Absolver Mod 0.7.1 (Unlocked/No Ads)

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Absolver is a fighting game with a series of knife fights in which you must crush your opponents. The rulers of these lands want the user’s hero to be a reliable strong warrior of the elite legion, designed to defend the territory. As a result, he, with a mask on his face, had to undergo many tests, learn effective fighting techniques, acquire cold weapons, equipment, armor.


Interesting encounters await him with other candidates for the elite unit, the consequences of which are unpredictable. You can find new friends, or irreconcilable opponents, as well as allies for battles in special PvP arenas.

Absolver boasts a well-developed combat system. Fencing combined with hand-to-hand combat has a wide range of attacks, attacks, defense methods developed, determining different fighting styles.

Absolver Mod

There are also very good magic tricks. Successful confrontation will bring rewards, access to the next levels. In addition to battles, a warrior will have to explore endless locations, go down to dungeons, get useful resources, valuable artifacts. The expressive detail animation is beyond commendable. The game implies different passing modes but is designed more for multiplayer battles.

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During the play of Absolver, there should be improvements, updates on the heroin in every aspect – uniforms, weapons, armor, abilities, and even masks. You should also study, expand the combination of skills, techniques, practice with a sharp dagger, blade, sword chosen according to your taste. All this will help to defeat any opponent, even the most impregnable, and become a worthy defender of the entrusted territories.