NameMy Story: Choose Your Own Path

Try to influence the fate of our characters. Download My Story: Choose Your Own Path for android, a completely romantic story where everything will develop on your phone.

Each of our heroes will be the master of fate and will be able to decide everything independently. This story will be able to show us fascinating stories, give you a lot of fun and everything else. Try this life story for yourself, and find a place for yourself to love and confront your troubles.

As the game progresses, you will have to make certain choices, solve the most incredible situations, and have the opportunity to do the right thing. You will have to be very careful, think about making the right decisions, and prepare for difficult moments. Each of us will be able to decide the fate of our heroes, complete many tasks and put ourselves on the highest level.

You will have to gain popularity, make friends with other characters and meet completely new people. Change the appearance of your heroine, do something original and have fun in your free time. This romantic story should end perfectly, but for this, you will have to try very hard and do everything right.

My Story: Choose Your Own Path MOD

This is good game but I have no time to complete all the chapters . But if you have time you can play this but only problem is there are so less dimonds and there is no way to get diamonds . I like it but some times It slows down and makes it hard to play. and if u like tap it alot , when it comes to the choice making part it will randomly choose something they u probably had no intention of choosing. This is a great online story choice game sooooo many stories to chose from and manny manny choices to make i enjoy the drama and suspence especially when i dont know what to chose because there's just too manny good options.

My Story: Choose Your Own Path APK

I like this game very much and I love it but there is something that I want to say that I guess it is an adult game because of i play this game so I know but over all this game is too much good it's graphics and all. Okay so I enjoy some of the game but considering you "choose your own path" the story is rigged anyway to have the same outcome so it doesn't matter what choice you pick, the story is already pre planned. So if you don't want something to happen in the story it happens anyway regardless of what you choose....which is fustrating..

My Story: Choose Your Own Path APK

I really love this game it's literally my fav I downloaded it like years ago since I'm not sure how it is now I will give it 3 stars. but had to delete it and now I'm downloading it again and can't wait to what it has in-store for me cause it's been like 4 years since I've deleted it. The game is interesting buh the only thing I hate is that the price of things are high and the don't show when u want to have a kiss with someone That's my problem right now But fr other things, its all good I will advice u to download this game It's kinda interesting to play And also enjoyable .

My Story: Choose Your Own Path APK

I just downloaded it and uninstalled like an hour later. Yes you'd ask why I waited that long to uninstall it but during this one hour I've been waiting for it to load. Like it takes forever to load and that's really bad.. In my option it's really fun and I enjoyed it very much so if ur bored this is something fun to do and can keep u entertained for agesss but my one thing is that you have to use gems sometimes to choose out fit or option so yeah but other than that 9/10.

I like my story choose your path because I had it before has good story from different books to read some good ones in there romance and Mona, drama sometimes you have to watch alot of videos to earn tickets and diamonds take long time to come but mostly I love reading Mona books because it's a good book from Mona 1 all the way to 9 I wish please make more Mona books from Mona 10 throughout Mona 20 like the next generation with Mona kids her brother Lincoln start high,Cheri kids parents old.. I've played this game for a long time I love it. It's so relaxing entertaining and fun to create ur own stories and life I don't like the tickets and how long u have to wait for them tho overall it's rly good.

As far as the storyline goes its good but theres very few times you're asked to choose a choice. And its usually 2 choices sometimes 3 and 2 of the good choices cost 10 to 20 diamonds and you only get 1 diamond per chapter. Itll ask you to change outfits 2 times during a chapter and that costs 10 to 15 diamonds. So basically your choices and clothing sux unless you buy large number of diamonds for every single chapter. Its a huge money grab game!!. The game is quite nice and really fun to experience but the problem is that you data to be able to play it , luckily wireless fidelity is here to help us and l really wish that whenever the people speak it would not just be the words that you must read but having to actually hear their voices, just to hear what their voices are like.

Ugh. So mainstream, I'm surprised it wasn't put out by Better Homes and Gardens. Character selection is as bland and mundane as the very limited story selection. There might be ten total, most with topics plucked from talk shows or Harlequin (Avon) romance serials. Bland, overly done, boring. Emphasis on 'boring'.. I love this game except a few things . You had to pay diamonds for everything , I had to keep wearing the same outfit over and over and over again . Also , every time you played a chapter, you had to use a movie ticket , which you got for free every hour or so . Lastly , it didn't give you a lot of choices ..

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