NameTwo Guys and Zombies 3D
ReleaseTwo players game

Crazy zombie shooter online. The game project Two Guys & Zombies 3D invites us to take part in an exciting confrontation.

Here you can gather a group of friends, and then experience the crazy zombie shooter to the fullest. Your main goal will be that you must hold out as long as possible, and then get valuable diamonds. You can buy on them, as well as upgrade your weapons, the character himself, and do many other useful things. If you look at the gameplay itself, it is completely non-standard.

You will have to not only kill zombies, but also build strong defenses, build factories, and extract resources that will help you survive any situation. Play with your friends, it will be quite interesting and not easy. Upgrade your weapons, build barricades, unlock new abilities and look at the beautiful graphics.

Two Guys and Zombies 3D MOD

I used to play with my buddy but now we can't play multiplayer with out money would not recommend anymore because you can't play with your buddys I am sad to say this. Great Zombie Game Has Multiplayer And Single Player Unique Weapons Skins Hero's With Different Abilities In Gameplay Get Mines To Buy Guns Barriers And Distractions And More Playing Single Player Allows 2x Hard And Multiplayer Has Options If You Wanna Play 2x Or Let Others Play As Zombies Or Both And Then Also A Kick Feature To Kick People From You Match If They Are Playing Bad Also A Farm Mode Where You Farm Crops And Get Barriers Weapons Etc. This Game Deserves Game Of The Year 100 Percent.... I have a complain some players use gg or game gardiner to get unlimited diamond Two Guys and Zombies 3D APK

My first download i fully upgrade all the guns, and when i load from google cloud all my weapon reload speed and mag are back to the fresh again, i wish to give 0 star. Very good game i like how you can have different characters for unique differnt abillitys you can also play online witch is very cool it works well and you should always upgrade with diamond very good game. Im should be more popular and it very underated.. Very nice game . At first look way on 13 waves it to much hard this game is multiple and if you die in multiple and playing with friends so there are two options became zombie or wait for that your friend kill all zombie. Nice game . Please fix, it's fun but too many hackers/mods makes it pointless to play and one always joins without fail..

Two Guys and Zombies 3D APK

It is a fun game. What makes it very irritating is the hackers. Please update it and improve the game that hacking is not possible.. This game is really really very good but there are many bugs for example whenever an add pops up it crashes my game and if somehow it doesn't crash then the volume is gone The same happens if the device goes to powersaving mode Kindly fix this otherwise it's a direct 5 stars. not yet pay to play, addictive/fun... there's an issue.. there is 6 weapon slots and ive used all my gems (real money) unlocking and upgrading the flamethrower to find that it is unusable in the game along with all weapons in the 6th category... don't know whats happening but regardless of price, I spent money and id like it back it If i cannot use what I paid for... also paid to stop the ads as they are overwhelmimg and ruin the game... my review stays one star untill its corrected... I downloaded it and it wants me to log in with my email but I don't want to I pressed cancel and I got kicked out of the game. How am I supposed to play this game then?.

Two Guys and Zombies 3D APK

I want somethings to be fixed that the new boss is good but too easy too kill so u must add more type of zombies in the wave 21 like the zombie heroes. u guys must not add more heroes as a think the heroes present now should be more upgraded there should be good mask as there is no nice mask till now no prob if mask is expensive Thank You i will hope the game get the new and better upgrade sooner. It is an awesome experience when it comes to multiplayer,because it requires strategy for who is who and what does what.. Great game, definitely recommend to others. I would however like it more if you could at least move while shooting. Possibly add a single bot to assist on single player mode that you have to unlock possibly, for some resources. Or even just in general as a "familiar" or "pet" just to assist you once things get more difficult.. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! my partner and I love everything about this game and it is great for playing with others, it's a better advantage with building a base and protecting it!.

Tbh this game is going rlly well maybe bigger maps?? And more unique building materials? or I have a suggestion make a map like a building where we can go up the stairs to the next floor and like 2 floors possible? That would be sick. I honestly prefer you to play this game.It is fantabulous.It is multiplayer and I played with my friends.I think it has 5-6 characters and 4-5 different maps to play.It has lots of guns to upgrade.The zombies are very smart in this game.Some zombies are also very dangerous.It has diffrent zombies in different waves.Ok a very good game.I liked it very much. Game is very fun. But it ends at wave 21. I had hoped it would be unlimited waves hope the developers do add unlimited waves one day ... health of the zombies should scale with the waves as well so it continues getting more difficult otherwise the game is amazing Edit : also you should consider making the factories upgradeable so you dont have to put down like 200 things lol. Great fun game. Needs bug fixes, Needs a few tweaks with the smoothness of the gameplay, but other than that, very fun little game..

Used to be able to cross platform between android and IOS. Now unable too but quite a fun game to destress. Just need a video so if you die you get revived and when the big zombie comes on wave 8 can yall make it a little weak my sister and I been tryin and it destroys every thing that's all. This is a best game I,ve ever seen it's not so difficult to play and most fun thing to play on multiplayer it's so much fun factory's guns so much things to build and unlock it's so fun don't forget to play. Best game i have ever played, if you want a multi-purpose game this game has action, building , defences and etc.

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