Armed Heist iOS Mod 2.6.6 (Unlimited Money/Diamond)

NameArmed Heist
Install Original android iphone

Armed Heist will force mobile device users to embark on a slippery road of crime and participate in armed robberies of banks, jewelry stores, and cash registers. In addition, players will find a lot of well thought out city locations where they can arrange things with their online teammates. The toy boasts amazing 3D graphics and modern effects, tons of weapons and equipment, upgrades and purchases.

Outstanding features of Armed Heist

Speed ​​up and hone your raiding skills in Armed Heist. Choose your character’s starting type and attributes, his mask, and general traits. Embark on the first missions of the career following the plot of the robber, get on the truck with other thugs and go to the city on business.

Carefully read the plan of upcoming operations, research the plan to build a bank or store, of course, if there is one. Think about the algorithm and get started. Start the robbery, and soon the police will arrive, and possibly special forces. Engage in fierce gunfights, use pistols, guns and rifles, hide behind walls, run around offices, hide behind hostages.

Break in to get out, cover up the heist’s real computer or online accomplices, escape the chase, and get game finance for research and improvement. If the next level is too “difficult”, the monetization mod will help unlock and buy your bandit the best armor and weapons, giving him life and level stats. high precision. Complete adrenaline filled missions in different cities and regions.

Armed Heist Mod

Enjoy joint action with teammates in robbing banks, supermarkets, warehouses with valuable equipment and many other structures. Upgrade your hero comprehensively, open interesting skins, participate in online competitions between gangs.

Instructions on how to play

Main objective of the game: to be a dangerous and world famous robber who commits many bank robberies and cashier car attacks. Of course, the police will interfere with you in the robbery, so try to outsmart them and somewhat predict their actions. Equipment and weapons play an important role in the application, it needs to be improved and upgraded, so save the game currency, upgrade your weapon and buy something new.

Hack Armed Heist

The user will be presented with many interesting tasks to choose from. It is you who decide which mission to choose, for example robbing a small jewelry store or organizing a big heist. The further you go, the more difficult and interesting the quests become. Of course, the rewards for such quests would be greater. Armed Heist game has great 3D graphics, good background music, many interesting missions and a wide selection of weapons.

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