NameIdle Airplane Inc. Tycoon
ReleaseGreen Panda Games

“Idle Airplane Inc. Tycoon” is a captivating idle game where players take on the role of an airline tycoon and build a successful aviation empire. The objective is to manage and expand the airline business by purchasing and upgrading airplanes, designing routes, and maximizing profits. In the game, players start with a small fleet of elemental planes and gradually earn money over time by transporting passengers and cargo to various destinations. As the business grows, players can reinvest their earnings to unlock and purchase more advanced aircraft with better capabilities, allowing them to reach new goals and increase their revenue further.

Idle Airplane Inc. Tycoon MOD

I loved the game when I first played but now I'm at a standstill with it because I'm unable to do anything. I can't upgrade the bank, make certain upgrades to planes or even make more seating because it tells me I don't have enough tools to do what I need to do to move forward. How do I get tools to do what I need to do? Very seriously thinking of deleting game and take a loss in my own money that I put into this game. HELP!. When is the stuff that says "Coming Soon" going to be added. They've stayed the same for what seems like a while. Not good game keeps freezing. Have cases it won't let me open played for 5 minutes had to close the 5 times do to freezing. I like the game but... I wished there were more updates and finished components like the shops cafes etc I'd like to see more potential the game has to offer, maybe more events, a classic plane airport mode or something,. good game but would you add a military base and figther jets so I can do something while the flight is going.

Idle Airplane Inc. Tycoon APK

I like it very much but I have two issues with it. The first is that it doesn't collect money when the games goes idle and watching ads doesn't help either. Like, I can only collect x2 money when i have the game open. I'm in level 38 and it has gotten kinda boring because there is not much else to do but to upgrade things and it takes forever to collect the money. I think this is because the only thing that works in the game are the check-in counters. When can I start building the other areas?. It's A very good game really but I will like it even more if you add to you're game like sometimes ther a plane crashe or something. The game is good until you unlock the cargo bay. It glitches and only shows the electronic chip when you click on it, not the other resources. Additionally, you don't gain any resources when your cargo planes return to your HQ - my stock is still at zero. Please remove the bad necessity for cargo and make the whole game like the first few planes.. 1) Good Airline basic operation game. 2) Game is easy and requires little bit understanding in managing passenger and commercial planes. 3) You have to watch adds to get coins, gems etc for quick upgrade. 4) Still now, i am not stuck in the game. 5) This game is a patience game and good for passing time in managing..

Idle Airplane Inc. Tycoon APK

Liked the game until you need to get tools to upgrade , that always puts me off games as puts you at a standstill no need for it. Game is GREAT, but money us not always collected while in idle mode or not playing, like the flights stop when u turn the game of and I thought that the point was to be able to collect money while being idle. Time it takes to built structures and upgraded takes way too long... Still a Good Game though, by far the one I'm currently playing most. Worst game ever had all the airplanes and depots unlocked when to reopen the game and it reset me back to the beginning. The game is absolutely amazing! But the reasoning for 4 stars is that it requires internet connection, I would give this game 5 stars if this can be played both online and offline. I hope the developers consider my review.. Thank you! .

Idle Airplane Inc. Tycoon APK

Im rating this 3 stars because it's too ad reliant and to purchase no ads is way too expensive... $27 is a scam, it should be $15 MAX and even then that's too much imo,. I'm giving this a two because I can't transfer the game data to another device. I just upgraded to a new phone today and I can't bring my progress along with it. Such a bummer of a realization to not have some sort of account sync in place. If that were to get added, I would bump the rating a bit.. Addictive game but frustrating at times. One task is to make dollars from the sky shop on any plane. I only have one sky shop but nothing seems to sell. This task has been open for a few days now.. Game is not as fun as it was, no more vip to help you with money, dont know what level you need to be for more things to open in your airport but at lvl 40 got nothing to add to the game, where are the events you say you have? Never see them..

I was playing this game about 2 years but there is a small problem this game is a Internet game so please enable the game without Internet I hope may this game grow more fastly. In samsung Fold5 can't get next level cuz there is a bug that can't click 'suitcase'. So this is impossible advance next level. Will not transfer materials between airports despite having enough resources.. have uninstalled and reinstalled games numerous times to try to fix. 15 dollars for ad free to now have the game remove some of the skip features I initially had access to with having paid for skipping ads. Feels so dirty and greedy to remove stuff after they already included it. EDIT: they readded reducing time after paying to skip ads. Glad they listened to the people that love this game!.

I love the game not to easy not to hard..... Makes you work for your upgrades but not over the top that you can't get them done...... Confused as my airport is covered in "coming soon" on most of the area, is this based on lvls or waiting for some upgrade expansion??? Being able to get a permanent second builder would take it to five stars as you can end up just waiting to be able to build with three or four things stacked up.. Very predatory as far as tycoon games go. It's alright, but every proper upgrade requires time, and a builder. Even if you have money, once you get to a certain point, you can only upgrade one item at a time. If you get to the point where almost everything is pending a builder upgrade, there's not really anything you can do, as you just have to wait an hour between every single individual upgrade and can't upgrade anything else in the meantime. Watching ads also doesn't fully skip these upgrades. Good game very addicting but sometimes pop ups come to get rewards and you have to watch a ad to get the reward so sometimes it takes like 20 mins for the button to close the ad comes it such a waste of my time.. Love this game but it needs to update already I have all these rooms that say "coming soon " but never come and no new planes.

The game is spectacular with you starting off with a trash plane but you can upgrade it so fast bc of the short 10-15 second ads that give a lot of money There are no ads but I wish you could play offline GREAT GAME!. I'd like to see more in the game on the coming soon in different departments once ya finished playing the airplanes id like to see more when the ppl go order drinks and go to the travel stores. This games is I don't like it it stuck too much every minute it lost Internet connection so amma delete it soon. Loved the game at first, but then reached level 6 and have been stuck on a glitch ever since. Tried deleting and reinstalling and still got the glitch when I reached level 6. Tried reaching out to support and it's been over 2 days in their chat with no response. Maybe they'll respond with a poor review? Too bad because it was fun while it lasted... UPDATE: I've reached out to Green Panda three times, in the app, on their website, and FB. NO RESPONSE. OBVIOUSLY DON'T CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS....

When does the rest of the airport open? I'm up to stage 44? I have paid a lot of money for this game, and I am feeling ripped off. Can I have a reply ASAP, please Thanks.. Pretty fun. You have to watch ads to reduce some of the more crazy timings. I like that plane upgrade costs are related to the rarity, not scaling to meet your income, like so many of these games. I've removed 2 stars from the rating due to the new ads not being closable (There is no x no matter how long you wait. Clicking anywhere simply opens the google store, essentially making ads useless as you need to restart the game and the ad doesn't even count.. ) Still a problem, dropped to 1 star. Totally addictive until you unlock cargo then it becomes booring and somewhat impossible to play if you don't want to spend your hard earned cash. Disappointed. Uninstalled. Ads are fully optional, and the game isn't too simple or too complicated. The game is addictive and I assure you will have an amazing time playing this game!.

This company are a shower of thieves do not give them a penny. They take your money then remove features days later and ignore any attempts to talk about it been a month since I contacted them and all they did was remove everything that was purchased and offer no refund or explanation. Scum. Game was good untill 2 days ago. Now it won't even get past the loading screen. Make it so far in your game and it stops working. Sounds like a scam to me!. cant say how good it is i start and now when i try to open it its always loading? download the game again but nothing change.. I am almost finished the 1 st part right. Hoping that yhey are updating the coming soon Because it won't load been trying all morning. If it is anything like ideal bank no update so far been a month.

I really enjoy the game. I haven't experienced any glitches, hopefully I'm not jinxing myself. Don't mind watching ads to shorten upgrade time, just wish it wasn't the same ones over and over. I do have one question, why is it always a thunderstorm when the planes are in flight? That's the reason for only 4 stars, kinda a bummer to see a rainstorm.. Love the game fun time waster. Can't wait for more updates. Reason for 3 stars is I'm stuck the game is broken. On mission make bolt 320 5 stars I have it at 5 stars but it won't say I have completed it even though it is. Once fixed I will gladly give five stars.. Love the game but I haven't been able to play it since yesterday. It just started hanging when playing yesterday and hasn't gone back till today.. This game is so fun and entertaining I gave it four stars though because you have to have internet but utterly than that this is so entertaining .

Started out liking it, then the option to double your earnings and vip cash ads wouldn't load. My Wi-Fi is not the issue, tried exiting, forcing ap to stop and even restarted my phone. Still happens, so I Uninstalled the app. Very annoying.. This game is a big disappointment. They should program the game better. I Don't know what the developer is thinking...There are Bugs Don't download.. I really love this game but there is a problem with it. Why do I have to transfer materials to my HQ? I was really enjoying it until I unlocked materials. Now I have to wait a long time doing quests in hopes I will unlock a new cargo plane.the after about 20 mins of wait and more than 500k in game money spent, I can get more seats in one plane. MATERIALS ARE ANNOYING. Great beginning....getting the money to keep-up mmm (don't get me wrong good game n all just the money aspect. and ads WOW &Gave it a great go just 1 of you can't processed, sorry.

They're must be some kind of mistake. I have played this game for years and come across it lately and started to play It again. It is the exact same name but not the same game. Even when I tap the icon to find out more information by taping the more info, it opens in the play store,but it's a completely different game.The game I'm playing is a flight simulator not running an airport. Is there a mix up or something that Mixed matched somehow?. Nice game if you actually get to play it. You spend more time watching ads than playing. One wonders if the game creators actually want us to ditch thier game and play the games on the ads we watch.. I enjoy playing tycoon games. But I hate it how it only continues 1 HOUR after you close game. So when you wake up the next day (hoping to accumulate money to build or finish a task) you are just one hour ahead of where you left off.. Before I had no adds but now adds keep popping up everytime like I was playing the game and when an add popped up AND WHEN THE ADD WAS DONE ANOTHER ADD POPPED UP .

I really like this game, but the other areas of the airport have been on hold for an exceptionally long time. It doesn't encourage me to spend anything if it's playability is limited.. It's an ok game, little weird the Vancouver, Winnipeg and Montreal which are Canadian cities are placed on the map in the same spot as Chicago, but I'm Canadian. It's ok, little boring but good for passing the time. Update on 6th jan. It's still not fixed. Was enjoying this game. I can't play it now because there are ads that will not let me close them. There is a banner at the top of the screen stopping access to the X button..

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