Axolotl Rush (Mod Unlimited Money) V1.8.5

NameAxolotl Rush
Install Original android iphone

Axolotl Rush is a game that takes your breath away. First, the player is acquainted with sea creatures. The main character does not belong to any species. I wanted to believe that he would be helped, but this was not the case.

When the race begins, it is worth deciding on the side. The main character can go right or left. The most interesting thing is that the first enemies will only make you laugh. They can be eaten quickly and even without choking. Then the sharks showed up, and it wasn’t fun at all.

Axolotl Rush

A person in the sea must not only fight against creatures but also have to find food. There were enough different places in the bunker that it was easy to wait for danger. Players can go on a journey alone. Without a doubt, any enemy can be subdued.

If there is a desire in Axolotl Rush, you can get allies. For example, a squid will offer a helping hand. He’s not that agile, but you can melt large amounts of fish with them. Players also choose where to hunt. Newcomers are expected to be trained in advance. Sometimes it’s better to just stand aside than climb into a rage. In addition, the player will have to solve the problem with the extraction of food.

Axolotl Rush Mod

The game itself looks very interesting. The main character can float up and go all the way to the bottom. If you walk on coral, you can hide from any opponent. Other tactics also work well. Players test their luck by fishing with bait. This is the only way to receive the most valuable gifts. The player goes to the store open at the bottom. The mod has a lot of money for everyone, so there is no need to collect small fish.