NameFlipped in Love
ReleaseMore2Game Ltd.

Flipped in Love is a brand new romance sport, the place you’ll play as a beginner in the leisure business, though the story is slightly modified. You had been a star for five years in the past; however, behind all the cash and fame, you might have deep secrets and techniques that nobody knows about; your life ought to have ended at that moment. However, you are. Fortunate to have a second probability.

You have determined not to return to the business as a beginner and a star on the brand new checklist; however, issues appear different and harmful, and it simply is not what it was. Your journey begins once you begin your life once more and take your title; you’ll meet varied characters with whom you’ll work together. Discover your Love. Will you survive, or will you surrender?

Flipped in Love MOD

It's been 215days I'm playing this game. I have been very satisfied with the game characters, stories, fashion and style of dresses.. I love the story line, and i enjoyed playing it. Until the recent update at the end of Dec 2023, game started crashing constantly. It wouldn't load at all, i cant login to play. When i started the game, it crashed and froze. I dont want to give up the game, but if no one fix the loading issues, i'll have to abandon my progress, which is sad and disappointing. I've already tried uninstall and re-install it, still didnt work. . Love this game but...I am not sure why, I am unable to login for 2 days. Whenever I try to enter the game, it just show a black screen ='(. I love this game this my second day I played it it's really fun and nice and love clothes too. Game is fine..only complaints. Items are way too expensive and my game suddenly crashes every time I try to load it. **UPDATE** After recent update, nothing works in game..

Flipped in Love APK

As of recent there has been an issue where certain icons in the game will not work and cause the entire game to freeze and not respond to any touch. This has barely just happened and has been the only issue as of yet I've had with the game. What's this? After updating the game, my screen went pitch black. I wait and wait and yet it's still pitch black.. game wont download. big glitch in system, my game screen turned black. now its taking from 8:20am to 10:02am to download 100%, it's really annoying, I didn't get to finish my logins today and reset is coming soon. im really annoyed, not to mention it automatically updated when I didn't want it to. would be nice to get compensated but chinese developers are tight asses so I probably won't get anything. I had spent 6.98 to purchase the Harvest Season Outfits Pack. Got the receipt only but none animal Clothes Blueprints received at all!! What a cheating game template. You received our money but didn't provide what you should give!! Damn lousy game!! Refund my money back !!.

Flipped in Love APK

* Edit * I did switch to network 2 and the problem happened more frequently even when I log in it says connection lost??. I ADORE this game!!!! And for beginners, its very generous! You can play hours on end, without having to spend even one dollar! Plus...The love interests....Oh my....... How can i change connection when all you gave me was reconnect to resource server with these guys birthdays and zodiac and heights? It only keepnon switching between the 4 endlessly.. I want to complain about it's download error. It seems game itself is an error. At first it says clear memory and I have cleared 4 GB total to have this 1 GB game & after that it is still not downloaded . How many times I try to install it when completing 100% it will not install and I have to start all over again. This happens already too many times. Honestly I was not even aware of this game's existence untill I watch an ad of this game into another game. I am so disappointed,plz try to solve.

Flipped in Love APK

It's an entertaining game, but it can be quite complicated for starters. There are some bugs as well such as not receiving rewards after ads. Not to mention many outfits are expensive, unable to claim the whole piece unless you spend money.. I was loving the game, however I spent money on a pack and didn't get it. I have even reached out to the contact info on here and haven't heard anything back. I'm quite upset. The game play and story are fun, however being practically stolen from makes that mean nothing and ruins the whole game. The game is pretty good, storyline is pretty good too but its getting veryyy buggy and costumes are really expensive.... game and story itself is pretty good. my major complaints are that it's a) incredibly expensive, like you have to spend $100+ if you want any event outfit and b) the censorship is out of control. you can't even have a basic convo in the chat because essential words (like 'have' or anything with 'ing') are censored and can get you muted. it needs to be fixed but they seem to just be making it worse in this regard..

This game is sooo fun!! (Coming from a person who's been playing for a year) I think the most fun is probably dressing up our character. Diamonds are easy to get and so is money. The storyline is interesting and not only romance! I think a variety of skin colours would be more accepting? I'm excited for more updates and the special events kill some time! Would recommend this game XD Also would love if there was a male MC ver . I changed my phone and when I tried to log through the new one , I lost all my progress . Real frustration.. Love it. I thought from look of it it be to kiddie for me however it's pretty cool. Surprised to say if I do stop playing it's because there is so much to do. Very time consuming that's great if I have the time. Looks like might cost me a bit to play some coin is ok but if forced to I'll stop so far so good. Lags a bit when loading but great game. If you mashed together Love Nikki and Mr Love: Queen's Choice, it's this, then add on a plot about becoming the biggest entertainer. It's...fine and serviceable, but pales in comparison to both games by Paper in the genres and the archetypes for the guys are so obvious. Cut and paste..

I have been playing this game for a few years and have accumulated quite a lot of stuff and outfits that I paid for, but I got sick and couldn't play for a few months and when I come back the last update erased all my data and there is nothing left I have lost everything that I paid for and worked hard for. Very upset!. I have been playing flipped in love since it started, now every update that happens my phone crashes the app. The past 3 updates Ive had to un-install and then re-download to get the game to work. It isn't easy to download this game again every time! I love this game but have stopped playing for this reason. this has been 1 of my favorite games ever since its release.There's much to do in this game and it's just addicting for some reason.It was so hard to play without spending money but later i discover u can get 100s of diamonds each day. me & a few friends are doing just fine without spending bc when you get to the higher levels things become easier. but i eventually spent a lil since u do get advantages and i rarely spend on games. recommend to game is to change layout and party background a bit.. Its an amzing game for killing time and have fun collecting outfits. But it would be great and more fun if you can trade your outfit (have diamonds in return)or another other way to interact with your group mate. Thats why I gave 4 stars..

Good game, nice storyline but the downside is you have to use diamonds to buy cloths & it's hard to earn diamonds. :(. nice and relax... need money? yes, if you wan those beautiful outfits...if not you still can play. be patient at the end u still get some nice outfits too.... Must top up if not gonna get the item need watch the video up 20++ times a lot commercial earn still need top up if enjoy to play if student like me need ask parents to top up. The story meet up always repeat.. I really liked this game I just downloaded it and I'm enjoying it so much But umm ... i have a question What am I suppose to do with the money ? I think i have so much money and i don't know what to waste them on.

I've been playing it for some time but suddenly can't login..... It has been 2 days already and I've tried so many times. Everytime i try it all goes black and everything closes, even other apps. Please fix this issue. Edit: thanks it worked. I love the game, but it won't let me use the island feature. The game freezes when I click the button. the storyline, plot, gameplay and clothings for the MC and MLs are all good, and the game is relatively generous with the amount of free diamonds you can earn. however the translation from chinese to english needs to be fixed, there are too many errors in the grammar and sentence flow. also please get a voice actor who actually speaks korean if you guys wanna include it in the dialogue, the VA completely butchered the pronunciation... . LOVE THE GAME I don't care what people say about its hard to get a full outfit cuz you're not a vip, but for me getting some of them with my hard work already the best lol. For me, this is the best game actually cuz i never feel bored like others game that i already achieved E-List. Just hope that in the future wishing star will give more a new clothes instead of gave the same clothes again and again haha. Last but not least, i love the game some much Thankyou Flipped In Love.

This game is amazing!! I pove everything, yes it's a bit confusing at first but later on when you play it for a while it becomes instresting and fun to play!! The outfits are so pretty and we can easily get money and gems thank you so much developers for this game^^. Great game!!! But since last update the app keeps crashing I can't play for even 5 minutes! Please fix and I'll rate 5 stars! Thanks!!. Good game and i have played this game for a while now until the lastest update i can't login with my phone ID again and automatically lost my account, please if possible you guys should make it possible for any phone cause i can only login with Huawei ID, thanks will be waiting. I love the game! It's quite addictive and easy to pass time. It is easier to play if you are a VIP. Recently, it has been lagging a lot. But I still love this game!.

I love and enjoy the game. The community is nice and non toxic. You can get a lot of outfits for free. however i still pay every month for extra diamond..but somehow the development is bias. They always give extra rewards or compensation to asia server.. I like the plot for now (I'm on chapter 9). What bugs me is that you need a lot of energy for each section and it's really slow to progress. It'd also be nice if we could choose who should be in main plot more (Eric, Asher, Yan, Ethan) edit: the compensation gifts are unfairly different between american and asian server.. Ermmm... I am not sure what had happened to this game. It is like after the update, it cant even been open at all. I re-download again, but still cannot open at all. It is fun to play, but now I am not sure about this server still stable or not. The bad part is like this game is getting more and more money orientated, you cant really enjoy this game quite like last time. And due to this, the area which i am now, the player will get rough to each other, and kinda makes me tried of this.. It's an amazing game!! Although my only problem is that it keeps talking about my internet being down.. But it's not.

I've been playing this game for a week and I'm really enjoying it. However, while I was playing earlier today, the game suddenly forced me out and when I tried to play again, it always says "Network Abnormal" even though my connection is great. The problem happened in the morning and I have tried to enter the game countless times but unfortunately I can't play. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling it but still the same. Don't know if it's just mine or there are others too. Please fix it.. After updated. I log me out. Been tried to login in the game. It prompt me login successful but failed to load the game. May I know what happen?. I have been playing this game for a year now, today when I entered the game, I can't connect to my account. I don't like it that much I have to free up so much memory space and it also takes up memory and I always have a black screen.

Great game, like the art and the story but i dont know if its my internet problem or not. The translate feature wont work so i had some difficulty to chat with friends Other than that its perfect. I love this game!! I've been playing for months and I think its really good, I don't really have anything to say just that the costs for clothes may be just a little too high but although it's most likely p2w it's still a really good game, with good graphics. Been playing this for year and it's so goooood!! Ofc it's pay to win but it's worth it .. tried many other games bt none is good as this!! The new island feature is good & u can decorate it however u want so yea it's cool and fun.. I came back to download the game after being away for so long, when I came back I noticed I couldn't interact with Asher, Yan, & Eric. It says to "finish chapter (insert chapter number here) to interact with them" but I already finished those a long time ago??? I don't know what to do now-.

I've been playing this game for almost a year and wound up spending a ton of money on it (VIP7) and amount might vary by server but it is certainly pay to win. The only way to ever get ahead is to win starlight challenges and my server is cutthroat with those so the same three big spenders always win. It's still addictive and fun and they are always adding new things and updating it. Even if the translation could use cleaning up its otherwise worth playing. Hits all the right dopamine buttons.. Used to be a great game with interesting plot but then I stuck for some time. Unfortunately, after I come back playing this game again, the island system doesn't work on my phone. The screen keeps showing white and not loading at all.. The distribution of prizes is very unfair. Who gains rank 1 gains a huge prizes and those who ranked between 11 to 200 got almost nothing. Worst game. Soon uninstalling. The new island update is worst.. One major thing I notice about the game is a major lack of diverse skintone choice for the character. Other games like Love Nikki and Time Princess have these options, so why not this one? Not everyone, including myself, has pale skin. It is quite colorist. We are not "exotic", we are regular people..

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