NamePapo Town Magic World
Size95.37 Mb
ReleasePapo World

Remarkable children’s simulator with casual mechanics and bright design. Papo Town Magic World is a fabulous children’s simulator with simple mechanics and brilliant design for Android mobile devices, where you have to immerse yourself in an unforgettable magical atmosphere.

You will play as a cute sorceress who has to save her friends. One day the sorceress received a letter from a wise owl. In the letter, she asked for help. In some incredible way, the friends of the sorceress turned into blocks of stone.

An evil sorceress bewitched them. Finding a way to remove the witchcraft and bring the sorceress’ friends back to life is necessary. For this you must make a cure. And to make it, you must go through a series of tests and solve many simple puzzles. Taps and swipes control the game.

Papo Town Magic World MOD

This company is all scammers WATCH OUT. This company is selling lies and not keep promises. Bought 3 items and was never delivered, lies about shipping. BEWARE. I bought this game for my son he loves playing it and now suddenly it has stopped working it will not even load. I have cleared the data and cache and uninstalled and reinstalled still not working such a shame.. this game is so cool I love that this is really test game I love this one if there was little bit more changes it would be the best game for me . It keeps on kicking me out of the game and it's just not a lot of fun and it's lacking.. The game is so fun and keeps me busy even when I unfreeze the statues I only wish I had more games to play.

Papo Town Magic World APK

I love the game but please get rid of the three tries and please make it less glitchy. All of the papo town games are cool so i couldent diside wich to install. But on the pictures it shows people doing magic and turning people to stone but it doesnt do that please fix it and continue to make more cool papo town games. I see this game and i like this game so cool and wonderful game . I enjoyed this game . Thanks for new game uploading .. Sertyqwerqartynqwarta Qweadqwasaqwrtqeartyteaser AqwrqeasrtaqertaqertyATV Qeryuaqwrty dgaqertadweaqj.

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