NameShop Titans: Craft & Build
ReleaseKabam Games, Inc.

Titans: Craft & Build – Start creating interesting equipment with taste. Hired workers will begin to obey you and will work seven days a week. Don’t let them catch flies, but raise the most active ones along the career line. Make your own deputy and go on long journeys for rare materials. Here you need to create equipment for people.

The first orders will be scarce and unremarkable. After a couple of minutes, you will join this atmosphere of activity. You just won’t have free time. You’ll be stuck in a couple of hours. Build your first business building and upgrade your business. It’s time to download Shop Titans: Craft & Build for android.

First of all, put everything for the workplace. It can be a loom, a set of tools, or a sewing table. Now we need to hire labor. Use convenient controls and start taking proven guys. Not many professionals will want to receive money from you.

The first workers will be worthless, but teach them all what you can masterfully yourself. When you start getting a lot of money and there is no end to clients, go look for treasures for even more huge earnings. You need to make high-quality equipment and good armor or outfits for customers. Make your character! Hurry up to download Titans: Craft & Build for android.

Shop Titans: Craft & Build MOD

This app has made two unauthorized purchases in 24 hours on my account. Somehow it has managed to disable the required biometric authentication for purchases. Please refund the money you stole from me.. I got logged out and it keeps saying error can't log u in, I don't know why they made the log in process unnecessaryly hard . Now I have lost all the progress i had. This game deserves more love. When it came out, it felt like it tipped out pretty soon. Now the developers are constantly adding content. There's now a decent amount of diverse content with a reliable monthly event schedule and special seasonal events and rewards. You can enjoy nearly all the content for free. No ads. If you are willing to spend a little real money, you can get permanent perks and rewards. I buy stuff to support these guys to support these guys and it's fun.. i really love this game i play this before and still i love this gamei hope dev add more things. Good work. I love this game. It's very similar to an old game, Pocket Potions, and I could play this game for hours..

Shop Titans: Craft & Build APK

I was playing every day. I even spent real money on the game. Then you updated. Now game won't load. Says it's loading then screen goes blank and game drops. This is on your side as I play other games all day with no trouble.. I see a lot of stupid bad reviews on here. This game isn't full greed. Aside from a few optional workers there is nothing you can't do in game without spending real money. Find yourself a nice guild and a newbie guide people. Game is great fun and a good time filler.. It's a good game to play with friends or just playing alone, however it takes up way too much storage space. One of the (if not the only) games I keep on playing for years... It doesn't really force you to do anything and you can set your own tempo and your own way of playing. You don't need to spend any money to get access to all the core parts of the game... On the contrary, if you aim for leaderboards, you will have to spend some... It works cross-platform with Steam, which is just perfect....

Shop Titans: Craft & Build APK

Very enjoyable game and have been playing for years, does really need some new events or challenges implemented this year to freshen things up a bit as it's getting extremely repetitive to the point you know what event is coming up next before it's even announced.. I really enjoyed this game, you Def need some money to spend if you would like to have a nice shop and avatar But overall good experience. Love the game lots to do my biggest issue is after this last update its not letting me gather more materials needed for crafting. Everytime I assigned my team on a quest and close the game and opened it again, it automatically cancels the quest..

Shop Titans: Craft & Build APK

Really good game but after last update it have a bug (if you send the hero's for the quest and close the game , hero's will be back but the quest is gone and the rewards too). There is no pay wall and times to upgrade is minimal. Upper lvl is 9 days but with guild help u could half that also there is a free event u could build up special points to speed it faster. Been playing for over 1yr. And sadly I'm addicted.. Since the update I can not send heroes on quests. Every time I send them, close game, and reopen, the quest is cancelled and they're never sent.. Paywalls are a bit obnoxious, and the loading times are slow but game is functional, feature-rich and easy to get into..

It's okay. I guess. There's a lot to do. Rewards are okay. Devs aggressively offer bundles. **Quit if you can't find an active guild.** Tower of titans is impossible to complete. 30 missions over 2 days? Nah fam.. Typically I don't enjoy games/apps that require waiting periods of time for upgrades or crafting, but this game does it right. There are so many different kinds of goals you can work towards and enough features to spend your time focusing on that you hardly notice the wait times. Between crafting items for your shop, sending heros on quests and selling gear on the market, there's always something to do. Great game with solid customer support & bustling community.. Game goes black after the loading screen on s23+ and on blue stacks on pc don't waste your time. Emailed them and they said they are aware and no plans to fix at this time.. I can't even get into the game it says it loads app and then gives me a black screen and does nothing else what is going on with this game.

Awful. Is it possible to give 0 stars? Everytime I try and play, I get a black screen. I used to play, and was gonna try it again. But Everytime I download it, I load in to a black screen. Nothing happens. Is this app dead?. Game is awesome ive played it for a year so far i have spent real money on the game which you can play as a f2p aswell you dont need to spend real money i just chose to cause i like the game it has its ups an downs like many have stated only giving 2 stars due to after i have updated the game i get nothing but a black screen after its loading bar fills so sad i really enjoyed the game not to metion the time an money ive put into it will change rating once or if they fix the issue. It's a great game! I enjoy playing it. I only suggest that you put projectiles to attacks. For example, you could add arrow coming out of a bow when a champion attacks. Or something like a fireball when a wizard attacks. But overall, it's a great game.. The game is fun. But lately, when trying to sign on, all I've been getting is a black screen and sound. That has happened for at least three days. My phone has enough space & memory, so I decided to delete the app since it doesn't seem to be working. .

Reduced to 1 star from 5. Game crashes CONSTANTLY on my Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. It's been months with no fix. At the price they charge for monthly subs, the devs should have a fix by now. And DO NOT respond telling me to clear my cache. I shouldn't have to every single day. This is YOUR problem. Fix it!. This app offers an engaging experience, but be aware that unlocking certain features requires spending money. Over $100 for just the workers needed to experience the full game. This doesn't include things like blueprints and runestones. It's not geared towards those seeking entirely free gameplay. It is pay-to-play and spend-to-win. On a weekly basis, you will have prompts to make purchases during play sessions and various in-game activities. Managing expectations is key good luck.. Blast from the past have a well known issue of showing partial mega pack which players had seen when mega packs A&B drop Even though we seen A&B Blast from the past give players part B from mega pack to purchase , if we don't purchase the partial pack , we can't buy the new superior pack. And as of yet , there no fix for this issue , player can only pay for it.. I played this all the time on my laptop, and it was really fun! I didn't know it was also available on Android. Definitely my new favourite mobile game!.

This game has ruined several of my phones iPhones included through connection alone it is buggy to all hell once you make it past a certain point, sad to say because I've invest quite a bit into this game but I'll never pick this back up after the amount of crashes I mean it is INSANE!! you literally cannot guess how many crashes this games has.. Been playing over a year and still love the game. Unlocks and monthly subscription are quite pricy, but aren't necessary to play and enjoy the game. My only complaint is that if you ever get logged out for any reason, getting back to your account can be very difficult.. Love this game so much. Unfortunately, sometimes when you create anything and then close the game the progress doesn't get saved. So when I get back in again, the last few actions is reset. Very annoying! Never had such problems with any other games.. Been playing well over 4 years now still love the game great time killer great value for the money fun to play tons of updates lots to do.

Great game, but not being able to repair broken gear with gold makes this game essentially pay to play. Subscribing to Premium should give a discount to repairing gold with gear, you should be able to repair your gear with gold without having to subscribe. Other than that is a great passive game.. Game Doesn't even boot up on my Ios Chromebook after being advertized for my device, I never even got to play the game after about an hour or so trying to boot it up.. The game was good but the new update is bad for those but paying for RM, or not long time players even if you've spent thousands here. They raise elemental barrier requirements to a point that you not only need to get max enchants, but also have affinity, which for high difficulty dungeons it means a lot of gem (premium currency) spending and those equipments break so it's an ongoing cost for people who don't subscribe to RM. Unless you are prepared to pay at least $10 a month, don't install.. Avoid like the plague! Customer service doesn't care, and if you notice a fraudulent CC transaction they'll screw you over by deducting gross amounts of gems if you DARE to get a refund. They don't get money from me, they shouldn't get it from you either!.

My app disappeared after the latest download. I now have to open the app store, search the game, and click play?. Love this game soooo much! Plus, the developer team was really helpful in getting my account back. There's always events going on, always something to be doing, and it's so much fun!. Surprisingly engaging and if not seeking to be the top of the ranks, is probably not pay to win. More fun if you have guild buddies cause the interaction and dependency is there. Unfortunately seems to have an issue when being played on pixel fold whereby if trying to split screen it, it uses the exact opposite intended orientation. I.e. if trying to put it portrait the game will split into its landscape orientation and vice versa. Think that setting has to just be reversed. One of the few games that doesn't have ads shoved in your face constantly. Most content is accessible without paying anything except for certain cosmetics. Crafters & blueprints are fairly expensive, but that's in exchange for ads..

Super game. Aktive community. Langzeit spas. Coole leute geteoffen. Man muss halt entspannt an die sache ran gehen sonst depremieren einen die produktionszeiten ab T10 . Immer neuen inhalt und fr kein pay to win notwendig aber mglich.. If you like having "deal" after "deal" being shoved in your face Every. Single. Day and FOMO you will probably like it. And if you dont want to buy anything, they just leave it on your screen for days. Juuuuust incase you change your mind. Oh and it has a minigame where you run a store, which is cool. It gets a 2 because the shop minigame can be fun. But the shameless attempts of getting you to buy stuff all the time will drive you crazy. Packs are the price of steam games more often than not... Years of playing ST, my account was unexpectedly banned due to a misleading ToS. Despite contacting support I discovered ST strictly enforces a no-multiple-accounts policy, automatically banning 2nd accounts w/o investigation, contrary to their ToS. Support team admitted this strict rule disproportionately affects unaware players seeking assistance. Innocent players pay a $30 USD penalty, while rule-breakers go unpunished. Due to ST inconsistent and unfair policies, I can no longer support them.. In the beginning when I first started playing this game it was great and unique - fun systems and the customization is great etc. But then they kept throwing more and more stuff behind paywall after paywall - entire characters/traders are locked behind 40-60 USD paywalls and you can't earn that in game. It's also not a true idle, you have to have it open and play (not too much of an issue) but the crashes/framedrops are crazy and makes the game unplayable. Decent game but not for too long, sorry.

This game is a game i can load up and sit there for a few minutes and distress from my day and i could rate it more i would. I have played a ton of the game. Spent a lot of money. It's very repetitive and the optional NPCs are too expensive. My biggest issue with the game is it's not even very idle or AFK. You have to keep the game running and constantly respond to new customers. This is fine for awhile but ultimately it becomes repetitive and boring.. Greedy every other week its a new pack with exclusive craftsman or blueprint that requires $20 to unlock. you need premium to gather appropriate ammounts of materials, itll never be enough money for them. Costs more than all the sims dlc's by now. Should be illegal to reach this kind of cost for a game.. Great game, lots of events and things to do. Graphics and gameplay are very good. I would give it 5 stars but it is constantly trying to get you to buy extras which gets really annoying. But even with that, it's still a really good game..

Don't subscribe to royal merchant as the second you cancel all "loyalty rewards" you "earn" are inaccessible. Greedy greedy devs. Moderately enjoyable in the beginning. It gets increasingly more demanding to complete special events to the point of impossible. It's like they expect me to play the game 24/7 to complete the special events, even when I spend the precious gems that take forever to collect. Play at your own risk, or at your own expense of pricey pay to win extortion.. I play this game on and off for years. I took a break for a year, I come back and now it says I have no progress and all I have bought over the years is gone because I have no account. This is theft.. Consistent lagging/crashing. It's not my phone/ Internet as others have been experiencing the same issue. And yet nothing is being done to find a fix for it. It's a fun game if it worked like it was supposed to. Also, some of the items/ characters needed for advancing are blocked behind a real life money pay wall. It's no wonder people are quitting..

i love this game. its fun, great graphics. like the story line. and events are fun. however, it takes forever to upgrade furniture, and the cost for packages and special workers is outrageous. almost $25 for one of them. i wouldnt maybe mind spending cash on packages and such if the game would quit crashing. not willing to spend money on a game that keeps crashing all the time. other players in my guild are having the same problem. crashes several times a day. maybe look into fixing that. thanks. Addictive cute enjoyable varied activities & events. Constant ads for premium content. Items not free-to-craft can be bought with in-game generated currency in Marketplace, some drop in RNG loot activities. Subscribe for easier repairs, keys, micro transactions bundles of blueprints gems hero improvement items; if you already have what is offered, NO substitutions (on expansions, crafting slots, blueprints). Don't trust worldChat for game info (coop/competitive game). Guilds.. It's a nice thought of a game but... it just keeps crashing... every... single... minute... the more you level, the more impossible this game is to run on a mobile device because the slower it goes. I sadly cannot play it anymore unless a LOW LOW quality setting was added. I'm on the lowest possible setting and it still fails to run. It was fine at the beginning though. Just not now I'm at higher levels and it's frustrating and impossible. If it wasnt for this, easily a 4 star game but I cannot. If the levels for the hero , merchants and items aren't raised people will get bored. I've had half of me guild quit because it became repetitive..

Please add in food too like cakes and burgers and boba tea and coffee ND a whole chef bundle, even can make it money. But unlocks lots of food as you level it. Thanks. This is a really fun shop game. I know there's a lot of these out there, but I really love the medieval/fantasy theme that this one has. It also has a lot of awesome events that none of the other ones have, which can get you a lot of goodies even if you're a f2p player!!!. I love this game and have been playing for years, but it's really poor performing crash and frame rate wise... I want to rate higher but I've been unable to consistently launch my game for weeks... It's really disheartening. Surprisingly addictive, at least in my initial day of play so far doesn't seem over the top with in app purchases and progression seems fair up through my first 20 levels.

A nice game to play, it's just that my old phone can't handle it. Don't see anything to lower the game graphics to help make it run better.. Super fun and i have been playing for nearly a year I think? Enough to keep you entertained, minimum ads if any, and can progress without having to slap actual money down, just have to be patient! It is great! Really enjoyable!. Been playing it for a while. I don't like how much the people cost to buy. It's quite expensive. I've been able to stay free-2-play and it can still be fun.. went from ready to rate a 4 or 5 down to 3. 20 and 30 dollars to unlock characters is *ridiculous* the 10$ a month premium membership was already a lot for a game like this, but this is absurd with no other way to unlock them. i pay that much for a full expansion onto a triple a fully rendered rpg game with new open world maps, not a single character and a few blueprints.

fun game with optional paid upgrades, people complaining about paying for content don't seem to understand this game just didn't magically materialize, someone had to make it, and maintain it. I purchased something because i like the game, if you don't feel like supporting the creators that maintain the game and keep it online, you should be ashamed of yourselves for wanting free things for nothing.. Last updates have the effect of nerfing long term players. Instead of adding new challenges the developers literally made existing challenges tougher. It used to be reasonable to compete for top spots with the monthly subscription and occasional pack, this is no longer the case, and they've split the packs out so if you want the decent (no longer good) prizes from contests you must also buy gems. Though there is still opportunities for free gems, the freebies which made this non p2p are remove. This is definitely a ptw game. I am in a guild and pay the monthly subscription price, even with the recurring payment I give these greedy pigs, I still contribute CONSIDERABLY less than all of the others in events (that purchased the special workers, all told, roughly $175 cad). I have to play for hours a day just to keep up. Why do I keep playing? Addiction, or the friends I made. To all Kabam employees: I hope Vancouver chews you all up and spits you out to make space for someone deserving.. The game would be a 4-5 star if it wasn't for the huge pay game. There is no way for a player to catch up remotely close to the top if they started today. If I was to see an actual effort from the game to help the f2p player (which I am by no mean one of). I would be able to give a review that more accurately reflects the good parts of this game..

Pricey to say the least, but thoroughly addictive. Very playable without requiring any purchases, but can be disappointing to be the one person not spending $100 to keep up with gold members. The concept is genius, the game relatively tame - almost kid appropriate, though there is gambling and a girl dressed like she came straight from Playboy - but the actual gameplay is delightful. But... Way too pricey. Literally one character can cost as much as a whole game on other sites.. It was great before the changes and keeps crashing. It keeps crashing after I start playing and now it won't let me redownload the game. Please fix it so this doesn't happen again please I can't buy the new worker please fix it please.. Game is very unstable. I've talked to many people in game and they have the exact same crashing and force closing issues. I was able to play on steam for a while but the instability issues prevent me from playing on pc now too. It's almost unplayable now, the game force closes anytime I try to send out heroes. I've been playing for a long time and WASTED hundreds of $$$ on additional content. Now, Customer support has gone silent. Shame, it's a fun game if it worked.. Good game play but ridiculous ptw, a single fee for all premium workers would be reasonable at say 10 but charging over that for each one then having constant challenges that can't be completed without those premium items has lost any chance at my money.

As fun as this game is, for a supposedly idle game, this game is incredibly high maintenance! Wasted a lot of time playing this when I could have been doing more around my life.. Been hooked on this game for months now. It's built in a way that you can play almost every minute of the day or check in when you have the time. If you like shop sims at all definitely give Shop Titans a try.. Just found this game on Epic Games Store and it is free! so I decided to give it a shot and damn, I had so much fun playing this game today. Imma give it 5 stars, been addicted to this game already..

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