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The most relaxed Pixie Island. Pixie Island’s colorful game project combines city building, farming, strategic combat, and exploration to solve exciting puzzles.

Build luxurious houses, plant unique crops, and explore islands to fight powerful monsters. In addition, you can create your own excellent home, pick up weapons, face demons and defeat them in crazy battles. There are many ways to play; join this exciting project. You can breed pets, harvest crops, cook food, and don’t forget to trade. A large number of crops will be grown and processed at your facility. The most cheerful and charming townspeople who follow your instructions must be carried out. Open new missions, and visit each village to make it much better.

Pixie Island MOD

Bad LAG then the game shuts completely off.. I have the latest updates & I even uninstalled it & re insralled it just to have the same mess happen.. SLOW, with bad LAG, Then it kicks me out of the game .. frustrating & I've given all the chances I'm going to give.. the only reason I gave 2 stars is, i like the graphics (its cute) but " cute " is worthless if i cant PLAY. Going to find another game , no time for this. Good luck gamers .. I can't beat the bug's in the first cave plus I am not paying for a warrior it's not fair to me or others.. I have deleted the app and re-downloaded it 3 times with it getting stuck on the loading screen at 20% each time. I don't know how else to resolve the issue. I know it's not a space issue because I deleted things to give myself the space it needed to download.. Tutorial is way too long. I got up to level 3 and I still couldn't play. It should have an option to turn it off. I uninstalled it.. My game keeps freezing on the fishing game it happens last time I play it why I haven't play in 5 month we I first started playing the game love it.

Pixie Island APK

in forest cave island i could not find the mysterious prop rosin...i could not find a tree in forest cave for that to drop rosin.. i tried lot but it says goods shortage to reach a target.. because of that iam unable to explore major portion and goals in the game.. please do the needful.. I'm loving the game, the only thing is there is a bad lag whenever I try to do anything, like make product or cut down trees. Not sure if this is known already and being fixed edit I absolutely love this game it is my favorite the lag I was talking about in my previous review has since been fixed. and whenever I have an issue, and I contact customer service they are so incredibly helpful absolutely love this game and the people behind it. Can you fix the dream broat i can't play the game, the boat is already use but why the tutorial still pops up.. I keep coming across a Glitch that locks me into a tutorial, and freezes me out of game. I can't do anything. It just keeps saying please complete guidance first, but I don't know what the guidance is! And it doesn't say. I can't even put a ticket in in the game. It won't let me do anything. Please fix the game. It's my favorite game. I've even tried to Uninstaller and reinstall. Doesn't fix it.

Pixie Island APK

I'm really enjoying the game so far,ran out of wood can't find level 12.having trouble loading game still having trouble loading.welli have to delete the game would not load its a shame.. VERY GOOD GAME I LOVE IT. BUT PLEASE RELEASE IT ON IOS. I HAVE FRIENDS WHO WANNA PLAY THIS BUT THEIR PHONE IS IOS. . I really like so cute and easy to play.down part is it exit on my phone itself.its frustrating.please fix this problem.. I enjoy playing. My only issue is when I want to buy extra energy or something it's not letting me do it. It's always getting declined..

Pixie Island APK

I had problems with the game and had to uninstall and reinstall the game and I can't get my account back please fix. FINALLY a game where I can actually see the text!!! Bravo Devs Now my opinion so far... Meh!!! I will more than likely uninstall becuz of the flipping hand is pointing out everything I need to a grown-up I don't need hints! Make this optional...Ty. Since the new update can't really play cause it won't load and If it does its unplayable it won't load past 65% well another update but this time I can't play because it keeps telling me to update so still can't play.....still saying update and its updated can't play hope it gets fixed soon well guess it's delete time cause really can't play its been a month now. **Update. I love this game, however, there are still a lot of bugs and issues. I would've stayed with it if the developers were supporting it, but they aren't. My last review was commented on by them almost a month after I posted it. I had sent in 3 tickets previously. They replied that they had a problem with their inbox and that I should give it another chance. Well, 5 days later, no reply to my ticket. Don't spend a dime until they are supporting it!.

I will give it a 4 because it froze on me, the only way to fix it was to remove it and install it again and I had to start from the very beginning. Not nice.. I am giving this only 1 star because of loading and performance. Thisgame is completely unplayable. It won't even play at all. The performance is just unacceptable. It barely loads up anything at all. It's taking forever to load anything at all. Please fix these performance issues ASAP.. I loved playing this game. When you did the last update it quit working. I even uninstall and uploaded it worked but started me from the beginning. I would have given you a 5 but now a 1.. Up until this last update, I love this game, but now it won't load. It just gets to 65% and stops. Also I can't finish this cave. I tried to build the bridge, but it glitches and I'm stuck now.

I did the new update and it's not working right I try and get the ad boxes it lets me watch the video then it kicked me out of the game please fix so I can play. Did the new UPDATE and now the game WON'T load I'm so aggravated right now it's a very fun game but if they don't fix it I don't recommend it FIX IT! . I love this game however I can not complete the forest cave to gain the divine axe to move on to the next stage it will not allow me to complete the last stone I am missing a gem and don't no how to obtain it i am level 15 I noticed that there's an airport that I could have had at level 10 I'm disappointed please fix this issue for me and I will rate 5stars I have contacted support still haven't heard anything. When I go to the fishing area, my game freezes. I can not back out or throw my fishing pole. so I have to wait until that event is over b4 I can move forward. I'm thinking of deleting the app..

This game is fun to play, well what I can play. It glitches and boots me off every 3-5 mins of play. That's the frustrating part.. Seriously don't download this game, it's cute but has way to many bugs. I have spent real money to have extra for events, I won first place only to not be rewarded at all. I've contacted the developers many times in 2 weeks, haven't heard a single thing. I really liked this game, it's cute but the folks running this game don't care about the people playing. I should've uninstalled after the first problems wasn't resolved. Lesson learned! . Firstly, I love this game. Now, I've put in 3 tickets for help and have received no support. I can't seem to fix a binding problem. So, I'm going to process a refund on what I've spent and give up on this one.. I am very very upset I have been playing this game for quit awhile now and now all of a sudden it's lagging really really bad and it will not allow me to watch the adds for more energy. What pisses me off more is I tried to get the key to upgrade the storage thing on the game and it took myoney but didn't give me the key and now it's asking me to pay the money again I'm super pissed!!!! I even have the screenshot were I bought the item on the game. FIX THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!.

I used to love this game but now it keeps crashing and I can't even watch ads for diamond or for energy cause every single time I even try to watch a ad the whole game closes out !. GOT IT... NOW UN-GETTING IT!!! rather a piss-off that you have to go back/forth to do anything!! I even *BOUGHT ENERGY* to play and still ever have enough to complete a task!! I KEEP TRYING ENERGY BASD GAMES ... NOT NO MORE!!! I PLAY CONTINUOUSLY... CAN'T WITH THESE GAMES UNINSTALLING TOO BAD TO CUZ IT **COULD BE** A GREAT GAME. I actually really adore this game, even with the lag and broken English it is very cute and I never have issues with energy. However it does have an issue if you go too fast it takes your item and doesn't complete the objective. Due to this I am stuck on the second "world" quest and cannot progress past the forest. I have emailed customer service over a week ago and have received no response. Due to this issue I cannot continue the main storyline or expand my island anymore.. My market building is missing. I have it already built yet while I was editing my buildings (moving them and such), it kinda just disappeared. It's not in my backpack and I srsly can't find it anywhere now..

I got an update on June 17, 2023. And now my game progress is back to Level 1. What do I do, and it is still connected to my email. Help, help, help please. My game was binded to my Playstore and Facebook account. I uninstall the game because I cannot go to butterfly island. Unfortunately I have lost my game which was at level 13 and I am back to level 3. It won't let me bind to my Facebook account. The game is great please help me recover my game.. Can't seem to find my original rating. Support doesn't respond, guessing I won't play anymore until they fix all the messed up glitches.. Game freeze on company logo and won't close unless I force to stop. Already try to delete it and re install it. I do like the game but when u get to the end of the 300 extra power it won't let u get ur last 200 points that's sucks..

Game is great so far but my problem is how do we get friends on the game? Is there a forum or web page that we can go to? If not, you might want to start one. I am so addicted to this game but I am becoming really frustrated with it. Every time I play it freezes and eventually crashes my phone! Help please! I do not want to delete it!. Looking for star stone task is glitched. I have a blue star stone in my warehouse, but the task won't complete . Please fix this issue. Also the specialty islands are repeated constantly. Good luck getting a response from support.. I have played it yet, but the players that have played it says that it could use a lot of improvements ..

I love this game. But unfortunately I can get it to unfreeze. So I can't play anymore. If that could get fixed if give 5 stars!. Game keeps freezing. Luckily I bound it to FB I uninstalled it and going to try again....haven't even made it thru the tutorial.. I love the game. But do something about how to gain energy and expand the warehouse without spending money. Let us play it for free. Its a money game. If you dont spent you will be stuck.. The unnecessary tutorial is way too long I'm at level 3 and it still is in tutorial mode that's ridiculous most games like that are easy to figure out without a tutorial!!!.

Edit: Fixed! Fun game so far. Only complaint is that I have built the hot air balloon and now the game hangs up every time I click on it after build completion. The bar of "friend islands" pop up but can't interact anywhere on the screen and can't back out. I wanted to report this in the game, but the game forces me through guided play to interact with only the balloon.. I got the hot air balloon fix but when I click on it the game keeps freezing i just spent real money on the beginners pack but I can't move forward because the game freeze every time I click the hot air balloon please fix it or just give me my money back please get back to me asap please. The game is cute but freezes a lot. I cannot progress any further because it keeps getting stuck on a mandatory guided action and it will not let me do anything. There are so many tasks that it causes the game to freeze or lag.. Love the game. But I'm not very happy about spending money on it & not getting the things I paid for & can't get any answers from the customer service..

Im stuck with this syclla event something lags alll the time. Please fix this i want to.continue playing the problem is im stuck. Game is good but the when you watch an ad it crashes. Its consistantly annoying especially when you want what the game has to offer in doing so for free energy. So obviously not accessing free energy because the ads freeze always very frustrating.. The game is not working need work do I have to stop playing I was looking forward to play the game. I'm stuck on level 12 and I can't do anything with the game. The fishing put popped up and then after that just locked up and I can't play. Needs fixed.

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