NameDeer Hunting 2: Hunting Season
Size85.29 Mb

Entertaining hunting simulator with addictive gameplay and beautiful graphics. Deer Hunting 2: Hunting Season is an exciting hunting simulator for Android mobile devices where you have to hunt deer and other animals.

The gameplay is presented in the format of a virtual shooting gallery. Before starting, you must select a mode. There is not only classic animal shooting but also numerous challenges with tasks and cool rewards for them. Charges add variety and petite hardcore. Depending on the mode, you have to hunt certain types of animals. These are deer, bears, goats, wolves, and many other animals. It is noteworthy that each class is rewarded in its way. Also, in the process, you will complete tasks for which cool rewards in the form of rifles, upgrade items, and so on rely upon. The game has beautiful graphics, an excellent soundtrack, and simple controls.

Deer Hunting 2: Hunting Season MOD

This game is so bad it cant finish a hunt without a long ad and sighting the shot is poor not a good app.. Every time you win an ad shows up, and the resolution is bad. Also a knock off of deer hunter 2008.. It a great hunter a good time. A lotta fun and it will test your your aim love it. Way too many forced ads Not even close as intresting as I thought it would be It was a waste of my time. Ikhlak ansari me too love you very 18th and look forward with a few minutes ago and next year will have to be the most out of town this week and next year will have to.

Deer Hunting 2: Hunting Season APK

Great but would like to win more weapons and be able to go back into the areas I want to hunt. Would give more stars except everything you click on anything you get an ad first, before a hunt then after hunt then using back button. I understand ads to support the game but wow more ads than game.. I started to really enjoy your game but with all the ads it loses interest for me. I don't mind a few ads but before every play and after every play is to much and I don't think you will keep people interested for long or spend any money. I will be leaving now and if you ever fix the ad thing let me know and I'll be back. Nice game and really cool game i like it but where is heart shot,brain shot lung shot or vital shot.And please make trophy hunts for better experie.please make update..

Deer Hunting 2: Hunting Season APK

I like the feel and grafics but the long adds and multiple adds it's too much for my patience for a 5second hunt it 3 or more minutes of adds come on give it a break people. Wonderful but you have to many ads love it but I like to go from one hunt to the next without so many ads.. The following URL to access your free time this form configured to receive e-mails are susceptible you are doing great in nice condition is returned the item to be a part of a good time in the past year or so and so on and I will have a nice weekend too I like it was a great day and night and we can make it work to do the needful for me I like it was the first one to you as eyi you can do it for the first one to one another to the next day delivery schedule a call from a virus-free I like it wil. Nice Game Just a BIG Pity about all the ADDS. That is really taking the fun out of the game..

Deer Hunting 2: Hunting Season APK

Love this and get really nervous when the bears come at you. It makes sure you aim right the next time.. I have played a lot of shooting games and this one is the very best I really love the way it plays.. Don't care for 10 second hunts takes a five minutes of damn adds haha stupid as it's a pitty come on developers abit greedy aren't we see ya stupids.

Download ( V1.1.4 )

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