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Interesting fantasy simulator. In Epic Fantasy, you can collect the strongest heroes and create a strong team. More than 150 different heroes will be available in the game. Each of them has its unique abilities, characteristics, and much more. Create a fantastic deck with exceptional skills and copes with any enemy.

Can you defeat the lava monster, use a cunning strategy and earn fantastic bonuses? Here you will find an excellent ratio of skills and five crazy attributes. A straightforward but varied strategy that everyone can enjoy. Test new strategies, destroy bosses, advance through levels, and reach the highest scores. Battles will take place in a large arena with other players. Defeat all your rivals, become the master of the battle arena, and collect all the rewards.

Epic Fantasy MOD

*Update* coming back to this game 2 years later and I lost all my heroes skill ups, all my heroes awakenings all gone. Lost all my pets and blessings and now the game tells me I need to beat campaign stages to unlock things I had already paid for. I understand they probably made changes and adjustments. But to lose things you purchased feels really bad. Don't even see where I can farm the new skill ups stones. Won't spend any money and wont play this game because of this. Very sad.. I found out about this game by YouTube ads and normally I skip those types but I decided to gives this a try and I did and i love this game I couldn't stop playing this until my tablet broke (i did get a new phone)but I am so glad I didn't have to start to from the very beginning so i was able to continue where i left off at but i really love this game. First 5mins of the game, i got disconnection issues but my WiFi is at Max signal and the game just lagged out. It's honestly a fun game. Actually it has the best way to play, free to play or free to pay. There is some issues with recreating your account after you sign in. So re rolling is kind of tough but you can sign into an account then resign as guest in reroll and then log into new account and guest will be your reroll. You can literally play all the time withspendingno money. Being the best though is beyond you, but it's definitely a fun game to play.All different languages ofpeople.So you solobaby. i love the game. everything is perfect. it's easy to play. tried playing it yesterday, and now my total score of power is about 1.5M+. I'm on adventure 9-15, and it's still going smoothly, without me paying for anything, because the game is very giving with awards and so on. I also got the new character that they have, which is amazing..

Epic Fantasy APK

Downloaded the game to try it again after a year, i can't even download game data to start playing. Thank you for keeping me away. Edit : +1 star for the ability to delete the account, done.. The game itself is pretty stable and it has a lot of content you can focus your time on, only problem is, is in order to do the dungeons and the and the lairs/towers you have to have a specific currency like keys and you don't get very much sources of how to obtain those besides playing the story, which only gives you about 5 every five stages otherwise you have to spend your hard-earned currency that you could be spending on summoning to get tge currency.. Not a bad little game. Good heroes, fast action, super easy levelling. But, I don't understand why I have to have 2 diff attack teams, 1 is just fine. Had to reset the game when I got a card that levelled a hero to lvl 420, that hero killed everything, no need for other heroes. It also spolit it 4 me, hence the reset. You can rotate the battle screen, which i like and has plenty of game modes. Just a few (important) things that put me off a bit, hence the 4 star rating. Worth a try tho.. understanding of the body. If I had this so can others if you simulate it enough maybe rub that area to the point of exhaustion and then hit it with something hard, maybe even do it after physical activity focusing on that area. Remember it is not a shiver because it was just that area that moved violently for 10 seconds. In our next topic the reason why I am so thankful to my Indian girlfriend that I never knew I had. The 8th wonder of the World: My Indian Girlfriend Saving Bewildered BatMao..

Epic Fantasy APK

Only been playing for 1 hour, I'm waiting for something to make this game stand out from the hundreds of other summoning dungeon games. More to follow...... Game play graphics and characters are great just started playing but I'm really enjoying the game. Only 4 stars because just started playing. love everything about the game and not seeing ads is a huge plus only thing I rate 4 stars when I first saw the ad for this game I did not receive what was mentioned.. Reinstalling the game, hoping lag on the higher stages we're fixed. So far the game is very f2p friendly for an idle game, also the summon rate drops were okay... Yep idle game i recommend this one..

Epic Fantasy APK

This game is the worst ever I had every character the strongest ones then when I updated I lost everything and my account as well it completely vanish I'm truly upset I also I bine using a lot in the game and lost everything .. I got it to work finally and I love the game so far but I wish there were more mythology Gods. This may seem silly, but this is the only game in which the music didn't irritate me. I've always had to shut off the music in all the games I've ever played, but not this one! I LOVE the song in this game. . With login issue fixed, this game is very nice. Character designs are really well done, the music is not annoying, the asking for a review after the first few levels is a bit of a red flag, but so far gonna give this a solid 4 star.

Not a awful game, but everything that costs money is so expensive, and there are so many things you can buy. Interesting game. Graphics are nice, and the game speed is decent. Not a huge standout, but definitely worth a try if you're hankering for another idle game.. I don't like this game bc when it says inalizing firebase it just kicks me out i don't know what to do i was really excited to play this game and it's this bad idk i give it one star tell me if the Same thing happened to you or not. I love this game especially the design is beautiful and I like all of the monster's that you can get and evolve them.

10/10 this game is absolutely fantastic, amazing gameplay, amazing art, the rewards are really good too, honestly from my perspective I see nothing wrong, highly recommend, especially with good wifi or else you'll stay communicating with the server()*.. Not bad f2p, decent resource feed, seen worse, a lot going on as u advance. Has improved with quick battles and auto advance since I reinstalled.. I played this game when it first came out and now I've come back to it because it's really a good game at this is what the kind of game you're looking for. Nice game, but continual freaking update issues. The latest being that after the update, THE GAME REFUSES TO RUN. You screwed up again, and screwed up completely. Thanks for nothing..

The game is quite good. However, the most frustrated thing is daily grinding. you will take about 4-5 hours daily just to farm the daily resource (with watching ads). Annihilation should be work without the ticket or at least challenge x5, x10 for one battle to shorten the time. Very unfriendly to mobile device.. Been playing for some time and it's really paced action lots of rewards.must try those who love summons and a great hero line ups.

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