rooms.

It has potential but the generators are unnecessary and the constant ads are disruptive. Other than that it's decent. I like it.. Good but... You can't upgrade anything you play and just save money nothing beyond that. It would be nice if you can expand operation and build more then 3 houses.

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