NameAnime School Girl Dating Sim
Size101.41 Mb

A fun high school simulator. Anime School Girl Dating Sim gives us the opportunity to visit Sakura High School. Pass exciting quests that will give you more experience in real school life.

Experience this school simulator, participate in virtual life, and make the right decisions. If you have been missing school life for a long time, then this is where you can remember everything and experience new experiences. See Japanese culture and anime girls, and explore virtual school adventures. Visit various locations, go through entertaining missions, meet your peers and move on. In addition, genuine romantic relationships await you, becoming even more attractive over time. Enjoy school outfits, and have fun in your free time to live a whole new school life.

Anime School Girl Dating Sim MOD

This game is wonderfull and fun and all but somehow I can't open the game please tell me why I can't open it. This is soooooooo...... Cool i love it sooo. I give it a 100000000 stars it is sooooooooooooooooooooo......................beautiful and i got the op dress!!! It is so rainbowie i love it also the boys are soo.. Obssed with me everytime i come to school i feel butterflys in there stomach also the girls are very happy that i saved them from the boys i have disable wi-fi and data so no ads pop up this is like dream come true you should give it 100000000 ;). This game is super similar to Sakura school simulator and i think it the rip-off copycat Sakura school simulator game and it looks like the old version of Sakura school simulator and I'm gonna rate it 3 stars. Good, but please fix the bug that we in the main menu put different clothes but when you enter the game it doesn't wear the same clothes. Another suggestion, witch i would love you to add, a changing clothes menu when you enter the game. Hope you read this comment.. Bruhhhhhh is Soo laggy and too many ads if i was role playing i return back and the car keep glitching so fix the game and i can't not dress up and makeup.

Anime School Girl Dating Sim APK

I love this game but can add some button to change the clothes?? But the female character i love it so much!!!!!!!!!. Supposed to be a responsible person in the world is the world record for the world to be a responsible person in the world . It doesn't open its is really bad game like I will never recommend this game to download better than you download Sakura school simulator this game is w waste of network . Brb I cannot play this game I just wanted to play this game My cousin is I know you oh yeah he's nothing on you.

Anime School Girl Dating Sim APK

I'm starting to like this game. I wish we could be able to answer questions in class, have swimming competitions and tests, more traffic, more buildings and a So fix some problems like when you go to the swimming pool, and another character goes, you find yourself enderground and even sometimes, you can't control the cars.. Uhm first of all it's just a copy game of Sakura school simulator so it's kinda good just needs some improvements and pls stop the adds while im in game and the frickin bugs so that's all thank you . I like this decent copy of Sakura School Simulator. The graphics, the map, the characters, A BIG YES. But sometimes the movements are so slow that my phone is too hot.. Might sound weird but when I started, a black screen popped up and I've waited too long and yeah I deleted :>.

Anime School Girl Dating Sim APK

I like it but i just have like 1.cute girl 2.ahh make me 3.cute clothes 4. Pretty girls love it try this game now you will be enjoy ty. This is a terrible game as sooner as I joined it wouldn't work it was a black screen I wish I had a choice to put 0 stars. I just got this game, and omg it's so cute! But there's a few problems. First, There are just TOO many adds. it's almost unfair to play the game. Second, I played it once, and when I got out of the game, it legit won't let me in. It's just a blank gray screen.. It's an okay game seem very similar to Sakura highschool simulator. The game crashed a few times and movement ingame is a bit laggy and slow but, one thing I like about this game are the female character designs they are all so beutiful and different from the hair to their clothes and you can even customize make up the girl customizing and female characters is the best part of the game they're very pretty the dudes kinda all look the same to me though..

The game is fun but it won't let me put on the outfit that I want to wear it makes me put the uniform on so can you pls fix it. PLEASE FIX THIS BECAUSE WHEN I WANT TO PLAY THIS GAME IT HAS A BLACK SCREEN ON IT, THE BLACK SCREEN IS FOREVER UNTIL LIKE AN HOUR IVE BEEN WAITING. This game is amazing yes but if the creator could remove the ads this game will be more fun than before . I could not even play the game because when I joined it just went a brown screen so I would not recommend playing this game.

So pretty and white background with copy space in your country and white background royalty payments for the year regards to your account. I can't even load the game? HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO TRY OUT THE GAME IF.I.CANNOT. L O A D I T.. I can't even load the game. After the Unity pops up, I'm stuck on a grey screen. PLEASE fix this.. Nice app! this game is kinda like Sakura school simulator they look the same but Different People lol- anyway I rate this 5 stars:).

I love this game because I like simulator game I like anime i would 4 stars because this game rule repeat and repeat. This models are very beautiful and I have been there since day at school and I don't know what I want you. I rate it 1 i can't freaking open the game dude all i can see is black and (unity) i've been waiting for so many minutes dude. The best old modified sakura SchoolSimulator game ever! There are quite more cities, a bus station, an airport, and so much more. I quite like this game. Btw, the ads just pop up when me press a button so PLS fix it! Thanks for making this game..

This app is useless i couldn't even enter the game all it showed was a black screen and idk but before even starting the game i already hated it, normally i'm not a person who writes bad reviews i love writing good about but this game just didn't deserve it so yeah this game to the creator maybe you could fix the game in not loading so long when u want to ente because i really waited 10 min to load but it never worked and this total copy from sakura school simulator just that SSS is WAY BETTER!. Terrible game the ads don't work and u can't rechange the clothes and u guys copied Sakura school simulator a total waste of data. This is a intrasting game and the models are so beautiful but some changes should be there like the ads should not come and everything is fine . lt is a good game. You can make friends. You can have a boyfriend .You can eat but you can have enemies if you attack them . You can die when your enemies attack you..

Has potential but got lots of ads. Really appreciated the character designs. The controls are not so good. Hopes this improves more and more ^^. Nice game but it needs some fixing. I have 4 problems in that game. Problem 1 : I cannot save my characters. Problem 2 : to much ads and too weird. Problem 3 : It needs a high graphic. Problem 4 : it needs for outfits, and you should add a house that you can enter.. I LOVE THIS GAME BUT I HAVE ONLY ONE BIG OBJECTION THAT IS A KISS OPTION IT WILL MADE THE GAME PERFECT ROMANTIC SO I HIGHLY RECOMMEND U TO ADD THIS OPTION IN THE GAME IT'S NEEDED PLZZZZZZ<3.

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