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Bowmasters – A game for those who know geometry and physics well. In this arcade, battles are similar to ordinary duels in which opponents take turns hitting each other, namely where they shoot or throw objects.

Characters (and more than 30 of them in the game) have unique weapons with different characteristics and abilities. There are also bows with axes, syringes, sharp playing cards, and joysticks.

There are so many protagonists that it is difficult to choose them at the beginning. Each of them will become available after accumulating a certain number of coins, and to collect gold, you need to win duels and try to aim at the head. You can download Bowmasters right away.

The main problem is that the enemy is not close to you, which is not visible on display. Therefore, you need to calculate the force and angle of the throw, then throw the weapon and hope that it will hit the enemy. The enemy will move to the side if hit, so it makes no sense to shoot at the same place.

Some types of ammunition have additional features, and for example, a playing card can break into several small ones, making it easier for you to hit. In addition to the classic duel mode, you can play other types of battles, download Bowmasters for Android and fight against ducks or shoot balls.

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It looks so cool I mean cool wen in is finish him then u get to hit or miss hit u get ur most coolest ending miss nothing happen so 5 star. It's a very fun game to play there's alot of characters to unlock, fun battles and epic details. But the thing is the tons of ads are ruining the game!!. One of the best games I've ever played I been playing it since I was 4 I love it so much and highly recommend it. Girl in the world do not download it when you try to just downloaded it you are going to experience and ad just the you see a ad download this game I wish I can just . The recent update has left me extremely disappointed. I am unable to restore my progress in the game, which is a crucial feature for dedicated players like me. This issue has significantly impacted my overall experience, and I hope the developers address and fix this problem promptly..

Bowmasters APK

I have a lot of fun with this game but Ricardo is right about the ads they are way too frequent that's the only problem about this game but everything else is overall great. Not sure if I'm actually playing the game or just watching ads. 90% ads, 10% gameplay. Devs should just quit their jobs.. There are games with ads and then there is Bowmasters. For example, start a round, ad. Mystery box in round, ad. End round, ad. Open reward for round, ad. Start new round, ad. Don't support games like this.. This game is very satisfying if you get a headshot and I just love playing it in my free time..

Bowmasters APK

For those saying "too many adds" there is a thing called "turn off WiFi" making a game without adds will need a lot of money. Good game used to love it but GOD why are there ads all of the sudden?!It makes hard to want to play the game for more than one match. please, at least cut it down to one ad after each match, thanks.. Wayy to many ads they really try to make you pay all this money for skins and the premium it's not worth it.. This game is nothing I go on see the screen forces me of the game a glich ed out my wall paper it is just black now fix it.

Bowmasters APK

I like the gameplay and the and the animation(and the fatalities) but I gave it for stars because I don't like the ads.

Download ( V5.0.17 )

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