NameZombie Hunter Fire
ReleaseHwanho Studio

A virtual shooter with elements of a shooting gallery and excellent graphics. Zombie Hunter Fire is a well-made 3D virtual shooter with shooting gallery mechanics. The game is designed for Android devices.

In this shooter you have to enter into the wildest battle with hordes of biting zombies that flooded the world. Experiments with the creation of biological weapons have gone out of control, resulting in a virus that turns people into zombies. Now these vile creatures roam the area and kill everything that resembles a living organism. Your hero is one of those lucky enough not to turn into a zombie. However, now, in order to survive, you will have to take up arms and fight zombies. At each level, you need to kill a lot of zombies and complete some task. In between levels, you can purchase new weapons or upgrade existing ones.

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Great game. It's challenging but not unbeatable like other games. Graphics are impressive for a free game and there's very little lag even when room is full of zombies.. The game is okay to play but sometimes it's look like boring. Weapons are not very powerful. You can download this game for a shorter period of time.. I'm impressed with this game I played lot of zombie games bit I say this game is one of my favorites. This is a very good game to play when I'm not doing anything and I also like playing this game when I get off from work and that's what I love to do play games when home and this is the best game for this year for me to play. Like the graphics and controls. Very smooth gameplay. Add more weapons and events to obtain them and the game would be 10 stars..

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