BattleTale Mod Varies with device (Unlimited Lives/Health/Money) Download

Category Action
Size Varies with device
Version Varies with device
Update: 11/11/2021
Install Original android

BattleTale boss fight fangame is a series of exciting indie games. The graphic design in the spirit of the previous year creates a thematic atmosphere. The game itself consists of simple actions: move inside the dungeon and engage in battle with various monsters and villains. Your goal is to defeat them.

BattleTale boss fight fangame

Story introduction

An interesting story about your main character begins his journey to find an ancient cave, but unexpectedly it falls to the ground. There are monsters waiting for him, who have lived here for a long time, in captivity. Although before that they walked the surface of the earth, have equal rights with everyone.

But at some point, something in the relationship went wrong and the result of a terrible war was won by everyone, and a terrible dungeon became the home and punishment for those who lost their lives. monster.

BattleTale boss fight fangame Mod

Gameplay and Features

The essence of the game is to control a red heart, the movement of this heart is limited by a square or rectangle. In this closed space, monsters send magic at you and attack with projectiles. The goal is to dodge them and defeat the monster.

Advantages of the game:

  • Cool retro graphics.
  • Easy character control.
  • Many bosses.
  • Choose battle tactics.

The mechanics of the movements with each level will increase in proportion to the appearance of new bosses. This creates excitement and enjoyment. Escape from the dungeon is the main goal, defeating the obstacles along the way.