NameCity Island 5
ReleaseSparkling Society - Build Town City Building Games
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Build the biggest and most beautiful dream city. City Island 5 is an entirely new city-building simulator that will be able to win millions of fans around the world. You will have to become the mayor of one town to build an incredible metropolis out of it. It’s time to send a massive airship on an expedition to try to discover new lands and start building your city.

In various simulations, you manage one town, but in this project, there is an opportunity to expand your possessions. Here you can play offline, build a huge city and be afraid of nothing. Join many players and show everyone what you are capable of.

From the beginning, you will have a tiny city the size of a village. Very soon, it will only grow; new buildings and perfect islands will appear. This is a free game that does not require an internet connection. You are waiting for various tasks and many exciting moments, and you will always find something to do here. You have only one main goal, to seriously develop your town, populate more residents and get total pleasure from it.

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