NameNinja Fishing
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ReleaseGamenauts, Inc.

The eastern silence is when our history develops among the mountains and streams. Ninja Fishing is a main character who earned his belt because he spent many years studying martial arts. Now it becomes much easier for him to fight his enemies, develop unique abilities and catch fish. His catch has become much larger, and the stuffing has become even faster.

If you do not believe a single word of ours, then it would be time to start this story, and you will see that we are right. So it’s your time to explore this underwater world fully. If you look at the gameplay, this beautiful world will be generated randomly, giving you much joy.

Look at the idea when your hero will cast lines and control his hook. You must avoid the scary fish during this time, but some of them may get caught. It is at this moment that you need to pull on yourself, then you can count your catch. As soon as you raise the rod, the rest of the players must crush all your traps, and you will receive good rewards. With your money, you can buy new fishing rods, tackle, and other subtleties of this gameplay.

Ninja Fishing MOD

The game is awesome to play however it has been freezing so often that is it not fun to play. Is there a way this can be resolved?. Game is nice and fun, but the dynamite mechanic is just plain unnecessary and annoying. It was clearly only added so they can sell an in app upgrade. Having all progress halted due to slicing dynamite is not fun and honestly makes the game infuriating rather than fun.. I don't normally write reviews, but the developer really needs to fix the game. It's constantly freezing and crashing. If this is fixed, I'd definitely re-installl it cause it is fun.. I recently bought of the katanas and it only lets me equip one the second one says I have bought it but no option to use it but otherwise great game. This has been one of my favourite games since 2011, but now it just freezes all 5he time it's not that playable anymore.

Ninja Fishing APK

Recently the game has been freezing more and more often, quite annoying when I've reached the bottom, caught a chest, caught a whole lot of high-value fish, and I lose the whole catch because the game froze and I had to close it. Still love playing but it definitely needs some bug fixes. Edit: this is now happening every time I open the app, making it next to unplayable.. Really sad. I used to love this game and now for some reason I can't even play it. Everytime I open the game it crashes immediately. I can't even play it a little bit.. Used to love this game, but it's just absolutely not working on my new phone (Flip 4). I have installed, uninstalled and reinstalled and I can't even get past the main screen. It's totally nonresponsive.. Its good but the tilt calibration is way to fast and it won't let me adjust it please to me why.

Ninja Fishing APK

Downloaded for nostalgia and I can't even play the game. Either freezes on start screen or freezes on location selection screen the first time I touch anything.. I liked it at first but have grown to hate it for one major reason - cloud saving doesnt seem to work. I've gone through 5 different phones and every single time it starts me back off at the first island. I've lost all my ships I've gotten, weights, extended lines, progress to new islands every single time. It's really disappointing considering how much in app purchases I made, especially when alot of that was due to bying stuff just trying to get back to where I left off before. Never again.. I would of give this 5 stars. It's such an amazing childhood game for a lot of us but there's one massive problem. Everytime I change phones and redownload the game I have to restart the game. This is a massive grinding game and you should add a way for players to log into Facebook or something like that like pokemon go. Absolutely love this game, just hate restarting and I'm going to keep this game off my phone until there's a log in update. I really really hope you consider this.. Fun game. But, the day after I bought gold, the game became unplayable. When I open the app now, the buttons on the first screen don't work. I've tried everything but reinstalling... I've seen other reviews where they've reinstalled and lost all their progress anyway... including purchases. Multiplayer is non-existent... there's no one playing the game anymore, and I can see why. Very unfortunate as I downloaded this for nostalgia, now getting a refund and deleting..

Ninja Fishing APK

I have had this game when it first came out. It was fun and thrilling. I have decided to download it again, you know for the nostalgia, but one of the biggest problems that I had included the sliding speed of the hook. It either goes all the way to the left or right. I have tried going to the settings but its not the same. It doesnt glide anymore. Not because of an app malfunction I simply couldn't get it back to the default speed. Apart from that it was fun while it lasted. How to change back?. Great game! I used to not like it because I could only go to the sides. Now I love it. I could change the tilt calibration slow.. Great game unfortunately they steal your money. I bought the dynamite cutting katana for $7 and still explode. So don't spend real money they scam you.. okay i liked this game a lot but what makes me rate it at 4 stars is that it takes a long time to grind (you have to grind alot to get better weight and reels because both of these cost a lot of in game currency and the fish caught tend to have lower prices.) What also makes it stay at 4 stars is that the bug that lets you cut treasure and slice it as much as you wanted is gone and I miss using that because I can get a ton of coins but its unfortunately removed. Honestly fun game..

This game has been great for a long time, but now it won't let me go back to the food paradise island even I've caught 14/24 fish there and it pops up saying I have to have that boat of 15 houses in ninja village which I do. I have 16 of them.. This game is part of my childhood and it's addicitng used to have a ipod where I almost got the dino island boat from grinding coins ended up losing the ipod then my friend i played with just got dino island and sent me a pic so here I am downloading it again lol. I'm not sure if it's due the new multi-player mode but the game is so laggy now that even the game itself doesn't even know what going on, this game is very nostalgic for me so I would love to see it fixed.. I paid a bit to get some more money and the diamond drill hook. However the game froze and became completely unresponsive to me no matter how many times I opened it and restarted my phone. I reinstalled the app and all of my progress is gone. I couldn't save in the cloud because the game wasn't responsive so I simply couldn't save it..

Great game, but ninja village isn't working for me. I only have humble house which is supposed to pay you every hour, but whenever I join, it shows something like - 2h:31m (negative time left). For some reason, the game doesn't allow me to build any more houses. Please fix it.. This game has worked great for years, but recently, it has been near unplayable. The game freezes, lags, and crashes so often. When you are slicing the fish, sometimes the game doesnt register you swiping on the screen and then when it finally does register it, a bomb is on the screen and it blows it up. Also, the ads they offer for extra gold don't work anymore. You click to watch the video, and nothing happens. It just makes the game run even slower before it finally crashes.. Overall, it is 5 stars, but 4 due to some save loss, bad glitches that really ruins the progress, and pretty very slow progress to upgrade, looking at you, Ninja Villages. The current glitches are 1. Using the drill to slow down when you ascend, CUTS the treasure box but not fishes when you try catch the box. 2. Fishes appearing from nowhere as you descend, messing your predict path. 3. When you auto-drill down, through the mines, all good. However, as auto-reel, you touch mines, boom. Fix Plz.. I bought the kusanagi no dynamite and when I slice through it still blows up. I had this game on an older phone and loved it but it seems like it doesn't work as well now.

Why the heck did you mess with the tilt feature and reset it. It was perfectly fine as it was before the update.. Love this game. The issue I have is with the co-op and competition modes. The new daily challenge for me today including playing several competition games, but noone is ever on competition mode. Is this an issue with the app or is just noone playing? There shouldn't be daily challenges to play with other people if there are no other people.. Great, calibration added and has stuffed the game. Calibrated 4 times, still no good. Was perfect before, why force it to change? Too jittery now.. I liked the game when I had an older phone. With the new phones it is almost impossible to move on the deep without hitting one of the black things on the side. The only thing that can make it good is touching to move, not tilting the phone.

I loved this game so much when i was little so I downloaded it, but somewhy there a bug that the game keeps freezing, so sad it happens cuz it's such a good game... please fix this. Can't even play the game anymore. It's stuck no matter how many times I uninstall it, it stays frozen in the same spot. So disappointing.. Ninja Fishing is fun and worth buying the very useful IAPs. I would give it 5 stars but the best IAP Katana can't cut through the nuclear barrels found rarely in treasures.. When it works, it's great. The problem is that some actions seem to interfere with the accelerometer functionality and you can't tilt to move the hook. I have tried recalibrating the accelerometer, restarting the app, reinstalling the app, restarting my phone. Sometimes it just starts working again but I can't find a work around and it's a deal breaker..

Fhlohhlxixb dkd cox dod od cod ckdx doc change in hindi and the west coast guard and gold standard of free fire with hole in the west coast guard and gold standard of free fire with hole in the west coast guard and gold standard of living with the same 6thing. I loved thus game when I was younger but now on my new phone tilting doesn't do anything so I can't progress in the game. It's a fun game, but it doesn't work as well with more updated phones. My old iPod 10 years ago didn't even have the problem I have now. I keep having to stop playing because the system that controls to hook on descent stops working. Even restarting the app doesn't fix it. The app either works, or it doesn't. Update to run better on Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and I'll give a 5 star.. I finally got 15 buildings in the ninja village, but it won't let me fish in food paradise. I can buy lines in the shop, so it's clearly unlocked. But when I click on the fishing spot it says I can't fish there yet.

PLEASE UPDATE THE GAME!!! SOMETIMES I CANT MOVE THE FISHING LINES, ITS GOES STRAIGHT DOWN AND I CANT MOVE IT! PLEASE UPDATE THIS MISTAKE!!!!. I always played this game as a kid! I love it! I had to delete it and reinstall it because I was playing around with the settings, and then it wouldn't let me press any of the buttons on the screen even play. I left it alone for a few days and still wasn't working. I reinstalled it and now had to restart my progress. I went on to the game, turned off the sound and vibrate and I also turned off cloud (Idk what it does). It wasn't working again. Please fix this problem. Afterwards, 5 stars.. Download the game and when I try to press play on the home screen nothing happens, I can't do anything after I open the app. Use to love the game when I first had it years ago and found it again.. Great game needs update tho and up the cash u get on the fish also when you catch all your fish and you go up I wish you wouldn't get hurt by the bombs when you go up.

best game ever , wish people played the online cause ive never played it because theres never been an oppenent but my favorite game tbh. I was playing this game for few days and for the past 2-3 days the game blacks out and hangs so please try to fix that. Overall a very good game but hard to farm coins and the depper you go the coins is either the same or goes down.. I used to like this game but the new update made the controls horendes like the hook stayes in the same spot like if you where a robot so please make the controls like before cus other then that the game is great. I love sea creatures so this is a good game but in first island when i m going in deep about 490m it is dark anything i can't see totally dark nd bomb blast what's wrong with this plz check immediately when it will be ok then i give u 5 stars and one more thing game demand feul but it is no more i buy all feul.

I love this game, and I have for many years. However I would love the ability to resume progress when i switch phones or whatever the situation may be. Other than that I wouldn't change a thing.. Please add touch controls in addition to tilting. It is kinda annoying having to be upright and sitting to play the game.... This game is super fun! The game does indeed progress super slow and it takes a while to get a lot of coins. The Village is nice, but it also takes a long time to build and you don't get a good return at all. The game can really use some upgrades regarding the prices of upgrades as well as the production of coins from the Village. The BIGGEST upgrade would be TOUCH CONTROLS!!! I absolutely hate having to be upright to play the game! All of this would definitely make a 5 star game.. Great game but it didnt save my progress or my purchases! I bought the dynamite blade on my old phone and i dont have it anymore, even though im on the same account!.

A very fun game, especially since there is now multiplayer. Speaking of multiplayer, there should be a friending system. Ninja Fishing is a fun game, however, going deeper doesn't reward you as it should. Every time you upgrade your line, the fish prices don't increase that much. Sometimes it can even maintain or go down! For example, the zen monkfish costs around 30 more than the takifugu. The takifugu is far deeper than the zen monkfish. The game still definitely is fun though.. Hey need help I have dragon shrine unlocked but for some reason I cannot fish there just a whole bunch of stars appear on my boat and nothing happens I can't do anything please help. Ok, still like and play game. Since last update dragon shrine won't let you play. Ok, do you guys even pay attention to this game? Your game. The last update, broke the dang game.. Really enjoyed this game as a kid and wanted to come and play it again. Still super fun and I just realized there was a button that could restore your old data saved on the cloud so now Im back to where I was at before. Still fun and addictive as always.

Good game once. At some point, ads started allowing games to install themselves (or, even scarier, completely unrelated apps) without my knowledge. Now, since one of the recent updates, the menu screen cannot be clicked anywhere at all. Can't even get into the game anymore. Support for this game has not responded to me at all either. Very, very disappointed. These things should not be an issue with a game that's been around for so long. Clearly the owners dont care abt this game anymore.. New update with the multiplayer is a good feature, few bugs though... fishing is now broken, can't drop the hook past the boat and the achievement to go 250m without a drill has been broken for over a year, maybe longer.. Loved the game until last update. I'm no longer able to fish dragon spot or secret map spots.. How do I contact game support?.. It is a good game but the progression makes no sense. Rewards for going deeper is too low. Rare fishes are too cheap no real advantage to catch them when u go down. Game is designed in a away that the progression stales as there is no reward for going deeper and you basically need to watch ads to get 2x-5x coins to progress in a humaine manner. The upgrades gets way too expensive taking in consideration the coins of fishes..

I love this game but ever since the new update I can't play the summer event because when I click the island the hook is stuck freezing in the air so I can't fish in the event island. Please fix this!. Why did you put bombs in the water??? WHY?!?!?!? I was going to send you 5 stars but now I've changed it to 3 because you wouldn't let me catch my squid. Claim now 3 stars let me catch a squid 5 stars. I looked for a half hour for this game kuz I played it as a kid and loved it. Found it, installed it, configured my settings, and never got past the "play" button. Not sure if im missing something, or its a major bug, but its basically unplayable at the moment.. It's a really good addicting game. But I lost my purchases I made many years ago. On the same account. I also threw $2 back into the game because I support the game so much and still shows me ads. If I put money into a game I should not still have to see ads. Please fix..

Game play sucks and is money hungry its a money grabbing game that has nothing to do with real fishing. Cel mai prost joc.Dupa ce termin totorialul ma scoate din joc si trebuie sa o iau de la capat..

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