NameDBZ: Mad Fighters

The most atmospheric game in anime. DBZ: Mad Fighters you will find pixel-style graphics, but everything else is drawn to the smallest detail.

In this story, a variety of characters will be available to you, with unique abilities and other interesting data. In addition, there are constantly secondary characters with whom you will also interact. Use the classic skills of your heroes to help you defeat any opponent. Improve your health, develop during the gameplay and get awesome bonuses.

The soundtrack itself has long been familiar to everyone, and the animation is of particular interest. It will be a unique legend in all its possibilities and other oddities of history. It’s time to start your first battle, and then see what you get. A wide variety of opportunities, unique abilities of the hero, and funny confrontations with strong enemies.

DBZ: Mad Fighters MOD

I love T6cvbb hfdgtujmmkogcddds handed greeneyed the other day so happy to be working on this for transport and family are to collect charz and I have been trying for a table at the church on Monday and Tuesday to Friday to get the car tomorrow and I have to go g meet tomorrow morning at church today to see what time we are going to the store and I t the same as t the same as the last one to collect it and family are well I guess you months to go out to eat or to the office and family a church i. This is the best game I have ever played .But please can you change the name of the characters into their real names.. I loved this game it's good but the game mode you should update this game but i still give four stays . Very nice game the graphics are good too but they are few character they should add more but I give it five stars. It's a great game, except for the fact that characters can only have 4 transformations, and you can't even control which ones you want, plus the game keeps crashing..

DBZ: Mad Fighters APK

Finally I opened it.but put more transformations because there is even primal ULTRA instinct maybe update the up with more transformations.. It's good and the fighters are good as some parts are hard but I like the way the characters are they are very good. This is the best dragon ball game ever but please I beg you add more characters and make it look more realistic like the video you posted thanks for making the best game ever. Amazing game i love there noway i can say any foult in the its the best i have ever played a real dragon fan will love it.

DBZ: Mad Fighters APK

First things first 1.THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ADD MORE CHARACTERS, FORMS,AND MORE LEVELS LIKE PLEASE I HOPE U RESPOND THIS GAME HAS A LOT OF POTENTIAL PLEASE .2.this game has a lot of bugs , because every time I want to watch a ad it just brings me out of the game please fix this.3 also when I am fighting a very strong character and I'm about to win the game just randomly stops.and it's annoying meaning I have to restart the game AGAIN. 4 the game is boring too add like an online competition.. Gud game but needs improvement in graphics and also u need to search up there transformation because you do not know anything about dragon ball. Pls add great ape btw i think its good but 4 bc sometimes when about to win it freezes.Also pls add great ape as fushion so gohan and saiyan tail fuses into great ape XD. Wait is he already in game idk.. The game is good but need adjustment and more characters and the pictures posted on Google play and the game are not similar at all please improve your game GOD bless you..

DBZ: Mad Fighters APK

I love this game there is one offer I like to make, please if you could update it with multiplayer online playing, thanks. I am giving this game 3 stars because it sometimes crashes and I have to start all over again.Its a good game but there are also sometimes when it's too hard. It's a good game but changes need to be made. There is a problem, With the game, when i get to 139 level in story mode no one is there so please make a solutiion to it because my friends also have the same problem and that could reduce the rating and popularity of the game. This game is awesome just too hard in vs mode when my cp is far higher.i would also advice them to add kamehamehaaa and final flash to different characters and allowing special fusion blasts e.g. final kamehamehaaaaa.

This game is great it has really good graphics but I think it needs more characters to make it more awesome!. I like the game but the problem is that when you shoot key blast your health will go down try and fix it. This game is boring I rate it 5 stars because it is one of the game that is very boring and I gave it 5 boring stars I taught it is gonna be in the form of play station. I like the game but sometimes when I'm stronger than the opponent they still deal more damage and almost defeat me easily if you could fix that I would give the game 5 stars.

This game is not so good.this game has some issues like there is no jump button,no customize button,bad gameplay fighting.but planet destroy game feature is good.. It isn't a bad game the controls are little bit slow the game is a bad I'm not saying that I support the game so I'll give five stars for effort it really isn't bad or anything it just needs some work on it. A ok ok I will be home are ok with not being able o I have a few things I need a ride to you when we were there I have a few days to you doing with ok I'll be here when I was in school and what is your favorite color u I can get a week and then we are going out of a few weeks I have a lot to go to bed now but I can come by and pick it for you to go I think I need a few more weeks of work and then I get home o I can get home o a few weeks I will be in touch I think about is your day off going. I love this game because it is easy to unlock any character example tiren and the others i just like the way and even though sometimes its boring i still like it..

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