Bazooka Boy (Mod 99,999, Unlimited Money/Ammo) V1.8.8

NameBazooka Boy
CategoryAction, Game Mobile
Install Original android iphone

Bazooka Boy is a representative of the genre of simple action puzzles in which you have to solve unique puzzles. As you progress through the levels, the player will encounter enemies who will be hit by grenade launchers. This is not so simple, as the effect of the blast wave must be taken into account. So you need to shoot accurately, try not to hurt yourself, and care about enough charges to complete the level.


What is Bazooka Boy?

Bazooka Boy is an addictive game with beautiful graphics, vivid effects, and great physics. Here you need to pass levels, destroy many enemies and collect deadly weapons, as well as solve puzzles. Opponents never roam alone. They always gather together in groups. The number of clans depends on your level and the strength of the enemy.

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Best gameplay

The game has more than a hundred levels. Each of them has an original landscape map and difficulty level. Success in completing each level will be rewarded with in-game currency payments. Which will be required to acquire new weapons and skills. The arsenal contains all kinds of mortars, bazookas and grenade launchers, and other great examples of guns in bulk. So to try everything, you need a lot of money.


When firing, one should take into account the angle from which the projectile or mine will fly out, as well as the position of all objects that can be touched or they will fall out on their own. It is good if it is against the enemy, but what if it is against you? The use of ammunition should also be done sparingly. Lack means failure, there will be nowhere to take them. Try to pass with the minimum number of photos.

Features and Missions

After winning, you can scan the battlefield and find items that can be used to upgrade your weapons. Better things fall from the bosses who sit in the thrones of their castles, but their power is great. The battle in the game Bazooka Boy takes place in a chaotic order, where one move can lead to victory or defeat.


Make the boss blunder in defense or attack and unleash crushing blows to win and stay alive. Sometimes hidden treasure chests can be found in dungeons. Game money is used in the shop to buy weapons or equipment and improve their parameters. The experience gained from killing monsters is accumulated and reaching the desired value allows you to increase your level and the characteristics of your character. Solving puzzles also gives players currency, materials, and experience.

The difficulty of the quest depends on the level of the character that gave it and the size of the reward. Using mods with a lot of money, you can buy more advanced weapons or equipment. If necessary, you can buy special items in the shop that will help you solve a difficult puzzle and receive a well-deserved reward. These boosters are expensive and rarely appear in stores, so you should try not to use them but save them as a last resort.