Name2022 Indonesia Bus Simulator
ReleaseIDBS Studio

2022 Indonesia Bus Simulator is a new modern 3D bus driver simulator for mobile devices with Android, where you have to drive around different cities of Indonesia on unique buses.

To start the game, you just need to choose a route and a bus. Before the trip in the settings, you can select the option to control the bus. If it is convenient for you, control the accelerometer or a virtual steering wheel with buttons. The game has a dynamic change of time of day and weather conditions. At the same time, the developers provided the player with the opportunity to choose the time of day and weather at the very beginning. For a change in the game, two modes are available – passing and complete freedom. In the first, you will ride from city to city, carrying passengers on limited routes. In the second mode, you are free to choose where to go and whom to transport.

2022 Indonesia Bus Simulator MOD

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