NameCoach Bus Simulator
Size67.2 Mb
ReleaseOvidiu Pop

An exciting city bus simulator. In Coach Bus Simulator Bus Game, you will be able to remember your school days when you were riding buses. Now you can sit in it and go on an exciting journey through the big city. Here you will find significant sound effects, pick up passengers and take them to their places.

Do not forget to follow all the rules of the road. An exciting driving simulator in which you must drive very carefully, as you have a full salon of people. Passengers are always in a hurry, trying to get to work, school, and other essential places. That is why you must be careful; slowly drive up to the stop and drop off passengers so as not to cripple them. Take a ride on modern buses, and see what they have inside and how they work. Embark on your first trip, solve important transportation tasks and take passengers to specific locations.

Coach Bus Simulator MOD

My overall time of playing this game has awesome but I think there's a need for some little changes I would have given a 5 but am giving 3 because of the lights in the game The game is so dark that when in a first person view it's very difficult to see my front clearly I think headlights needs improvements too and finally for those in game vehicles I think y'all should make respect the navigation lights without crash at my bus And they should stick to one lane. so spicy I love you so much Jan meye plz ahteyat Kawa slides for you too Jan meye dah shyan preda jan zama carburetor for buggy and I really miss you guys and what about you guys and what about your mom I can help in ko stock up kharab Kawe Jan meye che kawe Jan meye che kawe che kala pakhair wada Osho Beya bah lagh time kye bah yeh I think you RN to em too much jan Meye che lagh relax sheye dah khom zama carburetor for buggy racing game oko jan che har sah dah che vayyah Tah jan Mey. I love this game but i have given 3 stars because the graphics are too dark and interior design and look are not too good as the picture, the game needs lots of updates to become best bus simulator game please update it as fast asit possible. I recently revisited Coach Bus Simulator after a couple of years. PROS: Solid physics. Graphics get the job done. A veteran of Ovilex's trucking sims will find Coach Bus Sim to be second nature as the buttons are in the same places, same icons on the map, same feel, etc. CONS: Ovilex broke Google Play Games sign-in and achievements without telling anyone. I had deleted my saved account in advance to start fresh which was a mistake because now I can't re-earn those achievements. Oh well.. I rate five stars but we need to see new locations as well as travelling with other buses on the same road..

Coach Bus Simulator APK

Doesnt have control to drive the Buss, using LG k11 installed goes into the game, doesnt give controls to drive the buss. Thnk for game i like game i guess this game best in the world im like game the best game download your android make your day best. I used to like this game, but when I downloaded it to my phone, it won't let me play unless if I use a controler. In fact this is also one of the best Bus games I have ever played, I recommend this to you. Coach bus simulator is the best but the game must really be updated especially it's driving lights, it's to low. Thank you.

Coach Bus Simulator APK

I have a great time in this game with all cars that are in place for us in our own bus. I love it and I hope theres a bus stop and people around while we all driving and we all hope this game get updates except from buses and I'm going to rate this 5 if you add some bus (bot) like they are moving around like bus please we hope this game will be more fun and updated and still offline :). tell me how to disable the gamepad i cant play... it always says that gamepad connected even though i don't have a gamepad... Same route....add various routes. Otherwise game is out standing. Since last four years I am playing this game... This was the my first Simulator game game every a few months later i check that developer upgrade or not... Same feeling they didn't.. this in very interesting and also I was to tell them that no one can beat this game cause it's very unique and amazing game. I really sorry to say that...Due to developer negligence this will be vanished one day. I hope you will give response to it.

Coach Bus Simulator APK

Hey developer please solve gamepad problem I am recently download the game but didn't show me game control please solve. This game is cool but I would like it if you guys add more places with a long distance plz. Its a nice game now the should fix the turning on the other cars the turn like the are being pushed. The game is very good but you should upgrade it to 3D and change the options and just launch some speed couch.

maps are less almost none only map is available brightness is very low by default otherwise this game was perfect. i used to play this game since 2017 and there were very maps back in time. The game controling was too bad because the are is only a game pad mode was only the option was driving settings that is the I hate the game. The game is nice but there are some issues like poor graphics, poor light and the movement of vehicle doesn't appear on bus tyres it seem like the whole bus moving when cut a corner, a game should be improved. Nice good game car or something like bus stop to pick up my stuff is done with you guys tomorrow morning and get back with you tomorrow morning love you too baby love you too and get back with you tomorrow at the same spot to pick it up my car game car or not but I'll be home around you ever had a good day yesterday.

This is a excellent game for me. But there is a problem that whenever l refill my petrol and when l start the engine the breaks work on their own for a while.Please fix this problem.. This game was fantastic and wonderful to timepass and in some times it makes bore so the solutions will be playing the songs. Good and awesome game it is my favorite but what I can say is being the only bus on the road it's so annoying I suggest you better work to ensure other buses appeared on the road. All in all the game is so wonderful I rate it 4 stars. It is not a bad game but it keeps on telling me that the game pad is connected yet I have no game pad so fix that plz bcz by now I can't play it bcz of that.

I was a big fan of this game but from past some time it's not working because of gamepad issue . It's good it has a real clutch when using the manual mode but the sound of the car and graphics needs to be fixed or improved at least..

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