Bio Inc Mod Varies with device (Unlimited DNA/Bio Points, Unlocked)

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Bio Inc – Biomedical Plague  – This type of game is developed on the basis of an existing virus. This infection infects an organism, after which it gradually renders all its systems and organs unable to function properly. There is no drug that can solve this problem, and in the end, only death awaits a person.

Bio Inc - Biomedical Plague

Unique Features of Bio Inc – Biomedical Plague

Players will have the opportunity to become a tactician, and their main task is to make the human body break down and give up. After installing the game, users will have the opportunity to choose the difficulty themselves. The development team did a great job and made all the difficulty levels quite fun and exciting. Each user will have a task – choose their victim, and it can be an overweight person, an athlete, a young man…

Bio Inc

Therefore, each hero has a unique organism and a different level of immunity (an athlete has the best immunity, and an obese person is generally unlucky to have immunity). By the way, each person has different body features. If we take the example of an athlete, it is clear that his pain point is the musculoskeletal system, while the young people complain about the nervous system, and the obese people constantly gain weight. than.

Bio Inc’s gameplay

Once the user has decided to choose the patient, he will know for sure what his weakest point is and vice versa, which points will have to be overcome. In addition, the player will need to choose which disease is more interesting to him and begin its systematic progression. The task of the virus includes a lot of work: to develop in patients all kinds of phobias, risk factors, as well as new diseases.

Bio Inc Mod

After each disease victory, so the body becomes weaker and more vulnerable, the user is rewarded with points that he can spend on development. And of course, there is no need to do more than is necessary, because if things are very bad, then the person will have no choice but to seek professional help from a doctor. Then for the user, it will be expensive, because you need to invest the collected points to mutate and other protections from the doctors.

Now each user can download to their mobile device (supports Android OS) not only the original Bio Inc game described above (Bio Inc translated into Russian). You can also install the hacked version yourself, which means that each player will be able to use the biomonets in unlimited amounts.