NameFashion Shop Tycoon
Size159.48 Mb
ReleaseGame Veterans

A good business simulator with an excellent design. Fashion Shop Tycoon is an exciting business simulator with excellent graphics for Android mobile devices. In this simulator, the player will become the owner of a small store, which he needs to develop and expand to receive income. At the very beginning, you will have a small shop with one department under control, where some clothes will be sold.

Gradually, when you accumulate enough money, you can upgrade the store and expand its territory by building a different department. Slowly, gradually, your store will develop, which, of course, will positively impact profits. Proper development of the store will significantly increase the flow of money. The more successful the store becomes, the more likely it is to be visited by some show business star, which will positively affect the business’s reputation.

Fashion Shop Tycoon MOD

It's too difficult to complete the level..sometimes even if we do the task they don't give thumsup so didn't get a like so not able to complete the level. They literally want us to pay n get diamonds ..this is not right.Not the right game ..pls play ethically. The correct information to the same person who has been checked for u and my words and phrases in their husband and I will oi din I am not in a hurry in their own our io ouuyuuotu. veryyyy interesting and challenging I'm enjoying just don't know about u who is reading this want to believe or don't is all ur choice . A very nice game but i dont find a couple of things enjoyable which are : have to tap a lot of thing fast 2.there is only one dress when you install it 3.the characters are not very fast Please change this and i will give a better review.. Can't pass the next step...than the other bonus ya got to play 20/80 games to get rewarded. Than for some reason I have problems getting back in the game and if it didn't co$t money to get the BOX BONUS this would be a better fun game to let out stress . It stresses me to play..

Fashion Shop Tycoon APK

I really like this game a lot. But I don't know the reason why I can't get online ads to get rewards :( am very much disappointed. The music and the alerts on the app does not work, the game glitches all of which is annoying. I think the idea of the game was a good idea but if not working good right now so I am uninstalling it. Uninstalled because this was advertised as a different game than what it is. The ad looks fun. This is mediocre at best.. Tried the game again after over a year and it has improved a lot and is playable now. The only part I don't really like is the story part. Seems like it costs money to choose the answer you want. I've been completely skipping that part and it hasn't interfered with game play. Nice little game now..

Fashion Shop Tycoon APK

If you don't want to spend $12 on a stupid water cooler, skip this game. The characters stop at the water cooler and get mad if they can't get a drink. It also holds the game up.. Very fun game but I am at level 13 of the wedding boutique and there are no buttons to upgrade the shoe showcase or the price of the shoes. Is it supposed to be like this? It is going to be very challenging as I play higher levels because it takes a long time to collect the shoes. Please fix.. Very good game but Doorman story has its own place. Those who played doorman story will find this one easier. One suggestion : Increase the amount of coins obtained after passing level.. Personally I don't care for it. Most of everything leads to you spending money. It's odd that the upgrades cost gems and coins instead of just coins. Too money based for me..

Fashion Shop Tycoon APK

The app never loaded. I saw it on a commercial and immediately downloaded and clicked the save progress button, as well. I love fashion games but this one didn't even open.. Nice game, but you gotta spend money to get past certain levels... Even asking for money just to have a water cooler instead of having ways to earn certain things. Nice but expensive.. This game is fine until you get to around level 40. If you are not willing to spend $4 to install the stupid water cooler, you can't pass. As a matter of fact, you will land at exactly 152 out of 155 every single time. Just as a test I played about 20 rounds with boosters, without boosters, etc. Just to see what would happen. Sure enough, 152 every single time. To be fair, I refuse to pay extra $, so if I can't pass after a few more rounds, I think I'm gonna uninstall..

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