NameBed Wars
ReleaseBlockman GO studio
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Bed Wars

A real team game that you will enjoy. Millions of players worldwide have gathered here in Bed Wars, which means our adventure is mesmerizing. All of them will defend their base and use their resources to help you beat opponents. This is necessary to win an incredible victory over the rest of the players and get a complete advantage over them.

The game’s rules are the same for everyone since the program will divide you into four teams, and a total of 16 players will take part. They will be located on four different islands, and each of the islands has a base with a bed. All players will respawn until the bed is destroyed.

Each of the islands will produce a variety of irons, a large amount, as well as numerous diamonds. You can exchange them for more severe equipment with other players. Use equipment and blocks to collect the most resources on your island. Build a natural bridge to get to the enemy’s island and blow up his bed. Only the last survivors on the islands win their global victory.

Download ( V1.9.12.1 )

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