NameSoul Knight

Soul Knight – It all starts with a scary dungeon where you will meet many enemies on your way. This game project includes an excellent action genre, as well as a role-playing game.

Everything here is designed in an old-school format, so the graphics will be appropriate. Download Soul Knight for Android and your adventure begins. From the very beginning of this story, you will find yourself in a dungeon, and your main goal is to destroy as many enemies as possible.

The main character will be a real knight who is absolutely not afraid of anything. But instead of the usual sword and shield, he has a pistol, as well as a machine gun. This is what became original in the game, and the developers themselves decided to surprise absolutely everyone in this way. But it doesn’t mean anything, you can use other weapons, so you can still wave your sword.

In short, your main goal is to find the magic stone that the real evil stole. This is a black magician who decided to ruin the life of the locals. And now he has a very serious guard and getting close to him just like that, it still won’t work.

Along the way, you will encounter different knights, as well as go through a lot of interesting challenges. All this will be quite exciting and interesting, so it starts a whole new adventure with you.

Soul Knight MOD

If ever skp end up a success it would really be nice if you guys could consider adding character fragments into the game for unlocking paid characters.. i like the game a lot but it gets a 4 because you cant get half of the characters without paying real money. Only good pixel art-esque game that doesn't look terrible imo. Fun game, like the weapons. Not a fan of the ammo system but that doesn't bother me much because apk's solved that. Can't wait for the prequel.. One from the best mobile games I played the one problem is my account is missing but I Access with my play account. I was expecting kohaku would be the first skin to release this week but i guess, i expected too much...

Soul Knight APK

Really good game. And, there are not many ads. I like the old classic retro pixilated style, which looks like Legend of Zelda, good game so far. I just hope the new prequel is fun too.. It's my favorite mobile game, it has so much more potential and is really great but my only problem is you can't save your account and play on different devices. I broke my phone and got a new one and had to start all over again.. Perfect monitozation system. Amazing gameplay. Beautiful retro graphics. EPIC boss intros!!! This is literally the TOP game on the mobile gaming platform. Hands down. Sincere thanks to the devs. you guys are an inspiration.. Bad it's non stop logging me off and my brothers is the same issue so fix it because my phone is still good but this is the only game I have a problem on.

Soul Knight APK

One of the best games i have ever played an now its getting a prequel. Cant wait to peice the lore together. more content on tower defens mode (origin mode) cuse im playing only this mode, also add buff to royal knight follower, clearing 3 wave of monster and get someone rando to run stright to boss projectile and unalived himselfT_T. Amazing cool skills easy to learn and I recommend you guys to try it it's offline and to play multiplayer just connect your frean to your hotspot and done thanks hor making this cool game. To be honest i played this game for years now and it's super fun but I gave this 4 stars because it always crash my phone, every time it load it always crashes me but the gameplay is cool..

Soul Knight APK

The seasonal coin cap is completely absurd. It's not enough to even buy the weapon boxes let alone the skins. It also gives zero reason to continue playing after it's been reached.. Game is okay, it keeps constantly crashing and it's genuinely annoying to have to deal with. Yeah it saves where you are in a run if you get disconnected but it's still annoying to have your game randomly crashing and shouldn't be overlooked by the developers.. Very exelent game I love it and its so many game play u will battle ,also I want to suggest that this game add some more equipment to use like armor,helmet,pants,shoulder armor,shoes, battle equipment: sword,mage,archer,assassin, And this game will be the best game ever in the world. Hopefully that this GAME will hear in everyone in the world thank u.. This games still the best for and i have a recommendation, Can u add a better cloud save or A better way to save progress so i can't mistakely loss my progress..

The game is great it's fun by passes time and amazing video game but recently the games been crashing suddenly for no reason plzz fix this. Best game in my opinion i like to play it but i hope the devs team put "cloud save" like otherworld legends game so that it's easier for us to keep our data without getting erased. (Sry for bad english). Very fun super addictive, one problem I'm having. After being able to unlock a lot of stuff in the game I can't seem to load the game into the character select area on WiFi. It's not that bad seeing the fact I usually play alone but this will probably effect lan play. Without WiFi I can't play lan but I can load the game. Weird ain't it. Good game but half of my progress was gone all of a sudden and i paid 47k IDR for a few gems but now everything is gone.

Been playing this off and on for a couple of years now. This is easily one of the best mobile games of the genre, especially being free. Otherworld legends is good as well, just something about soul knight constantly brings me back. I wish multiplayer could be played with randoms but I'm happy there's even the multiplayer option.. I hade made over a year worth of progress and its all gone because i thought the game had autosave. Oh :(. I know he's going to be nerfed, but I can safely say after putting a lot of time and money in this game the only character in the entire game that is useful is the costume Prince it's very upsetting. Este juego est super genial pero quisiera que agregarn ms armas Cmo creador de oy negro pero normal no Cmo el misil de oy negro......Tambin que puedas comprar aliados al empezar la partida y que tambin este el multitud multijugador pero solo tu y los dems son Bots as fuera genial.....Y que hay ganar Muchas ms msica. ......Y que puedes descargar ms.

Its good but i have some suggestions 1.remake the dungeons similar to the dungeons in origin mode make it more detail multiplayer 3.nerf or changed the attacks of bosses 4.nerf the charge attack of enemies idea about a room in a normal dungeon run like a special room like in chisel town theres a room with a spinning laser that we need to keep movin otherwise will take damage 6.chissel bosses attack patterns need some nerf 7.very important make pepper with blue eyes and collar back. Good but it used to have almost no micro transactions and some things that were free had been turned into things only unlock able with real money, plus a lot of the skins that are not unlocked with actual money don't have anything special about them like an animation for using an ability or a different looking weapon, and the ones who do are a lot of coins, overall good gameplay and mechanics but pretty bad transactions even if they dont cost much this is a casual game it shouldnt charge money.. I mean the game its good but its not perfect. Something is missing. It has multiplayer, offlinr mode, and guns. I think this game needs good graphics.. Magnificent, my only complaint is it isn't available on more devices. Edit: I've been playing this game for years now and loved it butonly recently the game has begun to consistently crash every time I open it and I'm now completely unable to play, I have tried everything to fix this but it doesn't work. This is very sad for me as I still enjoy the game and want to play the new updates. Chillyroom please fix this as I'm not the only one .

Defenitely 5 stars! And if i could rate more than 5 stars then i would do it! I have been playing this game for years now and i love it! Very simple game and fun to kill time. But one thing thou is that it gets lonely sometimes when u play by urself and i know there is LAN mode but could u add servers for players to hangout/lobbies to play dungeons with other random players?. I probably found a bug in origin mode where when you died and leveled up at the same time it resets all the buff slots to the buff slots for normal mode where it only has 5 or 6 slots only. I had been playing this game since april 2017 it's been 6 years but the studio never disappointed me once just one that now we have been playing for so long and they came up with a back story game and are taking so long to release it but 24 November 2023 is not far as to day is 15 November 2023 i am extremely excited to play the prequel. love the game, but I always wonder why the app logo on my phone never changes while the logo in app store changes every now and then, btw I'm using S23 Ultra and i update my playstore apps frequently..

I'm always like this game but I'm just annoyed by luck every stage because is so difficult I never finished the game also I never have joined friends though. The game is by far my favourite mobile game. It feels finished and not cheaply made in a rush and has a lot of potential for a fun time. It doesn't have disruptive ads, but you can watch them to earn some in-game currency. I would love to give 5 stars but the paywall on some characters truly feels like a holdback once you upgraded all the free characters.. Look, the game is great and there is a sea of different weapons and items but it is very frustrating when u play for half an hour to get good weapons and then when that game is over you lose ALL of it and go back to a stupid pistol. I know it is a part of the game, however please make it so there is some way to aave one or two weapons. Like while doing a run if you get a weapon then you have to pay 5000 gems and replace one of the default weapons with it and you can only do this with max two. I really like the game, its just sometimes I get lonely in this game, and I am wondering if you would be able to add an online mode where you can play with people online, something like that.

I like the game, been playing in the pandemic era this is a great way to pass time when there's no wifi or electricity but now it becomes online even though I did not log in on chilly room account. Wish it would back offline. Love the game and graphics I've been an og in this game and if the lag appears in origin mode and you don't know how to reduce it, just rejoin and there the lag is reduce the game is so fun to play and addicting and I didn't even did my assignment cuz I have to finish origin mode for those people who said that the game is "super laggy" it's ur phone that's causing it like girl if you don't like the game just uninstall it and don't put 1 star on it it's ur fault that the game is "super laggy". Great game, but 1 tiny bug problem, the Alchemist's 1st skill doesn't stack up poison damage when I'm offline or when I'm not connected to an internet connection and only does when I'm online or when you have a stable internet connection. Please, Is there any way to fix this?. You should do a update in the origin that can play with duos,trio,team coz me and my friends want to play with it.

Amazing game, can play this game without internet on the plane is superb. Keep this game alive. Fantactic 100% my favorite game.. It's a friggin good game but I do have a complaint. It says on the wiki and in the game if I complete 10 tasks I'll get the officer character, but I have done at least 10 but it still says I haven't even done one.. I'm impunity and I don't have money in my life I will be there for you to be a good day at work now and then I will be there for you to be a good day at work now and then I will be there for you. Best dungeon like games I played so far I don't see any problems with it other that the graphics will something lags my phone if it can't handle it but if u can ignore those it's pretty awesome and how much it grew since the past few years.

It's fun, creators were fun an place their soul into this game, seemingly lots going on there. Big thing is that my progress was somehow wiped from the game, really annoying way of purchasing items and you can't play offline which made me not want to start over and deleting this game.. the game is great one problem though at the matrix i cant claim all my rewards can you fix it pls i had like 70matrix crystals but only a few were open due to the lobby timer pls fix it. Is really a good game because I made memories that was funny me and my older brother play this when there is no school we used to scream a lot and say "Bro help me! help me!!! " but now my older brother have a job so we don't play it much often. Hey for the developers pls I've been waiting and suggesting this for a while now, can y'all pls add online mode hehehe XD that be much better .

One of the best game I've ever played in my life. But I have one bug, or problem regarding of claiming skins from the achievement, because I didn't claim it even though I already have done doing the achievement, it seems like it has been glitch, or froze. This happen when I accomplished the achievement but my phone glitch as the game finished, and I can't open Soul Knight again that's why I reinstalled it, and doing the achievement again, but when I finished doing the achievement, didn't got it.. PLEASE REMOVE THE UNNECESSARY CAMERA PANNING. It would be better if the camera is always centered to the hero because it gets really annoying being in the middle of a bullet hell having blind angles because of the stupid camera panning. If not, then at least add an option to lock the camera on the hero!. it's a good game, been playing for years, just finished my first rush to purity, but the game crashed before i could even finish the run. Really good game it is fun and challenging. It's really fun after the new updates, gems are not that hard to get but still challenging and fun to earn. Really fun game..

I love this game! The gameplay, weapons, characters, and others. But since this game has been updated so far, I'm not saying it's a bad thing, actually for me it is really great, but as it updated so far, it's hard for me to play since I have a low-end device or laggy device, so I have a suggestion. Maybe create a graphic level, like Low, Medium, High, and so on. Having a device like me can be quiet challenging to play since it's laggy so please make a graphics choices. Again, I love your game!.

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