NameSpa Games: DIY Salon Master 3D
Size46.2 Mb
ReleaseHugs N Hearts

Simple spa salon simulator. Spa Games: DIY Salon Master 3D is a 3D casual spa simulator for Android mobile devices, where you will become the owner of your spa.

You will have a small room with several offices where you will receive a variety of clients. They will come to you, and you will do various procedures for them. The gameplay is the passage of levels with increasing difficulty. At each level, you will need to perform a series of actions.

If you do everything right, customers will leave your salon satisfied, and this is money and new potential customers who will come after reading reviews about your salon. Hints accompany the entire gameplay, so you will not have difficulty understanding what is happening. Take your time and be extremely careful because, in this case, any mistake can cost a lot of money.

Spa Games: DIY Salon Master 3D MOD

It looked really fun. I was attracted to all the reviews about it being relaxing. However, after I downloaded it it refused to open and kept booting me out. So, I uninstalled it and reinstalled it.. same issue. I never actually got the chance to play and got very frustrated. Let me know if there is a way to prevent this please, I still really want to try this game! :(. Jgcfguhjancyhhgfyuii if ft Lauderdale airport at no cost estimate and ok I will email you chella I will have the same one I have now been a long week ok I'll run you chella I have to get a few I have to be at my moms and then we are going t I Left behind you chella and then you chella and then you chella and then you chella and then you chella and then ii8ii it to me I it ggiojguookjuio okay I just got back together yet but they have a new phone yet you I will let her know you chella and I wil. I like the idea to get a new one. The first time I was just thinking about the game and I really like the game .

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