NameMassive Warfare

The real war in a wild world. Massive Warfare – an excellent multiplayer project that will thoroughly test your knowledge of military operations. Here you can fight with various players, show all your fighting skills and earn many bonuses. Many tanks, planes, ships,s, and other equipment will help you in battle conditions.

All confrontations will occur on the ground and in the air, so you have to be ready for this. You will be able to experience all the horrors of war in your skin when you are on the battlefield. All confrontations between combat vehicles will be spectacular and very interesting. You will have to pick up an excellent technique and destroy any enemy. Over time, you can heap up the war machine and make it more powerful. Try to appreciate every detail of this simulator, look at the 3D graphics, and enjoy the incredible sound. Of course, please do not underestimate your opponent; he can defeat you at any time, only by changing his tactics. It would be best if you must a full-ale victory on all fronts, but you must work hard.

Massive Warfare MOD

good game, how to disable this > < , when close the enemy than come this logo > < and joystick is very bigger make small, fire sounds is good but more not good made more good fire sounds, okay Thank You.. Good afternoon Tiny,thank you for tier 8. Very nice vehicles. Is there a possibility that you can load Fahim x-mas pilot again. The new updated version sucks! The sound effects are the worst. Please go back to the way it was. More realistic before. It's more like cartoon sound effects now. No rewards given in gamble of glory. I won cash, gold, stickers, fuel etc but it's not added in the storage. The cash and gold remains the same even after winning it.. This game became a joke.... 85 of the players are bots.... Never spend any money on tis sht game guys...don't get fooled by this greedy game admins....had written to.them about game issues....never get any answer....soon i will delete this.sht rrom my device.

Massive Warfare APK

Pretty cool game. Graphics are awesome. If you're u want to survive and because me relevant in this game you might want to come with card in hand.. It is really an absolutely amazing war combat game. it takes me out of the real world of day to day Monotony also it's great battling with newly found friends around the world . The fire rate option sucks. I will not remove my one star unless it's corrected. Fire rate is killing the competition. You can't play with those guys, it's too fast. You don't get the chance to play and it's ruining the game. Also you need to speed up the refuel so people can play and participate in the game. Very unfair and I don't recommend it unless it's corrected specifically the fire rate thing. You should at least limited to how many times 1 player can activate it in a day.. Lots of fun! Great graphics and gameplay! Reasonably priced packages, including getting rid of ads. Vehicles are competitive right from the start. Happy I found this game!.

Massive Warfare APK

Super Fun game and addictive lol. I love how they are always adding new things to make it more enjoyable. The game can get pricey and wish they would ease up on paint prices, but in all its a awesome game.. The recent update is a mess, how can u switch between teams in the middle of the game!!?? On top of it there is another big issue, while attacking a player it suddenly resets to the original position with loosing a lot of health ..... Frustrating And the match up is unfair really, a player made 49 kills in team mode, imagine how the fight will be, it's like onsided. This is an excellent game to pass your time, actually one of the best tank games right now for Android. The graphics are amazing and the coding structure is superb but there are a few glitches on certain battle scenarios screens. It appears the left control movement button has issues when you try to control your vehicle. The vehicle at times does not move or will not react. Otherwise excellent game and affordable packages to help support the devs. Cheers!. Can't rate a game with 5 star's if you can't win without having to pay loads of money on it to get anywhere shame as i was looking forward to trying it till i read the reviews.

Massive Warfare APK

This is become a money game. People can not buy new pilot if he has no money. I have gold and cash but how can i get new pilot.if pilot get for 800 gold or 1000 gold. Then some player had a second choice. This is a fun game to a point you don't pay. You will get mismatched to a point its not fair. One person will get 5 or kills killing you 2 times in under a min. I guess if you want to pay its a good game otherwise unfair...... Good but fr+ is such a cheat skill that it should be taken out from the game. They just makes the game less fun and takes out all other strategies and combinations out forcing us to focus only on getting that skill. Match making is very very idiotic too. Good but a lot of things needs to be changed. I wouldn't have deleted the game if not for fr+ skill.. great game and I'm building gold at an all right rate could be better but it's a good time kill.

By the looks of it, it promises to be an promises to be an exciting game. A make-believe war where your battle skills are put to the test if you got what it takes to take the war to a seemingly powerful terrorist regime. I'm downloading this game. Reserving later my comments on the tech aspects of this game..

Download ( V1.77.374 )

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