NamePoly Bridge 2
ReleaseDry Cactus Limited

Poly Bridge 2 is a fun puzzle game based on physics interactions. It would be best if you become a master at building bridges across many canyons, rivers, and other elements of the landscape. Your bridge must withstand the weight test, as many personalities will overcome it. Get ready to use your ingenuity – there will be a lot of missions! You can use various tools to create a durable bridge: suspension structures, intense beams, etc. Each connection will require additional reinforcement to prevent the bridge from collapsing.

The economic component is another feature of the game. At the start of the level, the player is allotted a certain amount. Each detail has costs, so you must carefully calculate the budget allocation to avoid bankruptcy. In the early levels, the game offers some operations for the player to get used to, but mid-game, the tasks become more complicated. By the way, the developers match their creations with more than 100 exciting levels.

The bridge’s tests will also vary from level to level: somewhere, the average tourist will pass a small motorcycle, and at other times the bridge has to withstand the passage of a cargo truck at max. The workload percentage will allow you to assess the load level on certain sections of the finished building. There are few locations, but you are always welcome to visit the forest or the snow-capped mountains. The graphics are low poly, but everything looks pretty good. Install the toy and test the suspension bridge physics!

Poly Bridge 2 MOD

Definitely rather paying 1.80$ but then have a very nice made game like this with realistic static and NO ads. I've played lots of games and can assure anyone this is a very decent and good made game and worth the money.. Cool game. I've been looking for a decent bridge building game for ages. Reasonable price for a fun and well designed game.. Should be "Poly Bridge 2 Mobile" Half the fun of this game is seeing the leaderboards, what other people did, and how your bridge stacks up. Without it, I find the game boring and don't feel motivated to make better bridges, just whatever passes the level and moves on. Even just a percentage of the cost would be great. It's a different experience from the desktop version and the name should reflect that.. I was stuck trying to figure out how to fill the bridge floor for too long.. it doesn't do it automatically like the other bridge games.. already not happy with the game deleting it.. So far average experience with a bugged tutorial. Had to restart after it auto-deleted half the tutorial bridge. So far regretting the purchase and wondering why it's not free. Which it should be. There's better free ones..

Poly Bridge 2 APK

Worth the money. So tired of stupid insta/FB games full of adds. Very refreshing to play a challenging, fun, well made game. Pretty stupid. After a few levels it's nearly impossible to complete, especially considering it has little to no tutorials at all.. Holy cow, why is buggy bouncer so hard, we out here making ramps instead of bridges, should've been called poly ramp 2. Also where is the leaderboard????. I love building bridges. It's therapeutic , It gets me over stuff... Get it? Bridges get you over stuff. what? come on, Thats funny!!! .

Poly Bridge 2 APK

Great game, the physics and challenges are fun, the graphics are charming. Some bridges are quite easy, some I didn't manage to do at all even after copying a functioning one from the internet. The hydraulic coding is just abysmal. Makes any actual creative gaming impossible! Give more control points to the player so the bridge actually acts the way it should.. Decent, but the unrealistic levels are dumb. Most of the levels are great but occasionally they throw in some really stupid levels that are less about designing something cool and more about doing something absolutely stupid like jumping a car across a gap or making a bridge without anchors when you have to just lean it against rocks/sidewall and then it's less about good design and more about trial and error which makes for annoying, boring and illogical "bridge" solutions.. Fun game! I love the graphics. They're simplistic, yet the game has in-depth physics. I was also worried about performance, but it runs great on really low-end hardware! Also, the $2 price tag is well worth it. There's not really a learning curve per se, but every level is a new puzzle and lesson..

Poly Bridge 2 APK

Harder than the PC version as far as controls go, but they did a great job bringing this to Mobile. Well worth 2 bucks and I'm excited to be able to play on the long flights I'm frequently on. Physics just as sound as the original, don't bother with the free knockoffs.. Best thing about this game is that it... Stresses your mind to its limits to make you think your way around these problems. Which is frustrating that I know but hey! Think at the bright side! It's like your own personal space free gym in your phone for your brain! Which you can access at any time! . (This is just special message for those who don't charge there phone's) . But there's an slight issue you can't really play this game if your running low on battery dammit!. Amazingly stimulating, challenging and requires creativity in a way that I have to tap into old and dusty parts of my brain.. Great game. Nothing has the magic of the old school freeware bridge builders, but this port plays better on mobile than pc. Worth every penny..

Best bridge building game ever! Although when I go on glowing gorge my game lags a LOT! So if fixed 5 stars (edit) probably due to the power of my A6 tablet. Fun and it makes you think how you can do the different challenges so the excitement of winning is more rewarding. Too complicated to use really. Maybe it works for tablets or PC but on a phone this game is aweful, I couldn't even pass the first level because of how unintuitive it is.. By far the very best of the bridge builders. Lots of tools that I have not seen in any other..

Great game, probably gained a few iq. I would like if there was concrete, it would be pretty thick. It would interesting to see a ocean floor on some levels and be able to draw on it.. It's a great game but I can't use the hydraulics in sandbox mode because you need to separate the dot but I can't in sandbox mode.. Really addictive puzzle game with quite a steep learning curve, it drops you in with very little hand-holding but the controls and scenarios are intuitive enough for that to lead to really satisfying solves.. Excellent with S23 Ultra S Pen. Your device has to have a stylus or good luck playing this game without one I doubt it's possible..

The game is great. I only wish UI was more suitable for mobile devices. I don't have a phone with a big screen and find buttons at the top and bottom borders too small. I wish I had known this before I purchased the game. I've played 6 levels so far and this game seems to work well. The problem is that it's too hard to play on a phone, it would work much better on a tablet. I find it very challenging to put the junctions where I want to, I find that I have to use the Move function nearly every time. If I had known this I probably would not have bought it. Based on the reviews, it might be just me.. That feeling when you spend all day on a bridge and it finally works it's also pretty funny to watch a bridge fall apart. the game itself is very fun, but every time a spring is placed or a bendy bus (i dont know what the bus is called) is placed, the screen will start to flash from color to grayscale until the game is closed out, which makes it hard to play. this may just be because i am on a chromebook, but it is very frusterating because it make it so that i cannot play half the game. DEVS, PLEASE FIX THIS.

Poly Bridge is a very fun, reasonably easy puzzle game with well moderated difficulty. Always a standard on my Z3 for it's great replayability. Thank you Devs! Exit now playing on Nothing Phone(1). This game has provided roughly four years of entertainment. I wish the game could never end.... Wait! I only got check marks and for roughly 60%! Well, BRB!. Too small to read on a basic phone - sure it's great on a big screen or a tablet, but I couldn't even see the first instructions! Not for small screen gaming.. Fun and challenging at times, definitely a good way to keep your brain thinking during a bit of down time. Games that are fun but also keep you thinking a little are a blessing.. so cool, I just picked this up today, and man, I'm having so much fun. This game is challenging, enjoyable, and all-around relaxing, I give it 100 out of 10!.

Worth playing for the cost! I'm thoroughly enjoying this. I get easily bored with puzzle games and I like to consider this a puzzle game that I am continually coming back to..

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