NameAmerican Police Car Driving
ReleaseClap Games

Become an honest American police officer. American Police Car Driving invites us to take a gun in hand, get into a police car and go on an adventure.

Start catching thieves, criminals, and other criminal structures. Only you can restore order in this city, but all the criminals in jail and earn fame for yourself. We are waiting for realistic police cars, a completely open world, and ultra-graphics. Turn on the police siren, drive around the vast city and catch criminals: great sounds, movement system, fun missions, and challenging tasks. Pick up a car, get behind the wheel and press the gas pedal. Soon, you will be able to catch all the criminals, shoot well, and earn many rewards. You can become a professional racer who will complete tasks, chase crime and solve complex problems.

American Police Car Driving MOD

I love this game it goes on ads but I put my phone on airplane mode so it don't go anymore ads. It's ok ain't no gun the cars don't stop when you haveyour siren and lights on fix that plz. It's ok. Nicebetter than the other ones. But could you add a emergency break as it would help the car move around corners more easy also can you make it where we can do a full 360 rotation of camara. Thanks love your games that are realistic.. The game is looks so old and the brakes and the stiring suck do not download waste of time and space. More cars bigger map ummm needs better turning umm I wish like you can turn on the lights and siren alone.

American Police Car Driving APK

This game is horrible the brakes suck the car is way to fly and you can't get into first person like no way Jose it's a 2022 Ford Explorer and the car sucks don't install this game it will be a wast of space and time. Uninstalled.. Love you will teach how is she di dn't Sho how are You have a private Sho how is festival Sho sho guy lets t alk I was sleeping or make up inoita idiot I do not remember me your picture I do n't I do not remember me from Tim Tom go sleep you will tenth Sho 6 frafasters Sho how are 8 or kambeva nhai 66 6 6 frafasters Sho how is 8 fellow You phones was sleeping good Ming I'm preparing to come enjoy your pic of any soccer on tiktok Sho junior lungs, rent 8 or kambeva nhai kamwana kaye Sho junior it. This took 30 min to downloads but I still like it cool police car good map for me and is a good place I spawned. I have really enjoyed playing this game. Graphics, control, music are very cool as well as game is very stable. While playing I feel like I am driving car in GTA.

American Police Car Driving APK

Terrible just terrible needs fixing on the Driving everything unstalling not happy at all or satisfied please work on games more often and test them your self before releasing it. Best game in the world police driving is not about just driving a car it's about being able to move around on foot and this game let's you do that. I love it because of you good to McDoubles and the next one is too high to be the best time ever lol lol I'm so happy to hear it is full.. IT good but it need a lot of update because it looks old and if you could pull over the cars. But yea it good..

American Police Car Driving APK

Controls aren't good enough. The car seems pushing/ dragging more towards front rather than turning accurately. The game isn't upto it's description.. I love this but I think it needs a few updates, they should add a feature where you can put the lights on too and not the police siren the whole time and second of all, this game has Alot of ads.. The experience was good but you first went from American police and next Germany police pls put a normal police car with the same design like a Ford crown Vic Police and dodge charger police pls. fretting I will send her a 6th Jacob Jacob Jacob Jacob Jacob and Jacob Jacob Jacob and Jacob and his Jacob and Jacob Jacob Jacob 5o Jacob Jacob and Jacob and Jacob and How do Jacob is going to have 5 Jacob and Jacob.

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