Very beautiful and funny simulator. Fashionista here you can fully enjoy the wonderful world of fashion.

This is a very colorful performance, which is simply impossible to refuse. The most endless gameplay where you will pick up a variety of outfits, hairstyles, and more. Try to make a unique style, show your abilities in developing something new and climb to the top of the fashion Olympus.

You will have at your disposal a wide variety of objects, wardrobe items, and unique opportunities in which you can realize your ideas. Be in a variety of situations, do your job as creatively as possible. Now you have absolutely everything to realize all your old dreams and join the fashion world. The most colorful adventure of Fashionista – Dress Up Challenge 3d Game will give you unforgettable abilities and you will become your own in the fashion world.

Fashionista MOD

I would have giben it five stars i really wqnted to but like all really fun games once you spend all the money they give you you cant play anymore you dont have enough money to dKL7. It's looking good but this time I don't install this game but when I download it so I inform you. Can be expensive, but it pays to amass a good wardrobe. Enjoyable though, and good graphics and choice of garments.. This is my number 1 fashion style game I go to mostly everyday. It is totally Awesome. Love the way the characters look. And you don't really have to wait to get anything. Like cash or diamonds. Absolutely enjoy it. Thanks. This needs fixing. First it won't let me play and says 'check ur network' Ive checked it over 5times just to play I then realized it's a scam,so I asked my sister 'if she tried this game' and she said 'yes,it scammed me' so I said 'did it not want u to play' she said 'yes' I said 'ok' so please don't try it out there are so many other games that are scams and I know Im only pointing out this game but this is not my phone,my phone has games so I'm just trying random games,bye.(correct my grammar).

Fashionista APK

Love this game..but from last few days i am getting less reward for my play..please update this in your app..plz increase the rewards received for our plays..i am getting high score like 99% but my reward is still same..plz make a backup option the game. This game is very bad, I have all these results that I played the challenges for. Paid money for extra clothes and Now I have nothing.So as of right now I would not recommend this game.Unless you want to lose everything. OK I updated and restarted my phone and no difference.This is ridiculous. I used to love this game. Now I can't even get it to open. I would not recommend this game to anyone.I guess my game will never be fixed. Its been Months now. And support has not helped at all.. This app is very good and easy to use It teaches you how to do maker up and choose accessories I like it Thank you. Good game I like it good collection of dresses.. But previously I had some issues and whenever I wrote a review you never reply so please just try to reply this time. It is an humble request..

Fashionista APK

After playing a while you realize you can't win any new clothing items from the competitions, and there are no new competitions they just rotate. I love the choices you can make just wish prizes would add to your wardrobe.. Enjoyable. Can be annoying when there's only the option of catalogued items, but the only complaint. Some different themes of challenges would be nice.. "Need more". This ad is ruined the game for me. It just doesn't stop popping up. It's so bad that I can't do any challenges.. My game Is stuck on opening page.. it says it's downloading but goes nowhere. I can't play it at all and I don't want to lose what I have already done. Also why is all the designs repeats. I think I have done them all at least 3 or 4 times. Please fix game and come up with new options or it's just repetitive and boring and it will get deleted..

Fashionista APK

I am unable to download this game. Why??? Please fix it or tell me what to do Will be waiting....... Thanks. NOT FUN anymore! NOW the garments I bought! I have to buy them back again! If I want to use them!?! When you buy an item, it SHOULD BE YOURS TO KEEP, forever! Fashionista had to replace $140.00 worth of garment pkgs It took 3 months! Now they have taken back clothes,hair, shoes, jewelry, etc They just took items!! What Fashionista has done to a wonderful game is F up!! Now I'm getting locked out of the game by commercials and I can't get gems/coins and clothing.. Yes I am sure . I am 12 years old girl iloved this game but some of glich but ok I loved it. Fun little game but I can't finish putting a look together before the game becomes really slow and erratic so I have to close it. When I come back to it, I have to dress my model all over again. It's very frustrating! But I still love the game and hope you get this fixed soon..

While it was a great concept, it's just one s__t show after another. Update: While crashing has improved, and glitches somewhat better, now the issue is the repeating, and repeating themes. I have been designing repeats from since I first started. No new design challenges EVER. I am sick to death of this. PLEASE. POST. NEW. DESIGN. CHALLENGES. PLEASE!!!!???!!!. After updating...My special reward all gone...Have no idea how to get it back ..I hate to update at all...So sad. Wayyyyyy to many adds Reply to creator, all well. And good if the adverts weren't popping up ever 15-30 seconds :(. The only reason I'm giving it a 1 star is because just like Fashion Nation(level 45 you know how much time and money that is), you spend money and level up, just to lose EVERYTHING god forbid you have to get a new phone. I have the s ultra 23 with a bad brain, so getting new phone WHAT DO I DO! would also appreciate responses to emails I send. Ty.

Freezes & lags after have bn playing for few mins and it just abruptly stops goes blank then it's bk on the home screen of my phone. I was playing this game last night, it's been one of my favorite games. Then it crashed!! So I restarted my phone and when I opened the game again, it totally wiped out all my game play data and started the whole thing over!!!!!! Where's all my data and history??? How do I get it all back?. Terrible you have to WATCH AN AD just to make the character look good quality is terrible my tablet didn't turn on for a while after playing. loved the game before last update but since then not so much. the cost of the clothes jfor coin purchase went up more than double making it nearly impossible for me to complete a challenge before it expires. a once great game ruined. very disappointing..

Loved the game, I spent lots of time playing it and acquiring different items. Like literally spent so much time buying items. Not with real money, but with gems and money I got from playing. And then there was an update with the game. It wouldn't work for at least a week. Finally, it started working again, and every single item I spent hours acquiring was taken away from me. If this was a glitch, they should have told me and not taken the stuff away. I'm over this game with all its issues.. Loved the game when i first started, but now i really hate it! Because of the used and own buttons, you use up your gems much if you dont mind put it bak the way it was..You say we have more ways to win..1 ticket for voting seriously...Im sorry but having to pay over and over again for something we deplorable!! The only reason im still playing is it is a good game...but i want to know why you put everything so da$% high to buy.... I'm unhappy with the fact that I have to spend anywhere between$6-$20 just to enter 1 challenge. For people like myself that cannot afford to spend so much$$on your packs, there should be options for us to purchase a single item.It seems like all the fun challenges cost so much money. I understand that u are trying to make money, it's just not worth it. Especially with your free challenges being extremely repetitive. I refuse to spend $ on 1 pack for 1 challenge just to have to buy another. Recently you are charging to rewear an item. What's the purpose of offering a discount to buy only to take the discount back? Now it takes 15 to 45 minutes to get an ad for an item duscount.

So many options for clothes, accessories etc. Love it! EDIT: Sorry, have to update my review. Every time I play it shuts down after about 45 minutes and I lose whatever I was working on. I didn't realize it was going to happen every time so it's making it literally impossible for me to enjoy playing which really sucks because other then that I do still love everything else about the app. Please fix this problem and I will be playing all the time. For now I might have to uninstall it. Thanks.. I can't play the the game AGAIN it keeps on kicking me out. When it loads its the same stuff all over again. Please i enjoy this game very much, will you please FIX it. And where is my customer articles? Its NOT showing anywhere? We are not getting new stuff when entering challenges. The customer articles i really like please fix. Thank you. It is very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very bad. I love this game its awesome the only thing is that I'd like if there's more to do but anyway .

Total waste. Could be a wonderful game, but there's no way to tell-there is no way to get past the privacy policy, whatever screen that pops up when I tried to start. The "x" appears for a split second, then you're out of luck. So, since I was looking for a fashion stlye type game, I'm passing on re-reading the same stuff about cookies, privacy, etc, instead of any sort of game at all. Probably the worst designed app I've ever (tried)to use.. Best customer service!Addicted to this game and for the last two days it's been stuck on the loading page with a weird set of numbers in the corner. The animation works and it says it's loading but it doesn't move. I cleared my cache, cleared ram and even though the support team is usually really helpful for little issues, I can't play it at all and there's been no reply via email. I don't want to uninstall it or risk losing all my progress. Will update to 5stars once it's fixed. I have enjoyed the app WHEN IT WORKS! SOOOO many bugs and fixes. Currently,after spending plenty for collections, I have been STUCK on the opening page,with a strange # sequence on top. Basically, the last update broke and I now can't even open it . Over a week at least. I feel ROBBED. Always the same response; " We are working on a fix, please bear with us...." I suggested that I delete and reopen, but with compensation for all I have accumulated. No response so far. Just want to warn you.. This game is so useless because this is not an offline game I had waste my mbs on installing such a fool gane.

This game is getting so boring they are doing the same challenges over and over not even giving them different names to try and trick is so we don't notice it's the same super hero challenge. Like we won't notice when it has the same requirements I mean it's the same ones nonstop now when I've always had a that for almost a year I've always had enough never had this problem boo.. I really was enjoying playing this game played it quite regularly but I'm not sure what's going on now it won't go past the loading screen and I'm thinking about uninstalling. I like the game but it needs a Connection to play and I'm on the road a lot plus the update broke the app.

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