NameArmy Truck Driving 3D Games
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Army Truck Driving Games 3d is a well-made 3D driving simulator for mobile devices with Android, in which you have to play the role of a military truck driver.

Sitting behind the wheel of a mighty colossus, you will have to complete some critical tasks while riding over rough terrain. Your main task in the simulator will be the delivery of vital cargo to specific points. Cargoes are military items, including weapons, armor, and various equipment. It would be best if you delivered all this “junk” safe and sound, driving along a challenging track with many climbs, jumps, small rivers, and other obstacles. Be prepared for changing weather conditions at any moment, and beware of minefields. Successfully completing tasks will unlock access to new trucks with improved performance and a unique look.

Army Truck Driving 3D Games MOD

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Army Truck Driving 3D Games APK

Army truck driving game is amazing game. It's Features are great. Very useful app. I really like it. Highly recommend to all.. Not like other offroad army truck games or any other truck simulator this game gives you an experience of extreme military offroad army truck.... We make your dream come true; Serve the military as truck driver simulator in army truck games. Truck driver games 2021 make you the part of the army... Army truck driving game is this outstanding game...It is really easy to use this game...It this a playing game....

Army Truck Driving 3D Games APK

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