NameGamer Cafe Job Simulator
ReleaseTitanZ Games

Gamer Cafe Job Simulator in an Internet cafe opens up a whole new business simulator for us. If you have long had a dream of becoming a business tycoon, then now it can come true.

Get a unique opportunity to become the owner of an Internet cafe. Grow your business, invite people, introduce them to a whole new world and improve opportunities. Test your unique business development skills, and become the richest and most powerful tycoon in the whole world. To get incredible success, you will have to quickly develop your business company. To do this, you will need determination, business vision, strategy, and a lot of patience. Hire employees, launch new features, and install gaming PCs and many modern games. Now you have something to do shortly and have a great rest.

Gamer Cafe Job Simulator MOD

The controls are so very well 9/10 But the ads 0/10 this game is not enough for anyone to pay for ads. Maybe adding a bit more to the game.. I see too many games now that are lazy like idle,. I Finished this in 15 to 20 minutes. This game have maximum 5 to 6 missions. I this game will update so it could be better little bit. 4 stars because there are not have fan lite etc pls update this game with very more items. And many more ads fix this problem pls fix the game is just cool.pls fix problems and get many more items.. This shouldn't of gotten any stars but I have it 1 star when you try to tak the trash it doesn't tell you where to put it. Waste of time. Game is good. But, there are some problems. I have upgraded all my gaming PCs to super PCs. All of them. And it's not showing me an upgrade sign. I have got my task done, but it's not doing anything. I have upgraded my gaming store 2 times and nothing is working. Please fix this, or if I don't know, show me how to do it, thanks..

Gamer Cafe Job Simulator APK

Geeta ke per itni iski graphics bhi thodi baki bekar hai aur iske andar hamen Paisa se khelna padta hai yah game ko maine 4 star de raha hun yah game itni theek bhi nahin hai itne best bhi thodi best bhi hai aur kharabi hai tum ladki. Very very nice game Next time Or Jyada time khelne wali game hone chahiye 30 minutes me game puri ho hai Or new computer and or jyada shop me jagah honi chahiye. Ghu hai mera dil samjhta hai comment karen rona shuru kar dai or ke til ho to yah hai comment karen rona nahi ch ch ch Aman Hussain Ahmed and cannot be held on to the other day that I I am a little little time to explore new I will be there in the o hai na tu I will get you a lot and I am Muslim and cannot and will not u have in your house I love you too baby I will send u my creat a new I love you so. Amazing app. But there is very few tasks to complete. My game completed in 1 hour and too many ads please remove ads and make more tasks to complete the game maximum game completes in 8 hours. Thank you.

Gamer Cafe Job Simulator APK

I give 3 star because there were many ads but game was good graphics also good but ads are so many bruuhh! Please Try to fix the problem please bro because this game is Excellent and Superb but please try to solve there are no So many Ads only 3 Ads but don't be angry please try to Fix problem there no fixed Don't worry about that please bro fixed problem Game name- Gamer Cafe Job Simulator bro fix it please THANKS FOR READING . This app is good to go for the weekend and I am going elsewhere and we will be able to come w. This is a very bad game that don't tell us what to do after buying PC and upgrading the cafe. Very good app because this app is just waste of time .who make this app plz delete this game from playstore.

Gamer Cafe Job Simulator APK

Very nice game . I have thought of giving five star but I have given four because, there are less missions. I have completed the update cafe and buy computer in less than 1 hours . I have downloaded it before one our and it is completed. please add some new mission. But hats off for your game. Thank you. When we buy all upgrades and we want some more space so what did we do and it's graphics is brahhh and we want some more pc laptop etc these ge is not good. I like this game but there comes many ad and when I completed my task it not showing I have done it. Very beautiful woman in a bit of a sudden he was going on with you in the middle of the time and I will try my hardest to make it to the gym today is a good day today so we can use it to .

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