NameHouse Flipper
ReleasePlayWay SA

You can feel like a real construction expert at the leading construction site of the century, House Flipper. You can become a finisher, interior designer, or builder and start your own business. Experience this simulator to the fullest, fulfill fun orders, and decorate the exterior as well as the interior design of the house. Put all your best knowledge into practice, diversify the facade, perfect your renovation, and improve your skills. Graphics are in 3D, so you get something perfect. Enjoy many exciting quests, updates, skins purchases, and more. All this will significantly diversify the gameplay, and you will have much fun testing your abilities as a natural builder.

House Flipper is a beautiful and creative story in which owners are invited to clean their homes and perform antique furniture rearrangement, repair, decoration, and restoration. The project immediately attracts with its beautiful graphics, many purchases, achievements, quests and unlocks, simple click and swipe controls, pleasant sound effects, and animations. House Flipper: Renovation Simulator – You will learn about repair skills and design nuances in a fun simulator. I bought various properties needing renovation and have redone them unrecognizable; sell them for much more! Users can complete several story missions from one or more stages and perform specific tasks, making themselves happy in the free versions of the toy. You will be pleased with many purchases and unlocks, furniture, decorations, tools, cleaners, and polishes.


House Flipper MOD

This game is good, but there is problem to purchase a item because of it take 5 flipcoin for unlock, thats why the flipcoins are finish rapidly. The money is fluseles without flipcoins. it's a really great and fun game, it might be tiring but it's a really great game! definitely recommend it. Very good game but problem is get some pet in this game like pc version please that is problem but game is good keep it up and update the game every year . I love this game but the further you get into it, the more expensive the houses get and you basically have to start spending money to advance. This is the best game and it is not a fraud game and I can play this game hours that is why I gave it a 5 star rating B..

House Flipper APK

very good game! fantastic graphics, very similar to the xbox version I play! just wish more things were unlocked at the beginning of the game!. Why there is no hammer in the game if there was a hammer it be more fun please add a hammer. It's fun and relaxing, but the thing is it's easier to spend that coins than getting it. Keep it up!. Not bad! But the Flipcoins I mean the work is more But the Flipcoins that I earn are just 5 Like JEEZ I can't play this game without Flipcoins.

House Flipper APK

Fun, until you hit the flipcoin paywall. You want to do that job that requires you to spend 50 flipcoins (all of them mostly do btw) you either farm achievements or spend real life money. And the mission for money you can do daily is the exact same scenario over and over again. If you got the money to throw around just spend it I guess . I'm only giving 2 stars because this game is my favorite, on the playstation it is amazing and works with no problem, on my phone it works well, but you can't do any outside worke like on the playstation and the jobs are the same. on my phone however i just downloaded it today 5 minutes ago actually and it works up until you start moving. I cant even get to the 1st goal nor move around the room.. idk I like it I just don't like how long it takes to get the money after getting the job done without spending coins. like seriously? 4 hours? otherwise I love this game. This game is the game I've always wanted it's like the game on PC but better a little bit better I just love it very fun I suggest getting it!.

House Flipper APK

Decidedly difficult to keep flip coins in stock for upgrades and opening items for use without purchases. Would be great to sort things by opened vs unopened for use in categories. Overall great gameplay and so far unlimited in terms of flipping houses for sale.. It is a good game I really like playing it but I have a HUGE problem with it, the coins are waaay too hard to obtain I have been playing for like 2 years and I don't have 100 items and I can't finish the jobs so I think having some free items or having more achievements and those giving more coins would be very very good. Love this game!!! However... a couple of things could change, and it would be even better. So... PLEASE bring in some more cheap houses. It would be great to be able to build up to better houses without having to buy things. Also, you run out of coins to unlock things way to fast. I know I would happily watch ads for a few coins to each time in order to keep playing. Also, there is nothing external. It would be great to do some external stuff like siding and gardens and such!. I like it very much.... But I need more flip more changes please we want garden area....and more decorations.

It's a nice game just wish coin were easier to get. Also they should change up the jobs for the guy with the red hard hat.. This game is very beautiful but one thing is left in this it is not in how it is only room it is very realistic game but one thing is this only in this weekend by room not buy any house. I really love this game but it is so frustrating as you run out of flip coins. I constantly get to a point where I just delete the game as i've run out and refuse to spend money getting more!! Even waiting 4 hours for rewards, I am still always out of coins.. It seems pretty good so far - seems realistic but is annoying when you don't have enough cash for a job..

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