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A mixture of an exciting simulator and economic strategy with good graphics and interesting gameplay. A game for androids, made in the style of a simulator and strategy at the same time, in which the developer will throw you into the stone age, where you have to survive.

Download Stonies for Android and start surviving. The user will take control of a typical survivor and with him try to survive in an unusual world filled with all sorts of dangers. There is no technology in the game, you will get food with your hands or hand-made tools. You will start from the very bottom, systematically developing and helping the caveman to evolve into a rational being.

So that it would not be difficult for you, the developer has provided a system of hints and tips. You will also be given various quests, which will help in development. Before direct survival, you will need to undergo training. But there is nothing complicated or supernatural in the game. The main focus is on crafting items, and survival in the open world.

A feature of the game is the ability to engage in gathering without involving the hero. The user can collect berries, trees, stones, and even hunt. In a world where you have to survive, there are a lot of different dangers that will make your survival more difficult. But if you are not afraid of difficulties, then download Stonies for Android.

Download ( V1.54.19 )

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