Alien Creeps TD iOS Mod 2.32.2 (Unlocked/Unlimited Energy)

Category Strategy
Size 97M
Version 2.32.2
Update: 05/08/2022
Install Original android iphone

Alien Creeps TD is a virtual adventure for players gifted with strategy, courage, and composure. Here everyone will have to pass an unusually difficult test, which will help develop leadership skills and gain interesting experiences. Gamers when installing this game on mobile devices will become experienced commanders, capable of defending the Earth against alien attacks.

Alien Creeps TD

The responsibility placed on the shoulders of each participant creates a lot of pressure, so those vying to win should gather all their wills into one fist. The game is characterized by dynamism and entertainment, making it an exciting adventure for mentally strong people.


The story is based on a great disaster on a global scale, often used by science fiction writers in their works. Evil aliens suddenly landed on the planet, who, according to their technological advantage, believed that the original inhabitants of the Earth would not give them a worthy resistance.

Gathering, the earthlings gathered all their resources and built defensive fortifications. It depends on the user how successful they will be against the aliens.

Highlights of Alien Creeps TD

Alien Creeps TD will test your nerves by engaging in brutal confrontations with aggressive invaders. The game’s plot will appeal to fans of the sci-fi genre who are tired of reading books or watching Hollywood action games on the subject. If your bubbly nature calls for decisive action, you can devote yourself to engaging in a compelling story.

Alien Creeps TD Mod

The determination and courage of each user in this game depend on preventing the catastrophe that is the alien attack. For effective protection from alien invaders, there is a lot of money that will allow you to buy new equipment, build military bases and attract aircraft. The game has a multiplayer mode for exciting combat.

Gameplay and Controls

Before joining the battle, you will need to go through a training process. This is true for those who have experience participating in this type of game for the first time. The main direction of the plot is a defense against invasion with the help of available combat objects and characters.

The protection system is organized automatically. At the base, the player must place towers in certain positions, which will repel attacks with machine guns or short-range missiles. The full organization of defensive positions is a rather complicated science, so the attention and skill of the players will go a long way.

Hack Alien Creeps TD

To control characters, simply slide your finger across the screen (the app uses touchscreen capabilities). Before attacking, the user selects a weapon from the available options, purchases it, and places it in the designated location, based on a personal tactical plan.

To bring a character into battle, you need to mark him with your finger and direct him to the enemy. All other actions are performed by their virtual heroes. In the hot battle, players must not forget that each character has its source of life, which needs to be handled in time.

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