It’s time for DarkSurvival to deal with all the monsters. In this amazing adventure, you will play the role of a brave knight who will have to deal with seven evil monsters. They will constantly appear in the dark, but you should not be afraid of anything, you just need to quickly destroy them.

Kill every monster, level up, unlock unique skills to survive as long as possible. In addition to your fat knight, you can also find many brave friends here who will help you deal with enemies. In DarkSurvival, you can go even deeper, get to the bottom of the most terrible and powerful monsters in order to destroy them too. Show your best skills, unlock individual abilities so that no monster can hit you. Enjoy the game, crazy survival and try not to die in the initial levels.

DarkSurvival MOD

Not an offline capable game, requires data for critical game functions. Additionally, it needs a moderately strong signal to boot or it won't even load. As such, I was unable to even try playing it for the most part as it wouldn't go past logging into google and then their server.. its hard the hell hounds run no range attacks im not the biggest fan for it having that vary bad flaw not the best game but i geuss its quite good.. hey dont know if you care but game is not detected as a game by Samsung game hub thinks its just an app figured some kind of configuration issue 5 stars if fixed thanks guys (says the 1 guy that actually uses game hub). Very cute graphics. Not my style of game, but it was very smooth and creative. I'm looking forward to the next app by this dev.. Won't let me in as a guest - sorry thats a no. UPDATE: need better messages (give time frame for maint). Pretty decent otherwise..

DarkSurvival APK

Plays like others of the style but without the fast fizzle. With enough new mechanics to keep me excited and interesed in playing. The art style is adorable.. At first, you might think this game is just another survival game like the many others before it. HOWEVER you would be wrong. It sets itself apart with many unique game play features that any survivor vet would appreciate! Seriously addictive and fun game! Check it out!. The abilities are fun and it feels powerful to level them up during runs. My issues lie with the microtransactions, tons of ads, limiting energy system, and battle pass. Some ads have no X to close out for a long time which irritates me to no end. Often times if you take too long to exit the ad due to this or the game gets stuck loading you don't get your reward. Happened twice in a row. If it didn't have these overbearing microtransactions and ads, it could be one of THE BEST of this genre.. I've been playing for a week, amazing game, and constant updates really show how dev is trying. Kudos to you sires!.

DarkSurvival APK

Buen juego, realmente para pasar el rato est muy bien opino que ya que tiene varios personajes se le podra agregar un modo historia o una campaa, ya que los personajes que existen se ven muy llamativos ellos y sos poderes, est muy entretenido. Feels like a more mobile-gamey version of Magic Survival. Feels harder to tell what's going on while I somehow can't find a use for my brain while playing it. Aside from that, the attacks feel worse to use, the upgrades to them feel randomly generated (all I've seen so far is lower cooldown, more damage, or an extra projectile), and RNG better be on your side. I haven't gotten too far, but the game asked for a review, so here it is. Wish I could fit a bit more here, but oh well.. I honestly love this game. It's one of the best. Up there with vampire survival. In my opinion this one is even better. I've certainly played this one a lot more than that one. Keep doing what you've been doing developer. It's been a fun ride so far!. You should still put the explanation effects of the items during the combining screen. I always back to item screen to check if the item I'll combined is the item I don't wanna use anymore. You also need a gallery feature so we can see the artworks, I'm an artist and I really love the art style. I always wanna see the whole artworks of every maps. But can see it only once when I play it for the first time. I still don't know the 100% of the game, I mean some of the features really confuse me..

DarkSurvival APK

Pretty bad for a survival Too loot boxy and rewards are not rewarding. Too many ads and the ads sometimes doesn't give the rewards.. Was great until version 2.0.9 was released. Pretty much unplayable now since it barely even gets to the main screen without having to restart several times. Even when you do manage to get in, all server-side interactions take several minutes to complete. It's incredibly frustrating. Will change my rating to 4/5 once they fix their game.. FIX THE RNG BUT....A very good .io game. Although the combination of weapons sometimes doesn't make sense. Also my main problen is the rng every levelling up. Sometimes the game doesn't want me to combine the weapons that I get, and almost every levelling up its the same three skills that I see, it affects the satisfaction every game. So yeah fix the rng and also make more sense in combination of some weapons. Also some grammar errors and translation problems. Thanks, looking forwardforthisgame.. art style is top tier but frankly the game is stiff and unoriginal, i've played 20 Minutes Till Dawn and it just feels like a better game overall, you guys should do stranger and more ludicrous things with your mechanics to stand out from all the arena survival games.

The game is good, but the technical part of it is really bad. I can't even upgrade items without waiting for like 30 seconds of loading.. Will remove this if they fix bugs Like creating a mystery magic bead turns into epic. Will make it 5 star once bug is fix. This is REALLY great game, I've trying to find game like this for months yet I've never find anything like this, although it is a great game I'm hoping that they add more content in the game since i think is still lacks something.. Pretty fun and addicting rogue like game! Plenty of characters, different worlds/levels and interesting skills and combo skills. Thankfully it saves your run when you turn off your phone for too long except when reviving and leaving the application by accident. Would total recommend when you wanna kill time!.

Fun game. Had issues after i deleted my account to make a new one and was replied to quickly. Doesn't force ads and is one I'll probably 0ut a few dollars into over time just to support it and the model. So far I'd say just over time add more things. Characters and such as its just more content. Especially for the basic gems.. Nice game... however - Suggestion - Magnet doesnt attract all items (resources) There is a cap on cooldown reduction The drops on infinite levels are scarse (not really profitable). There is a bug with equipping items. On some characters I can only equip two items, on some I can equip all three, and on others I can't equip any items at all.. When I am playing sometimes I just lag and Im dead just like that insta-kill I cant do anything about it other than that I like this game.

Way to many stuff to collect to 'get' something, red stuff, orange stuff, blue stuff. Just use one thing and use it to level up/clear everything.. Could you possibly do something about the fact that; if you're in a game and your phone disconnects from wifi, it will take away your entry at the round as if you had quit and won't give you what you should have won?. Decent game. Making different builds is fun. What is not fun though is to search for specific abilities in the inventory. Any way to search for items that has modifiers for specific ability would be a HUGE plus. also would be great to add navigation button between the items so I will not have to close the item, chose next, close it again and go to the next..... Game isn't fun and is too slow without in-game purchases, don't make your game bad so that people pay money to make it better, doesn't work. Could be fun without so much greed..

The game is a little confusing. There's no online community to reach out to, and no ability to reach out to devs. The game is unplayable without the speed-up function which I am happy to pay for however it should be a one time payment and NOT a monthly subscription. Update: the devs have at least provided an email so I'll see if there's an hope. I will say if the speed-up stays a monthly payment I am out. This game is WAY too grindy and confusing without it. EMAIL ME BACK LIARA. There's another copy cat game called Shadow Survival from Alohafactory that's copying your game. Over I love your game the most, I've been looking for a great survival game and this one has been extremely fun!. only two games in, and i love the game. really enjoying the art and designs, and the overall gameplay seems simple, but fun. . Bit monotonous gameplay. Too difficult levels. But some levels are too easy. Imbalance. Also, too many in-game shops, offers and useless items. Good music, atmosphere(mood) and graphics..

Hey, I love this game. At the beginning, it showed that you could have friends. How do I pull that up again? And can I play with that person?. Pretty cool I like I promise I'm not a bot I just like the game while I am waiting for something. Great game. Lots of variation in characters, items, skills and gamemodes. The item system is very unique though you need to be very lucky to get an item that's exactly how you would want it. Levelling characters is neat and rewards playing the game well, but turns grindy very fast. You can only get a limited amount of liberation materials every day while you quickly need hundreds of said materials to continue levelling. Would love to see more skills and combinations in the future.. What happened to all my progress? I was on the verge of level 13, left the game for a bit, came back on and I've lost all my progress, what just happened?! If there is any way I can get my progress back.

Fun bunch of stuf to keep you busy quests just one thing the choice box you touch it and just have to buy it so pls chang that and then 5 stars bur because that 4.5 stars that's what I'm rating it still fun tho. Love the game very much... Good time pass,love it!love the way u hv used ads!the only thing is the high amount of materials needed for each upgrade of liberation !! I am ok with watching ads but doubling of mats after each upgrade is too much!!I would love a fast forward with every mode it's too long close to 5-7 min!!. Underrated game imo. First of all ads arent thrown in your face as a requirement just for playing but are instead used as a benefit for the player in the possibility of an extra revive or doubling your resource gain at the end of a match. Secondly characters actually feel very fleshed out and not like a copy paste of the same character with a different skin. They've got their main gimmick and additional passive benefits making each character feel unique and fun to play. Highly recommend . Really fun game but there's an annoying thing where in endless it keeps experiencing a major lag spike and kills me around the 8 min mark.

It's basically Magic Survival but more gimmicky, loot-box-y. I do like it. My only big issues, is that you can't continue play, like in Magic Survival. There's no checkpoints, so if I lock my phone for too long, and come back to a good run, I can't. Plus since there's an energy system, like you can only do arena 3 times a day, it doesn't even refund energy. So even though I played 30 minutes of arena, restarting 3 times, it's like I did nothing. No points or shards were saved.. I would actually enjoy the game and the ads for the little perks if pandora wasn't being illegally downloaded to my phone every damn time!!! Not a good look for yall!. this is a great game for its genre but there are some issues whenever i play the game it pts me into a 7 miniutes long loading screen whenever i start game it lags and kicks me out please fix this issue.

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