NameCrisis Action: 6th Anniversary
ReleaseHK Hero Entertainment Co., Limited

Pretty attractive action, which is sure to appeal to all men. Download Crisis Action: 6th Anniversary for android. There are some age restrictions, as there are some elements of violence here. The most important thing is that this project should please absolutely all players, since the developers have not inserted advertising here, and there are no paid aspects of the game. Please take part in crazy confrontations, defeat any opponent and get incredible pleasure from it.

You will enjoy hundreds of unique guns and special props for explosions and the destruction of the enemy. All players will love this shooting game, which will take your breath away.

Visualization also did not disappoint, as the game was relatively high quality and interesting. You will be presented with more than 200 different trunks to choose from, so choosing from which is not a problem. In this exciting project, you need to throw all your strength into just trying to survive in such madness.

Management is relatively straightforward, so there will be no difficulties with this. Use the classic cards, think over your future confrontations, and you will be able to pass your free time with pleasure.

Crisis Action: 6th Anniversary MOD

To all players around the world STOP playing this game, after so many years their anti hack defence systems still the same, still got many hack cheat players around, nothing change, they just want your money but they dont even bother about the hacker players, i suggest u guys unistall this game! their customer service always say the same old reason, for 5 years nothing change!. I haven't played this game for more than 3 years but it is a good game althought the graphics isn't very good I had a lot of fun playing it back then. I keep getting kicked out of matches for no reason and im loosing rank matches before it even starts cuz of it , please fix it. Unfair matchmaking Reply to Developer : I already listed out... The team up system was unfair...I'm just downloaded the game and I was teaming with the old player... How can I play the game if you playing with the old player at enemy side?. This Game Is One Of My Best Childhood Games The Only Thing Is Bad Is There Is Still A Lot Of Bugs And A Lot Of Cheaters Making The Game Unplayable Please For The Love Of The God Please Fix Your Goddamn Game Bro.

Crisis Action: 6th Anniversary APK

Well it's like a Crossfire Rippoff, But the game is soo good the graphics is so smooth, Please give newbies some skins or VIP's for them to play more, I really love the game thanks for the experience.. Is not the same when i last played and you should eat the lotus game because it's full of regrets and there is a ton of fun is in this game but it's a ton of wast. This is usomes every people ,I don't know all people is play this game but I'm sure this game is good. Greeting to the developer, i'm here to complain about my reported e-mail about cheater in this game didn't get any respond, the e-mail has been sent about a year ago, please take responsibility.

Crisis Action: 6th Anniversary APK

Hard controls compare to the leading FPS games, a newbie player wouldn't survive in this game because your matches you're up against players that have an experience, oh and last I almost broke my phone playing this game, if you overhaul this game I might change my mind, for now I will give you 2 stars.. I would like to address the recurring dc problems I have encountered during In Rank games. It is disheartening to invest time and effort into a competitive match. These disruptions not only hinder the gameplay experience but also impact the outcome of the match. Secondly, I would like to suggest adding extra protection for players who join ongoing battles in In Rank matches. It can be demoralizing to join a match that is already in progress, especially when the team is on the verge of losing.. It was a great game few years ago, now only has cheater everywhere. Try to ban cheater like look the gameplay and banned permanent. Im so disappointed this game, game said in not comportable on my hardware so why i can install this on my playstore!, so many gb waisted.

Crisis Action: 6th Anniversary APK

Why are they hating the game? This game was the best back then in 2017, it was apart of my childhood.... Game is good but, i want you to make the security system more powerful i mean if make the hackers acc ban and detect the hack files. akun saya hilang setelah tidak di mainkan selama 4 tahun padahal sudah VIP 3 dan sudah banyak senjata dan karakter yang bagus saya sangat kecewa saat balik main kembali.saya sudah memasukan ID dan password yang sama dengan yang dulu tetapi malah membuat akun baru. If this game can voice with teammates it's better than. When I play I want to voice talk with team but doesn't have voice button . I love this game but I can play More, because no voice button to talk with team..

Please fix the lag and disconnecting issue, i keep getting disconnected for no reason and it lags so much even with a good internet. Even switching with both wifi and mobile data were the same lag inside the game while its really dont have any lag or disconnecting problem with another game.. Your game at one time is the most compact AWESOME game app. But over time, due to your side not being able to deal with bugs and hacks, many other players are affected/stressed. More and more players are using cheats/hacks, even though many people have reported the problem, the problem is still not solved. Since then I started to stop playing. And after a few years when I came back to play again the player hacking issue had subsided but the server issue was the problem. We miss the glory days of. I can't even play the game, it says failure to run because of my hardware, and then a download menu pops up saying I need to download 1gb additional files, I downloaded it because I thought it would solve the problem but it didn't, it still shows the hardware problem, my phone have no problem and the playstore won't install the app into my phone if it's not compatible right? So it means the game itself have the problem. I just wasted my 2gb to download this game. Very disappointing. Fix your security lol.i always got disconnected from rank match when hackers with auto disconnected cheat enter the game.zzz...

Why I cant login back to my old account?I link it to fb but when I want to login it keep pop up new account.Please fix this,I want back my account.If it solved I will give 5 star. STUPID GAME SO MUCH BUG,,,PLEASE FIX THE SERVER SAVIOR,,IM TRY PLAY ON ANOTHER SERVER BUT OK,BUT THE SERVER SAVIOR IS SO MUCH DELAY..!. i appreciate it if your bind system is active again so other players could get their account back who forgot their password. Hi , I want to complain, when I recharge diamond around 4.99 and 19.99 2x I don't get diamond. the money has been deducted. but can't get diamond please fix it thank you.

Too much bugs and lag in game developer not available to reply in social media why ? That the reason I leave game. Very Beautiful Game, I played this games since 2016-2017 i think and that time i was addicted to this game it's very fun i gained more online friends in other countries because of this game, I'm very thankful that i played this game, I'm enjoy this ver very much, Thanks CA for making me happy and now it's time to focus to the real game of my life, It was fun very very very fun.. How about pc Vs pc instead of mobile Vs pc n remove trail, make us grind for it at least it's worth something instead of spending money. To many bug in game.. can't jump..and always out when enter ranked match..then i have been reported why.. that because you aren't fix bug.

This new update is trash 64 bit . No player anymore better the old version 32bit waste of recharge making this game more trash. Thanks for making cheater more less,but now there's new cheat that makes opponent player disconnected from game, it makes opponent star decrease and got - reputation, please fix this. Pls remove the aim assist it's to op why because it's aiming into my head really quick hope you read this. Guys I have a suggestion,,it's better if you put a limit for CHANGE NAME,,those participate who using cheat often change their real name to hide their identity to avoid being kicked and himuliate in Rank match.

The gameplay hasn't changed much for me over the years, probably because I suck and never progress but still a pretty great game, I love the idea of hero in the zombie yo. Hello, My device is Redmi 10a and It said my device can't load the system i cant get into the game cuz my mobile version is lower, is there any solutions that will solve this problem?? the game is compatible with my device but when i try to get into the game i just opened the apps and it appears a note ~~~failed_load Could you help me out please? I just want to comeback on this game i played this game when i was 7. Top-up event details is not detailed enough that makes people think there is a promo but in reality, there is none. Also, the top-up system sometimes fail and charges you. Happens to me twice already and the game doesn't give my in-game currency back.. Hello hk hero entertainment I miss Hopeless land game I was a player of Hopeless Land game please relanch Hopeless Land game thanks .

Deer hero games i have been banned for using third party software but i only used headphones and listening music can you please unban me i never will use third party software name FADEA12. why remove hopeless land hero games what time coming hopeless land hero games i love hopeless land please tell me. i put 1 star bc i cant play CA with my device now, can u pls make it all devices can play this game? I'm really disappointed because not all devices can play this game, pls change it. Best game ever,I'm play this game starting 2015-2016,this first game create playunknown battlegrounds,really good . Keep it up team,.

In this crisis action I've been playing about 2 years ago and then after update the 2023 I can't open my game crisis action beacouse it's bug and it's says "not support this application" please fix the support android I love to play this game old crisis action china.

Download ( V4.4.10 )

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