NameGhost Prank
Size37.74 Mb
ReleaseCiberdroix Soft

An excellent ghost control simulator with polygonal graphics and addictive gameplay. Ghost Pranks is a superb ghost control simulator for Android mobile devices in which you have to play as a ghost who loves to play pranks on people.

Our ghost settled in the room of one kid. And there doesn’t come a minute that the spirit doesn’t play some trick on this kid. Either he will put a button on the chair, then glue it to the chair with glue, or do something else. You are allowed to be in the role of this ghost and mock the naughty boy.

The gameplay is divided into levels. You need to play a trick at each stage on the room’s owner several times. You will be able to interact with the environment. Using this opportunity, you need to play a prank and, at the same time, scare the room’s occupant. The more fear the guy has, the more points you get per level. The game has unique gameplay and excellent design.

Ghost Prank MOD

The ghost is isn't scary at all but in the start I was a bit scared because I tried it in abandoned houses in night time or mid night with my friends I have see some 28 black dots 1 blue dot and 3 red dots that was many and now I'm not scared any more and I love the game but the music is scary that's how I get scared in the start. It's mapa is so realistic and it look like a real ghost. so, I am feeling very scary. I am form Nepal.. I do not know that app is real or fake but I use it and give it a five star. It's not a prank app becouse my area of house has a horror house and I found a red dot I will following the red dot I see the just red dot is very close to me and the horror house too. And I will don't joke I will see 7 black dot very close to me it's actually work. This game was my childhood my friend play this game it was fun but I recoman not to play new iphone.

Ghost Prank APK

It is cool apps. But honestly I'm not try all features yet. But surely fun and scary at the same time. I'm curious about ghosts. Its very good because it brings back memories when we played this game on our grade-school. But could you update this to work properly on new devices?.

Download ( V1.45 )

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