Best Fiends iOS Mod 11.2.1 (All Fiends Unlocked)

Category Casual
Size Varies with device
Version 11.2.1
Update: 03/12/2022
Install Original android iphone

Best Fiends is a fun and colorful game with colorful graphics. Her characters and locations make a favorable impression on even the most frustrated skeptic: animated insects induce sympathy and a desire to help.


Best Fiends has an interesting idea and a great implementation. The game considered Best Friends is not a dull puzzle with a series of levels, but an incredible adventure in the style of the quest.

Interesting story

According to the game’s plot, Cool Insects will fight disgusting slugs. Each of the aforementioned insects will correspond to a certain element. Once you get a small combo of three or more items to deal a devastating blow to the lowly slugs, you’ll go further.


Helping the denizens of a great forest in trouble is the essence of the game, a humorous concept that will cheer you up. The little bugs wage war on fearsome slugs, defending their right to a happy and prosperous life. They need a bold and adventurous leader, a role that gamers will have to take on.


In a beautiful little world, everything is very quiet and calm, until a giant meteorite falls in the area, causing dangerous and harmless slugs, holding Cool Insects hostage! And right now, there is only one way out for the cool insects – grow in size, train, become faster, and fight slugs to free their home in the future.

Great Features

Best Friends will be the realm of resourcefulness and ingenuity – qualities that will allow the participants of virtual warfare to prevail. Gamers need to cope with many difficult tasks because confronting slugs requires bold and decisive actions. However, active insects will be able to cope with all strategic tasks and free the wonderful country of Miniature from the enemy.


Gamers will be delighted when participating in the glorious feat of funny virtual warriors. A mod with a lot of money will get him everything needed for an effective fight. Unique abilities, thoughtful methods and techniques, well-coordinated actions, and close friendship – all this will help you achieve victory. Colorful virtual stories are great for relaxing: in them, everyone has the right to believe in a happy ending, especially if the goal is to be a winner.

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