NameFake Buster 3D
Size151.39 Mb

An exciting adventure to find goods. In this Fake Buster 3D game project, you need to look for precisely counterfeit goods located in different places.

You must be attentive, inspect different things, and discover new abilities to do your job perfectly. The gameplay has never been as exciting as it is presented to you in this game. Pick up boring items, magnifiers, X-ray flashlights, and more to help you identify fakes. Go through exciting levels, gain experience, and do the impossible to be the best in this challenging business. Use various tools to make it much easier to find items and get excellent bonuses. Bright graphics will help you feel the reality of what is happening, and you will enjoy the correct search for things.

Fake Buster 3D MOD

Nothing like the ad you play a completely different game it show you un photos shoping and you never do that. It's boring has to much ads won't let me install it and when I play Roblox the game is on my Roblox and ads keep coming while I'm playing a different game so don't download it pls don't this is a warning. Is this game was nice until the ads came every time when you click it has to have an ad ad ad ad this is the very annoying so also what is annoying is when I was supposed to do something it got a bit boring really really boring so I do not recommend if you guys are gonna do this fake pastor I just say that it is a fake service sorry to the company but this is how I feel and I'm allowed to make my own opinions. It is the best game I ever played but I cannot pass the 34th level. That is why I I gave the game 1 star Or otherwise it is 5 star game. Graphics sort of suck The game is OK. I don't really play it much It gets boring after about 10 mins There are too many ads Overall, chill on the ads, upgrade graphics, and make it a lil' more interesting, please, but still.. a good game.

Fake Buster 3D APK

It is just the same levels over and over again honestly not even worth the time to play to see the same levels every time. An ad played while i was in the middle of the game and directly after the level and can't play it without internet. Well this game was fun but it's way too easy and also there was one where There was a shield and there was poops on it. It was so weird I don't know why they do that but if you guys think that you're gonna be right with me also there are too many ads. but really good game though I like it the funny game. Is bad because every level you do is ads and when you finish level 20 you go back to the start.

Fake Buster 3D APK

Boring game it's fun at first but the levels gets repeated once you got into I certain level I forgot which tho and the ads are annoying too don't really recommend this game.. Rlly bad game, repeats challengs over and over again, made it for money, scam in add as if you play the game it's for checking if things are real or fake this game is definitely fake never download again.. This game has some good potential, but they clearly just made it for money, due to the extreme amount of ads. I wouldn't play this for entertainment, but it is a good time waster. Worst game! it should work with wifi forceful! And Show ads every level, and after about 20 level it will start from the begining!.

Fake Buster 3D APK

After playing this game for 5 min I realized that I have enough Legit checking going on IRL to be doing it in the digital world. this game every level i play its shows an ad and it needs wifi please make a nice game i could give u full stars its a mess. The game is very laggy and annoying to play. It also often would crash, causing me to have to re-enter the app and redo the level. Borring game _____________________________________________________________i play this game but brroing gane______. B. K. B. O. R. I. N. G. Jbubkbmvm. Ohkvmb. Hkgkklnm. Ugkgojlh. Gkgk. You. Boy. Noob. Gajahahshahsgshagahs. Hahahahaha bot. Gkg ka gg. B n b b. Nb kk kk ho jljlj kk n ok BBC ull Alstom DLS do is do ly do ly fla.

I uninstalled it after the first person who came in with his sneakers. Why? Because as soon as I told him it's fake i got bombarded with an ad. Not even 1 min into the game. I like this game and it is not the game that is the problem it's the data/wifi that brings the most problems with the game. Usual ad city for a subpar game. If you're bored enough to use this as a timekiller (through the help of an adblocker) then it loops back to the beginning levels after level 47.. This game sucks I hate it has 50 million ad every second every level this game is so doo doo water like omg.

it's always ads!!!don't install this!!so ugly game!even you do not starting until you got some ads before!!! It's look good in picture..but if u play it it's more ads than ever ahahaha!! I really really realize it's more ads cuz I don't believed in the feedbacks!it must deleted in play store no people like it!!haahhaahha not good game!. it's all ways adds and like when I go back to play the game it's say you can not play for a nother 1 hour and when a add cum.a gain it say do u want to be a no add thing for 2.47 and I bought it and it was a scam and I still get adds so yeah refund me my money ty. I WOULD GIVE THIS GAME A 0 AND A HALF THEIR ARE SO MANY ADS AND IT NEEDS WIFI. I MEAN WHAT!!!.

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