NamePolice Story Shooting Games

A real Police Story Shooting Games in which you can now participate. You will immediately be able to experience a rather interesting adventure when the war on crime is just beginning.

You have to play the role of a policeman who perfectly fulfills his duties. You simply have to deal a critical blow to the mafia, destroy their nest and restore order in a huge city.

At first, it will be difficult to fight against crime, but gradually you will gain experience, and many acquaintances and good weapons will appear. This game captures from the very beginning, and it is very dynamic, it will bring you a lot of fun and unique sensations.

You yourself will be able to discover an amazing and rather huge world, where crime and lawlessness still thrive. You will have the opportunity to fix everything here, do it your own way, and deal with all the criminal gangs.

There is a certain auto-aim mode, when you don’t have to aim at the enemy, everything happens automatically. Incredibly beautiful graphics, perfect voice accompaniment, and everything else that is needed in this project. It remains only to download Police Story for Android, and only then start to clean up.

Police Story Shooting Games MOD

It cool,but I wish it have four cops in one cop car to play,put free level to go by yourself,keep up the good work. It amazing but put another cop showing on the first image, make like two cops in one police car, make it look like a police partner. ug he's z TV th th it Wu is y EU us Arianism UK yr wherewithal is ETH ya we.

Download ( V1.2 )

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