Among Us iOS Mod 2022.9.20 (Free Skins/Always Imposter)

NameAmong Us
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Among Us is an extremely addictive game with beautiful graphics and a well-groomed storyline. The main goal will be to repair the ship and the ability to fly away, leaving the traitors on the surface of the planet without any support. The game requires four to ten users who can connect via local WiFi or online.

Among Us

Quests and Graphics

Repairing the ship is done at the cost of parts that can be obtained by completing various missions. But work is going slow because of the forger, who is hiding among the ship’s crew. You must use all available options to establish the identity of the impostor.

Among Us

Features in Among Us

With irrefutable evidence, the entire crew of the ship was assembled, and the user could be removed if proven guilty. The last resort in the game Among Us, the evil has the ability to destroy. When using it, a part of the ship may fail or a vital system may fail.

Among Us

But, at the same time, the impostor has two effects. If he is seen next to a broken device, then he can be quickly killed without investigation and proof. The latter effect will help him prove his innocence by providing him with an alibi.

Among Us

He will be able to prove he was not involved in the incident and will be temporarily reinstated in Among Us. Until more evidence is found. Be careful, suspicion can also fall on you. In this case, you will have to prove your innocence. With a mod on the menu, you can limit the number of people participating in the game so as not to get into an unpleasant situation.

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