NameCharming Tails: Otome Game
Size61.72 Mb
ReleaseGenius Inc

In Charming Tails: Otome Game, the protagonist’s mother suddenly falls ill with a terrible and incurable disease. He immediately recalls an old legend, when there was a kingdom of cats, where all wishes could come true.

Unexpectedly for himself, he met a playful kitten on the street and ended up in the temple. After passing through the gate, our hero finds himself in the same kingdom of cats. He understands that he needs to find the King of Cats but stumbles upon a terrible witch. She offered to cure her mother, but the payment was too high. Our hero will have to give up his life and stay in the kingdom of cats forever. Faced with such a difficult choice, he suddenly stumbles upon rebel cats. Now you must delve into the romantic and quirky story and make the right choice.

Charming Tails: Otome Game MOD

It's a gud game but watching ads for points sometimes doesn't work ie. Even after watching video the points aren't recieved plz do check to that issue. I liked it. But when you watch ads to receive more coins, it won't give you the coins even after you've already watched an ad.. This game will not let you watch a video for the 30 coins. It also will not let you triple your spin wins with a video. You only get face value. The choices need too many diamonds for this option not to work. I hope you can fix the problem.. I'm giving this game 5stars because I like the story, characters, you can watch adds to receive gems. It has been a great experience, like other games that I'm currently playing created by you. But these last few days I keep having a problem: when I want to watch an add, after watching it, it says there is an error and I don't get the gems. I still have like 100 gems stored up, but when I'm out of those I don't want to reinstall or stop playing. Please do something to fix it! Thank you. The story line is great! But the only thing is for the "casino" game you need to add more mini games also or else it might be boring to other players.

Charming Tails: Otome Game APK

GIRL YES! I WAS ABOUT TO COMMENT FLOP WHEN MY HAMSTER FELL IN MY POOSEA ! I CAN FELL ITS NAILS SCRATCHING IN IT . I gave this game a shot since I played a few otomes in the past and it has cat boys. I love the art and story but if I want to continue, I need gems in order to progress or even make a choice. To earn more gems, you need to watch an ad that resets every five hours. If you don't want to wait, play the slot machine which is garbage at giving you gems. The only other option if you are into the story and want more, you better fork over your money. This app is just cash grab the game. Don't bother.. I played all story games but this one is very different Because every role I play, the girl story ends in it like a happy ending, but this one was a little different.Because it happens that my daughter is in it, which I liked very much, it was really a very sweet and lovely story.. I just love the game but the gemstones are to much so you can only make one choice. I think you should raise the tickets to 5 if we have to wait hours..

Charming Tails: Otome Game APK

This game is my favorite so far from genius! Since I'm a cat lover I really liked the plot as well as the characters! Specially Tama , he's so cute. I really liked this one! Some of plot twist were good, Tama was my favorite <3 I also love that we have a child at the end!. Had me sold because they're cats the synopsis reminded me of cat returns and a whisker away so i gave it a go. Did not regret it. Anyways i chose Tama, he's so cute . This game was truly Wonderful I loved every inch of it n thanks Otome. Keep it up. Though I still think you should reduce the price for premium choices. Byee gracias.

Charming Tails: Otome Game APK

No ads. How do you suppose I earn points without watching ads? I'm not someone who spends real cash on mobile games so no. I'm Very disappointed. I'm deleting this. This isn't the first game by you guys that ads weren't available. I gave 2 stars because of the amazing art that's it.. I mean overall I think they game is good I liked the original though another thing is I think it should be easier to get passes like you should give us 10 passes a day that way we don't have to pay as much money into the game. Too childish for my taste. Add the expensive cost to make a choice, the immature love interests, the plot, which just didnt capture my attention, and the feel that all the characters and artwork are looking recycled from other games, it felt like a wate of time to continue with this one. Would be 0 stars, if that were possible.. This is the best I love it can you do more like this that would be great thank you so much for this..

I played this some time ago, spent money on rubies as I usually do, but when I reached the end, I don't think there was anything too remarkable about it. Nothing stood our or particularly excited me. It's an average game.. Nah cause reading this story got me scared of my own dog like I be changing clothes Infront of him and using the bathroom like if I just see my dog as like in human for and know that like it's actually a guy in there I'd simply cease to exist frl overall love it tho but also shivering in my timber's . This is the best story so far for me by I feel like options on this character are exactly for what I'd do in those situations and there are so many options. As much as I really hate the fact about not having enough gems still without them this story is amazing! . I really really like the story!! they're so cute and sweet expect rei he's little bit mean but I choose him:) he's so handsome when he wear human clothes gosh. at first I'm really gonna pick Tama but I change my mind hehe but he's so sweet to and tatsuki they're so cute and when they're turn cat! This is my one of fav stories! .

This game was good. I like the world and characters and sure the story wasn't that original but it's still enjoyable. I do feel like it is kind of slow though and that there should have been more love scenes with the characters. But overall it was good.. Ooooooooh this game is awesome like the boys are f ING hotttttt like u guys upped your game like really keep on making games like this plzzzzzzz. Okay so I just finished with twilight lovers and that was great and the dudes were hot af. So now I'm coming onto this one but I know that there's going to be a problem in this. That problem is how much rubies it is to pick an option. Yes I know you can get 30 coins every 5 hours and play a slot machine minigame so you can buy rubies but in the slot machine it's kinda difficult to win a lot of rubies because they only give you small amounts of them. And you need to wait 5 hours just for 30 gems!. I try to claim the free 30 points but it keeps showing an issue I tried to contact the support but didn't get any response.

great story! i love tatsuki at the first sight! too bad we need to use the pink gem or else choose the 'free' option(it makes MC seem stupid, the payed on seem reasonable). It was wonderful and very detailed, i like the part when rei had a hissyfit when the character/person or you would tell him off or try to reason with him, even though he is quite rude... But it was overall a good story and i loved it I highly recomend it to other romance readers and anime lovers. . It's super! I like it the Character's are so nice i want u to make more like that. Make otome game's more . I will give full Star in every of ur game i want a lovely ending . Finally you stepped out of the box. A great story, different also characters looked older and much better. Bravo! Oh a TIP LOOK AT Degraman Act 1 Those characters they are amazing , real looking and gorgeous Had to change score a shame too, I'm tired of this fixed slot game, after all day low points bam get a can't play! Nope, this is wrong!! This is my last read, I'm finding something else, I will not be forced to buy when I can't afford too..

AMEE EL JUEGO ESTUVO INCREIBLE LLORE AL FINAL AHHHH LOS CHICOSSSSS MITAD GATOSSSSSSS [REI TATSUKI Y TAMA]AHHHHH TAN HERMOSOSSSS LA HISTORIAAA WOAH ES MUY BUENA NO ABURRE! 100% RECOMENDABLE BENDICIONES DARLINGS. Very nice story, the ending is different from other genius stories,.. I don't want to be the spoiler,, so just try to read it guy's.. THIS GAME IS SO CUTE THE ENDING THE REI PART IS SAD HE NEARLY DIED BUT AT THE END OMG YES. I really liked this game and enjoyed the different endings I enjoy ANYTHING with fantasy another amazing game from genius inc I hope you make more fantasy games like this one.

So so so so beautiful game and this games a masterpiece im obsessed into ittt djjdmJsbGVsjskaoajshdhsh idk what to say ackk irjdkshsjshssh. It's amazing how I love this also I can remember how I was able to save my mom during Yamauba's work but I made my boys really I like this otome game it's just like real to me I hope it will have season 2 Thank you for making this great game i own this game as my special. Harigato Gosaimus . I've finished the story~ the animation , bgm and story as always from its amazing! And as someone who really loves cat , i love this one >w< man.. they look really cute with those cat ears and tail , but without them they remained the same, yes-CUTE! As for the story itself i like their adventure , but they're not really my favourite among the Genius game i've played. For those who like vampire fantasy i recommend you Blood Moon Calling ,and there's still a lot more you should check!. This was so lovely!! I love the characters so much I seriously fell in love!! Started wishing I was in the cat realm with them lol. So sad to come to an end from this story, but nonetheless, many more stories to read and am never disappointed!!.

Downloaded because the explanation reminded me of The Cat Returns married to Spirited Away, so I downloaded. It does not disappoint so far (2 chapters read just an hour ago). JUST FINISHED and this book did not disappoint. You don't even have to buy diamonds as you can earn 30 points every 5hours and also play a slot machine, then trade accumulated points. It's a slow way to do it but I completed the whole story without buying a single diamond.. I like it ! But please make it more for final episode i just want to see they have a child at the end :D. It was so good. I liked it. I liked the story line. Characters were good, the MC seemed stupid but nevermind. I didn't like Rai, don't know why... maybe because I am not a fan of his dead girlfriend stuff. and Tama was cute, it feels good when your beloved family cat can transform into human form or a shape of human.. I like the art work, It seems new. I have played your all games. I love your games soooo much. I am waiting for another new game! Grate work. Keep it up Genius lnc. . as usual handsome guys,amazing storyline,amazing games,waited 2hrs for 2 tickets to finish the last two endings with rei and tama. and im very impressed and happy with genious inc games..

Would've given it more stars if u could actually enjoy the game, the characters are easy to fall in love with, good story line but they give u 30 rubies to start with and each choice is 27 rubies so basically all they want is your money. Awesome, it was so fun to play that, but the one problem was that the choices that were gems costed a lot. Over all it was really great tho.. The story was great hope there's a season 2 but the ending was really great though I would have like if the daughter was visible like the main characters on the story or sort of what the daughter would look like depending on what character the player's would choose but I loved the whole story. I just got done with sins of everlasting twilight and i have to say i loved it and i hope to love this one too!.

I really really loved this one too I mean wow just wow. The 3 Ml are so cute I loved it Keep the good work. Best thing ive ever read omg i loved tama qnd rei but i choce tama his sweet and but rei he was such toxic loving person The person who made this i eilling to pay you to continue the story. The story was pretty interesting but the tickets were only three and you need to wait to read the next ep , that's why I didn't enjoy much the story.. Its literally awesome . Please give it a try . Just a little problem with the gems . Its not easy to earn them with mini game . It takes a lot of time . And in some seconds all of the gems gets used. Although the storyline and characters you make are flawless.

I like this game because of the characters and the story of the characters mans and how falling in love with girl. I don't care about what some of the reviews say about it being childish. I think it is a great story very loving and is very enjoyable.. Genius the game absolutely awesome but really I wish u create more games at faster pace cause your games are absolutely fantastic and quit frantically I am dying for another virtual adventure. Fantastic x loves these little story x only have to wait a couple of hours to get free tickets and there so worth the wait x I'm sad it ended.

j'adore jouer avec mon chat Tama il est si mignon il est mon prfr j'aime aussi les autres mais lui c'est mon prfr et vraiment l'histoire s'merveiller ah oui au fait j'adore l'histoire c'est merveilleux merci beaucoup s'il vous plat pouvez-vous faire une histoire avec zros'il vous plat.

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