NameFun Hospital
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ReleaseOrangesGame Technology Limited

Fun Hospital – tycoon game is an addictive game with a hint of the economy. First, you get a dilapidated building with a few offices. Your main task is to turn it into a modern hospital where doctors of different specialties will work. You will grow gradually, building more offices and hiring employees.

An exciting economic simulator with an isometric view. Fun Hospital – Tycoon is Back is an economic simulator with addictive gameplay and an isometric perspective developed for Android mobile devices. In this simulator, you must become the owner of a hospital, which you still have to build and equip, turning it into the best medical facility on the planet. Creating a hospital where any, even the most strange and unusual patients, can receive help is necessary.

At the same time, do not forget to purchase the necessary equipment and research the essential technologies, as they will open up new construction and rental opportunities. The more patients that come for treatment, the more funds you get to grow. Please note that your employees will need break rooms to be productive. Expand your hospital coverage to attract more patients. Happy Hospital Patients – tycoon game will cure you of various diseases. You must be fully prepared for this! To keep the exterior of the Hospital up to a high standard, don’t forget the varied decor and interiors. The game will give you various surprises, so the gameplay will not let you get bored for a long time.

You will start realizing your dream in a small hospital with a limited territory and several medical devices and instruments. This will be enough to fill the initial clientele and earn the first money. Gradually, you can expand your own and purchase various medical equipment, significantly expanding your services. Hire staff, take care of their good mood, treat patients, and expand the Hospital.

Colorful graphics will add brightness to the gameplay. Funny characters have their personality and characteristics. The controls in this fun game are as easy as peeling a pear and don’t require you to have any special skills. You can also chat with other players or play with your friends. Test your management skills! For those not ready for gradual development but want everything at once, a mod with a lot of money is perfect. With him, the growth of the Hospital will be rapid.

Fun Hospital MOD

This is a super fun game but also very challenging. I like it so much. You need to keep on checking the doctors and nurses if they are still working. You need to give them a raise and let them rest. I can't describe everything but for me this is the best hospital game.. I have issue with my free ads for 5 days already, and tried to contact the customer service but no one actually reply to it!. The game is good, however, since I've started playing again, the option to advance upgrade staff equipment, takes your money even without you selecting anything! I've just lost 750000 in the game because of this! That is ridiculous!. i'm very like this game but i lost my account, at first i was played normally but then i accidentaly log out from my account, then when i log in again i'm very shocked that my game it's repeat to the beggining. my grinding is so hard before and i lost my in game pay even i didn't spend that much. but i'm very dissapointed bc my grinding was so hard and i lost my account in this cool game, that makes me so bored and lazy to play this game again even i want to play it so much. Play game 10 minute, and it's failed to connect 20+ time.. and it's not my connection problem! My patience cured.. and suddenly failed to connect.. reconnect it, and my patience gone with no income... sucks!.

Fun Hospital APK

Game unstable. Always lost server connected. I've okayed this game many times since almost 1 to 2 years back. But this time, not good. Macam sial.. After playing for a few months and about to hit level 26...the game just erased all of my progress and id making me start from scratch. Uninstalled.. Fun game, massive glitches. For instance, I started an emergency case but none of the emergency patients ever showed up in my hospital, so I wasn't able to cure any of them and failed. Another issue is that the diamonds (premium currency) cost WAY too much and everything cost too many diamonds.. Meh, standard tycoon game. I'd love the ads of this game actually, but where's the fun of weird patient? Not in an early game? Then i will skip..

Fun Hospital APK

Disappointed, thought this was going to be a fun game,,its anything but fun hospital,, you would need a DR after playing as it starts off fun,, then becomes frustrating and very stressful,, IS THERE A DR IN THE HOUSE!!!. I may find the game cute, but it's a downgrade to other hospital games. You can't reprioritize patients, which is impractical because hospital settings aren't first come first serve basis. Patients scatter everywhere instead of waiting at the designated facility. Controls are hard to manipulate. Very buggy. I love this game but once you get to level 20 & need 240 total colored cards to open the new space, it's painfully slow. Even with watching all the ads that they offer! There's just nothing to hold my attention while waiting.. Unable to play the game .... Only loading screen is coming ... I had already completed 50 levels I guess n now the game is not starting .

Fun Hospital APK

Not a free to play friendly. You have to spend to enjoy the game and earn more cash and diamonds. 1 Diamond reward per 30 seconds ads? For real? Its already 2023 still the same old time. Upgrading and decorating the hospital is more expensive, Losing money is much than earning.. Like game but it hardly ever pays out after watching ads and that includes reducing time on meds and building's it also has started shuting down after trying to watch ads in the hope this time it will pay out , have reported this issue 3 times still no update on when issue will be fixed ????? So only 2 stars from me. I just bought Bella and Ailsa, but Ailsa doesn't work at all cause she always "freeze" and never do her job to clean garbage.. My progress is gone after reinstalling this game. I did a lot of purchasement and asked for helped. And none, they just ghosted me..

Overall its a great game to play, however you need an internet connection to play . I hope there are more types of tycoon like school,hotel,spa and etc.. Just downloaded the game and it wont load. Keeps saying cant connect to server check internet connections. My internet is just fine. Please fix. Just started to play. Looks great. No annoying ads popping up as of now. I like that the staff has different stats that can affect patient's experience. The art is cute too. I'll add more as I play.. Unable to name hospital. Won't let you and can't get past that part. Uninstalled Update: it's been 5 month since my initial review and nothing's been fixed..

Im sorry the rating was for attention. I'm here to ask if you delete player data after some time? Because i was planning on returning and came back w/o any account on the game even though i played hours on it. Thanks in advance! Edit: please notice meeee :((. It is a fun game, but too many bugs. I don't like the idea of staff resigning for lack of bonus since the patients stop coming at a certain hour. Please remove that, or make the patients some nonstop so there are always income. It takes time to edit the layout as well.. This game Makes me play this five years old ughly game, and this game is so lame why is this back and this game have to many adds a keep reporting to stop it and they won't stop it. I love the game and enjoying playing every day but it think they must update the game because now you can only upgrade one room at a time i think they can update so that you can upgrade 5 room's at one time.

It is not Fun! why I can't make a Ward Cz of the Room! I'm level 10 a I need level 20 a 30 it is sooo Hard I have to Buy Gems to Build a Room just a Room?!?! I can't level up at all. AMAZING real life simulation! It counts how many patients you have cured! How long you have been away for! I have this game on all 3 of my other devices it so much fun!. A little adjustment and tinker should be done and the game will be EXCEPTIONAL! Still 4 stars for me bcoz there are times the game will reload or the response us delayed. I enjoyed the game actually, the game is idle but a looong process. Diamonds are really hard to get, And its very expensive when unlocking a room. like 80 for each blueprints in level 20? Can we lower it down? Edit: changw to 5 coz everything went well. it's a passive game so it needs patience. Employing a builder is expensize. This is my favorite game. I can't/don't play this somedays... There are two reasons why I can't/don't play this somedays: 1. I have school so I can't play this 2. I'm very busy playing other games such as Roblox and PK XD..

I played this back in 2017 and now decided to return with my data but apparently it is not stored in servers. immediately uninstall. I really like the characters are so cute and the others and what I really like is it's not lagging to any phones.... Moving rooms around takes way to long.. shouldn't have to wait for that. I actually like this game but not being able to freely move rooms frustrated me and games shouldn't do that... I liked the game, but the camera position makes it very annoying to edit and position the rooms. I stopped playing it because of that..

This is a really nice game! But there's some bugs and issues. When the patients are waiting in line they would sit in a different directions instead of facing the facility, I have put tons of heaters but the patients are still dying and cold, it's also hard to earn exp and upgrade levels. That's all this is an amazing game btw. I give one star on this game... Unlocking room so expensive. More blue prints collect from patient.. Im stuck to unlock. All patient come not curable by staff hired some are dead. Every level up hospital only cash tgat given. I didnt know what could a strategy to do. All equpiment items are so expensive... The graphics are broken. Can't see the floor, some of the walls are incomplete and some of the text is just blocks, no letters..

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