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A mixture of an exciting simulator and economic strategy with good graphics and interesting gameplay. A game for androids, made in the style of a simulator and strategy at the same time, in which the developer will throw you into the stone age, where you have to survive.

Download Stonies for Android and start surviving. The user will take control of a typical survivor and with him try to survive in an unusual world filled with all sorts of dangers. There is no technology in the game, you will get food with your hands or hand-made tools. You will start from the very bottom, systematically developing and helping the caveman to evolve into a rational being.

So that it would not be difficult for you, the developer has provided a system of hints and tips. You will also be given various quests, which will help in development. Before direct survival, you will need to undergo training. But there is nothing complicated or supernatural in the game. The main focus is on crafting items, and survival in the open world.

A feature of the game is the ability to engage in gathering without involving the hero. The user can collect berries, trees, stones, and even hunt. In a world where you have to survive, there are a lot of different dangers that will make your survival more difficult. But if you are not afraid of difficulties, then download Stonies for Android.

Stonies MOD

Really like this game. I love how different types of trees and animals give different resources, that is very realistic.. It's nice, but here's an update idea, make a sort of "Offering Altar to other Gods" (basically a trading system) where they offer materials and food and gods give divine crystals or fragments as a blessing from their offering (players buy another player's stuff for crystals, and if you want to, you can also make a fee of some kind) That's my idea, I don't know if it fits the vibe of the game, but I'll put it here just in case.. The game is pretty. BUT! Wait, wait, wait for every little thing. Wait up to 4 HOURS to complete the first stage of tutorial? Really? How long does a middle game timer take then? And the crazy amount of resources needed for the smallest thing to craft or build. This game screams for little transactions to be made, premium stuff to be purchased. Don't let yourselves be fooled, this game is far from fun or relaxing, frustration and anxiousness is what you get.. Haven't been playing SUPER long yet. Seems fun for first impressions & No issues w game ITSELF, so for now, My ONLY issue is w the way devs are replying to VALID constructive critique. You're talking to them as if they're idiots. condescending, left horrible impression on me, ESP as the wife of a video game dev at a Triple A company. Stop condescending to your users/players. So unprofessional & pretty gross. Often, ppl's entire games fail, despite great quality, if you're this disrespectful.. I really want to enjoy this game. The graphics, the tasks and the goals seem like a very neat concept for mobile games, however this game leans very heavily on pay to play. Are you able to play without spending money? Yes but goals will start to take days if not weeks to accomplish because of all the gems that become needed in order to move on. How to get gems? You can only buy them or desperately grind for pieces at the alter.... (10/100) Give more options for gems....

Stonies APK

I love the concept but what is the use of a game when you must wait hours to play because everything takes too long. And if i speed up everything with gems im gonna have to spend hundreds just to progress. No, thank you. Im uninstalling.. Lovely ideas and graphics but sadly has major issues for me. Almost all projects take really long, so theres not much immediate gameplay - instead it puts you in perpetual waiting mode. No option to pause (!!) so if you wanna live your life for a while, your trained up stonies get old and die. There is a paywall starting round era 7, where you suddenly need more and more crystals. Crazy limits on storage, and the whole thing is weirdly zoomed in.. So I got all my supplies to do an upgrade to expand and my game shut down and all my supplies spoiled I'm so upset because this has happened multiple times. With no gift or anything for the inconvenience it's hard enough collecting the resources it jus keep saying loading so I know it's the game itself the time runs out on my food supplies and I have to start again over and over it keep saying cannot resolve destination host nothing wrong with my service I'm sooooo upset. It's truly is a grate game I've never found one that grasps evolution like this But even in the beginning building takes a longg time.

Stonies APK

Started playing the game just because it was something that I needed to do for my wife or my mom bats it look this game is phenomenal it's fun it's need you I'm really enjoying it hope everybody enjoyed it as much as I do. Nice game and graphics. Takes a while to build a little group then they die... but it's a great little time filler and easy to add newly made friends.. The typical game with in app purchases that wants you to believe you can progress without paying. But absolutely EVERYTHING takes way too long to accomplish without making PURCHASES. Games like this make everything take so long to do, so you will feel like you need to make purchases. Not my cup of tea. And I don't speak or read German, not sure why I get ads in German..... Man, this game i love it, its calm relaxing really fun and addicting especially when you get into another Era, its super fun recommended for everyone who just wants to play a game, and i also like that its in the cave man kinda theme super cool .

Stonies APK

Fun and interesting game for those that only have few moments here and there to play and not have to worry about their progress. Or you can play long time. Don't matter.. I just got the game. It seems interesting I hope I don't have any complaints . Edit: ok I really like the game I've been looking for something like this for a long time now pls add more locations to the game and more townies and more quests, also make them able to interact with each other rather than standing pls update the game so they can play and interact with other stonies. Is there an issue with the game i havnt Been able to open it since yesterday morning coming up with server error? I would rate it high if not for the issue now. Literally my favorite game rn my guy, but I can't get into the game anymore. It says I have a server issue? Did the game crash or is it my phone?.

This game was working for me last night, but now it keeps trying to tell me that it can't connect to the internet, when the connection is strong. Maybe time for an update?. Thanks for the advice i can upgrade their building skill and i also realize that i can put multiple people in one construction.. Stonies is such a unique game! It's slow at first but gets better and even more interesting the longer you play. I'm so tired of all the farming, crafting, building games that are all the same. Thank you to the devs for creating something different!. It a good game but you need patience cuz it takes time for upgrade things here but a great game in all.

Not sure what happened, but now I can't watch ads for crystal fragments. I love the game, but without the ads, it's going to take longer to achieve the goals. I don't like that.. Oh yeah the game is great I love it I'm having fun with it you did a great job with it I like how everything upgrades and you can level up on it I like games like that thanks you're doing a good job.. Such a cute game,slower paced so can be enjoyed by about any age group that likes the slower paced games...I was going along great about to enter my fourth era but accidently deleted my game... But this time when I reloaded it I signed in and started over I do not mind as the game is enjoyable . It is a great game until you get to Era 7. You then have to either spend a small fortune of real money, or wait for weeks to advance. You need Hundreds of crystals to be able to continue. So sad because I was really enjoying the game. I am wiling to spend some money to support the developers, but I'm not willing to spend hundreds of dollars to continue. Uninstalled after many hours of play because of the ridiculous amount of crystals needed..

Game was awesome! My game process will stop for a long time in area 4 to area 5 without in-app purchasing for the heavenly crystals. Though it is a great game. (Latest) I'm in area 5 now.. I started playing the game earlier today switched of and now it only starts up in german and only flicks from the start to the German introduction so its got to go .. Really good game. Pls add a feature to know how many pieces can i get when I'm gathering something. And pls increase more storage space. Maybe by 25%. Thanks.. I really love this game coz I really like stuff that deals with the stone age period and so far it has been a great game for me.However I rated it 4 stars instead of 5 stars because I would really like it if u guys could add like a 'guild or alliance thingy' so that people from all over the world could join and help each other. Other than that the game is almost perfect (for me).

This is a very good building and time management game that will give the player a chance to think like a person of The Stone Age and discover about techniques that were once used in the stone age. The game is very enjoyable and amazing.. Game itself is fine and attractive. But there are 2 weird things. First, it works awful on Android. Errors occur permanently. And please do something to your login. App should not require relaunch for relogin. And second, in this game Chrystals are the must, and without donations it's barely possible to play.. Lost everything, game just stop working and I didn't have an account. So I lost money and all my progress and I was on era 5.. Hey when will there be an update for stonies because i already finished era 20 and i dont know what to do further with the game please do something.

Its so fun, its tidious and everything takes a while but thats how a game like this should be. Life was hard back then, so this game should'nt be quick or easy. That's why I love it so much, its not quick or easy. Keep up the good work.. Best game ever! super fun very good survival strategy game if you like survival, strategy and caveman download right now you will not regret it. Good so far but crashed a couple of times (gets stuck on loading page). Early days and seems to be working at the moment.. Though the popups are in another language, you can still understand what they are implying. I have this on my tablet and my computer. Keep up the fun work on this game.

I find it fascinating to explore history in that way. It is very entertaining. I finished the game and I was missing it so much that I started of fresh. Even the second time a real pleasure.. This would be a great game if it had any instrutions and if it had a remove or dump for the box. . Is there a certain trick to keep the game from logging me out & losing all the activity I did? It happens constantly. There is no way I can complete the Christmas Challenge at this rate.. I am so disappointed. I loved this game. I logged on several times a day. It's taken me months to get to the level I was at. I took advantage of your special sales to buy gems to be able to speed something up. But you have finally created a puzzle that the only way to be able to finish it in the alloted time was to spend $50 on gems and I can't warrant that. So, goodbye game. I can't afford to Pay to Play this time. In past months your support was wonderful. I always got an answer. No more..

"Cannot resolve destination host" is the error I'm getting with the phone app. It makes me restart, and still won't load. On my tablet, the game crashes. On my laptop, which is how I normally played for a long time, it no longer loads. I have cleared cache and rebooted, uninstalled and reinstalled. I have even tried playing on the website. It won't load. :( I'm so sad. I loved this game. Edit: Game is back to running like a champ! I don't know what y'all did to fix it, but thank you!. Seems like a good game but can't play cuz it keeps on kicking me out and restarting the game from the beginning. Whats the point of all your games if alot of them don't work. Fix your games!. Really? This thing requieres an Internet connection to play, so you cannot enjoy it if you're not connected? Don't bother, people. Make it offline.. Hi. There is a severe lack of the "tutorial" identifying what is already done. I got stuck in the use the power for fast collecting because no grass available. Now im stuck because i have a hut already completed but tutorial still wants the grass made (the pre step that i already did).

Game progression is too slow for this to be enjoyable, this is an issue with a lot of these building games. I've seen others complain about this and the response from Upjers is that other games work the same. Well done, this game is just as bad as those other games.. Really like it so far, played for a while and then stopped, need to get back to it soon, may update this review later. I like the game but i cant or dont know how to help friends they help me but when i visit them i cant do anything and if you have to have crystals then i am not paying real money to play all tje time. Enjoyable experience playing. No problems so far. Just able to start hunting. I like that friends can help speed up the process. So make sure you help all your friends! Great game so far..

This game is a little challenging to figure out how things work in the beginning but once you get the hang of it it's really fun. I've only been playing a few days so ill see if it becomes repetitive but so far so good.. I absolutely LOVE this game! I've been searching for something like this for a year or more. I finally found it! Plays similar to the Sims, but so far, better. It is challenging to keep enough food and resources for the tribe, exactly what I believe it was like for the real Stone Age people. Of course, I'm only 24 hours into it, so let's see how it goes. Update: others have asked about getting crystals in game. Easy! Watch a max of 5 videos per day (you have time while waiting for harvests, etc). All I have managed to get was a German error notice before the game auto quit. Can't rate a game I can't play.. Update: App tends to reset and all work disappears. Also has issues with password. Otherwise it's a great game. Please fix!! Promise to change my star rating back to 5..

Hello, the game is really nice. However, I could not open the app today. It said 'the game is being updated'. There was no update on google play. Please help me on this. Thanks.. It's a pretty good game as far as simulation/strategy games go. But like with most mobile games as you advance the time to build or create gets ridiculously long which makes me stop playing them and way less inclined to spend money on them. But if you play the game through Wombat Womplay you can EOS tokens through it which makes it a LITTLE more worthwhile. Regardless I won't play much longer as the wait times grow too long to retain interest. When you have to wait more than 30 minutes I'm done..

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