Bowmasters iOS Mod 2.14.10 (Unlock All Characters/Unlimited Gems)

Category Action
Size 141M
Version 2.14.10
Update: 15/11/2021
Install Original android iphone

Bowmasters is your chance to engage in dynamic battles against agile and cunning enemies. The duel mode offered in this game allows you to show off your accuracy with a variety of weapons.


In addition to pistols or bows, you can use axes, syringes, playing cards with sharp edges that allow you to damage opponents, joysticks, and bottles. Shoot, throw objects, dodge bullets, choose the safest angle to shoot, improve accuracy – there will be many missions and missions. All of this will allow you to earn the gold and experience needed to win the game.


Features of Bowmasters

You can even try yourself as a successful shooter knocking your opponents down on the first throw even on older smartphone and tablet models. Great optimized app to play on any device. The joy of the accuracy contest is guaranteed! Regardless of character choice and weapon type, everyone has a chance to win.

  • More than thirty different heroes
  • Lots of objects to throw
  • Different types of weapons
  • Duel mode
  • Multiplayer Battle

Access to different weapons and heroes unlocks a mod that earns a lot of money and sets records for accuracy – precise angle of shot or throw. In addition to facing different opponents, you can engage in shooting at static, ball or duck targets – fans of tournaments and competitions will be able to showcase their talents.


Bowmaster Gameplay

Archery players will provide a fun pastime, as the need to take down enemies has never been more inspiring. There is no negativity and violence here: cartoon characters, bright graphics, amazing ways to fight enemies – all this makes this fun arcade game very funny. .


The user is offered a simple and effective method to eliminate stress: a game dedicated to dynamic virtual battles in which even failure is viewed with optimism and hope in future victories.

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