NameRussian Village Simulator 3D
Size103.74 Mb
ReleaseZealand Team

A fascinating simulator of the Russian village. In this fun game project Russian Village Simulator 3D, you will play the role of a simple village guy.

You can do everything, roam the open world, and have fun. Arrange crazy races, go to a disco and fight with local guys. One has to remember that these guys are vindictive, so the main troubles are yet to come. It is possible to break from the noisy city, the flow of cars and everything else. The village of Malinovka will please you with clean air, a beautiful river, and grandmother’s cooking. Explore this village’s surroundings, and take a ride in a real Russian car, VAZ 2101. Here you will meet a variety of animals, and you will travel through fields, rivers, and plains. In the end, you will find out what the authentic Russian hinterland is fraught with.

Russian Village Simulator 3D MOD

It is very nice but pls add :Jobs(police, farmer, etc(if u graduated)add some cooking features and some toyota or uaz shop and marry ur love life add children and pets. After a long time.. i downloaded this game again and, YES YOU UPDATED IT! YOU ADD OTHER LANGUAGE AND GRAPHICS SETTINGS.. I really appreciate you for that! You deserve all this star man!! . Fgic Hbdcnjjjjrhjjij eyff you are doing well I love the color is the color is gold in a few weeks I think it's just the color of you are and I love you too baby girl you are and how much is the color of you and your family I love the lady I can do to my friend about it I love you are doing ok how about you guys and how you doing ok how about a little bit of an old movie with the lady that has to my office right now you are and I will be there at you for a bit an how's your day been going through. Hey dude , Game is really good But we need some more improvements like we coustmize our home and pls expand the map , remove level and put tractor and truck in showroom and other vichels, but the main problem is ads pls remove ad from game By the way game is really good . Very good game but please sir you have to send the game quickly in which you unlock both the chapters and also update the wedding system.

Russian Village Simulator 3D APK

Add some new big homes it can be attractive to play like real man and add some luxury cars Soo we can play as richman. This game need a 3d person how come it have a first person camera that whats makes a game to be boring. This game was good ... I used to play it when I was young and it teaches you something about the life in village...from my side this game will be more fun and amazing if you had to update it and add a family..... all in all the game could bee the best one. but the ADS OMG man cam on, you take all the fun out of the game..

Russian Village Simulator 3D APK

Hello,the game is great but it needs working on the graphics and interactions,also add more missions or vehicles or maybe add a a small city/town where you can go and do other missions. Bro develop some good cars and big garages to park three or more cars in one garage sir I don't understand your language. You should add The Left Chapters and More Missions should be added and some more Exciting things should be added like Talking and making Friends.. It is a very good Game But we missing a family so You please add family i am request you added family.

Russian Village Simulator 3D APK

It's a good game. You need to add family,I should have a wife and children in the game.Add family vacations,the family going to the nearest town to buy food ,then come home cook the food they brought and they should have lovely family dinner . The family should go on picnic fishing trip . Add horn and radio system.Add more realistic features that we do in real life. If your team add this requirement lot of people will like the game . Thank You God Bless. For real i do enjoy this game but it will be more nice if you do more updates you know so that we can fell being in a real life thanks . I like this game so much! Can you please add multi-player mode so me and my brother can play! It will be great if you add multi-player mode. This is a very good game. Graphics are too good. I like this game but please add helicopter and dog .

Iam a youtuber name mohtasamsquad. The game is cool but can you add cities luxury cars showrooms and houses that can we buy and motorcycle. Thankyou, . (Hey) One problem is this I can't download this game when it download It doesn't download two option come one is (Send feed back and ones Got it) please fix this problem. This game is awesome. But I felt something missing.As this is a life simulation so it's need more realistic features like food,drink,energy, health bar etc. And-(Thanks for reading).. I gave it 3 stars because you cannot swim, nor see your character,you need to sleep for night to come and you cannot talk to npc in game pls fix the problems .

Is game mein aur bhi kuchh add hona chahie main aapse bolna chahta Hun ki ismein thode aur dukaan side aur thodi jismein main kam kar sakun. It is a very good game . It is an amazing game for who like open world Games. I think that the map should be more big and more vehicles should be added. I like game its so cool but can you ad offroad cars and more missions to do pls I really like to (thanks for reading. I have an idea we can go in houses collect things and plz remove adds and add some more character we can also talk to them. (: thanks for reading :).

Games very nice, kinda hoping that u would make the Kamaz and the Tractor the same size cuz I think the Tractors size is to big than the Kamaz. Also can you add a Mission where u can get an old Car from Uncle Vanya like the Zaz 968M that would be cool : ). Hi this is really great game but I have a idea to make it more awesome. 1: make map more bigger 2: Add mountains 3: Make. offroad car like Jeep or something. 4: Make flying vehicles ( like helicopter plane or jet car) 5: add weather like rain thunderstorm (thanks for reading :). Game is good please ad the different villages and one little city and ad shops hotel and forests and bikes and survival health dirt hunger and go the every house. The game is best best of all and so awesome but pls add some guns and some Indian things BTW game is toooooooooo gooooood.

Hey! Developers some Suggestions for the Game. Add building options, farming, Animal rearing, business. Take your time and make a massive Update.. Let the car interiors look similar in real life and let the person be able to shift gears and have a view of the steering wheel properly. Hi, I am a youtuber, My channel name is Game network 7. I play this game, this game so amazing. This game feel real Russian village , i like it. But one porable. 1) A lot of ads. 2) Make good graphic. 3) Make in map Mark option. 4) Make city in this game. Please this game company add this and please out ads in this game.. There is a lot of need to improve in graphics. And sun light in the day doesn't seem natural. Add tilt option in vehicles..

I really love this game is would have added 5 stars but if would be very nice if you could add a third person view to it. This game is awesome but I do not like that you can't change the character and I would like if you could change it to where you could change the character thanks! (Unless I'm blind and I just don't see it or if I am right PLS fix this).

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