NameGangster Hero Grand Simulator
Size149.85 Mb
ReleaseBridge Slide Studio

An interesting role-playing simulator with excellent graphics. An exciting game project Gangster Grand Simulator is wholly dedicated to gangsters. This story is precisely for you, so you can get into a car, ride a motorcycle and get to a remote area. You will play the role of a brutal bandit, and the whole city will fear you.

You will find yourself in the beautiful city of New York, and this is where your adventure will develop. Fight against the most terrible gangsters, local mafia, and other criminal structures. A completely open world awaits you to explore, find something new and face criminal gangs. Do whatever comes to your mind, defeat the enemy, ride cool cars, and take out the most potent enemy. Run away from the cops, perform the most incredible feats, destroy gangs and survive in difficult situations.

Gangster Hero Grand Simulator MOD

I don't have a problem with graphics but this game needs optimisation.The game becomes slow and is difficult to aim the targets.Fix this issue.. I think this is a good game because I can see the background of the game and I install today and I was try if it is good, I'm sure it is good.

Download ( V0.9 )

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